Looks and Performs Great, at an Unbeatable Price3/28/2021 6:40:37 PM

Pros: - I am typing this review right now on the great non-mechanical keyboard, which is a pro for me because of how quiet it is (highly customizable RGB as well)- Aesthetics are on point in my opinion, great balance between a gaming and professional laptop (really cool light up Aorus logo on the back for one)- Pretty thin and extremely light, easy to carry around and put in a bag- All the I/O you need, USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, and DisplayPort to name a few.- Great 1080p screen with extremely small bezels and bright color, with a blistering 240Hz (you can really notice the refresh rate!!!)- Good venting, especially on the bottom where it is perfect for a cooling pad- And, of course, incredible performance, just incredible with the RTX 3080

Cons: - Loud fans when gaming, but when you're not gaming and put it on quiet mode it's fine (you're going to get loud fans on every gaming laptop)- The downside of big vents is that without a cooling pad the surface the laptop rests on gets very hot whether it be your desk or your legs- Battery life is not great, but with a few setting tweaks and such you can maybe extend it to the advertised 8 hours- Of course, Aorus software is pretty subpar, but it works- Camera is bad, in placement and quality, no use mincing words; its only good for when you need a camera in a pinch

Overall Review: This is the coolest laptop I have ever owned. Epic performance, perfect portability, and sleek design. Gaming sessions are top tier, wherever you may find yourself. The impressive RTX 3080 packed in this thing does show, whether you need blazing-fast frames or stunning graphics. There are shortfalls of course, but the main thing about this product for me is the amazing price. This is a 3080 laptop for the price of a 3070 or even 3060 laptop, and that is definitely worth it in my book. From other brands their 3080s are at least 500 to 700 more dollars, and not even usually with 32 GB of RAM like this one. Even if you do have room in your budget for a more expensive laptop, this one could allow your budget to go to other things like an good external monitor, cooling pad, or other peripherals. With this laptop, you are guaranteed a great experience gaming and beyond.

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