Lightning fast much faster than my 3950x9/8/2020 1:51:20 PM

Pros: 88 PCIe lanes Crazy fast Future Proof

Cons: PCIe 3

Overall Review: When it came out I went with the 3900x and when I had a chance moved up to the 3950x both with PCIe Gen 4 SSD drives. This is much much faster accessing the drives even being Gen3 My RTX2080 still plays everything at ultra settings and the load times are much quicker

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Bad Documentation and design12/18/2019 4:07:44 PM

Pros: Plenty of room (sort of)

Cons: Once installed you can not access the IO panel on the back of the motherboard The PCIe riser cable does not come and you have to order a kit with bracket a different case for $45 bucks There is no room to connect tour monitor cables if you install a radiator on the rear If you install your GPU using the provided bracket you cant use any PCI slots on the board period Way overpriced for what you get 54 mm radiators will not fit without modding which voided my warranty Requires extensive modding unless you use only their products If you install radiators on front and back you can't install one on the top as advertised They say up to 600mm front and rear and 480mm on top I only used 560mm front and rear (required modding) and still didn't have room for the 480mm on top as advertised. I'm going to have to do crazy modding to get it to even work putting my rear 560mm on top so I can access my motherboards IO panel

Overall Review: Would give anything for my money back

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The best on the market5/15/2019 6:12:17 AM

Pros: Great cooling Easy Installation Tool free Nickle plated copper cooling plate

Cons: Price

Overall Review: I have Heatkiller Blocks on my Threadripper, my son's Intel 7700K, My other son's 1800x, as well as my Nephews 1600x If I build another Water cooled loop it will definitely have a Heatkiller IV Pro on it. Each one is a different model, from all copper to Acrylic, but they are all Heatkiller IV Pro.

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