1) Not POE 2) No bridging of USB tether5/1/2021 12:57:48 PM

Pros: - OpenWRT Luci interface support. - USB tethering

Cons: - USB tethering apparently cannot be bridged. - POE not included despite it being in the description. - 2.4 GHz only - Only 2 RJ45 jacks.

Overall Review: I thought I'd found the ideal device. I have a Alcaltel Linkzone 2 that supports USB tethering and the GL-AR150 also does. The interface made it very simple to set this up. However, I didn't need or want a double (or triple) NAT. Since this is a full OpenWRT router, I thought it would be a straightforward matter to set it up in bridged AP mode, bridging the USB tether WAN connection to the WIFI and LAN interfaces. Nope. I contacted GL.iNET and they have no instructions or support for this scenario. After spending many hours trying to get it to work myself, I finally gave up. There are supposed to be a couple of variations of this device, one of them being POE support. The description for this item discusses POE. When it came time to setup, nope. There is no POE support included. It's an add-on item. I'll listen if GL.iNET cares to resolve these issues.

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