atx features in an matx size8/23/2009 6:16:55 PM

Pros: I needed a new pc to test virtualization software on among other things so I got this, an i7 920 and 6gb ocz ddr3 1600 memory to base it off of. This board is great, 90% of the features of its big brothers in an matx format. Has all the bios options to tweak with overclocking of a fullsize board, ahci hotplugging with an esata pci bracket works great in both ahci and raid modes for the ich10r. This is not listed on the features like on other i7 evga boards but this board does have the vdroop control that normalizes cpu voltage to account for what is commonly referred to as "vdroop". Very stable, have run multiple host operating systems to try different virtualization products and hardware compatibility, stability and performance has been stellar under each (server 2008, windows 7, ubuntu, centos). ++ The documentation is english not engrish

Cons: Really had to dig to find something, but here it is: No esata port (Ich10r has 6 ports, all available internal) no jmicron controller to handle esata like on it's big brother.

Overall Review: The e-leet overclocking utility is a modified cpu-z that has some extra tabs to change/view the qpi link speed & voltages, it works very well and is not overstated, obtrusive, and guified like some other manufacturers utility software. This is my second build recently based on EVGA motherboards and I have been converted. The quality is second to none. I haven't had any issues to require assistance but the community and evga's own support seem to be responsive from what I have seen on the evga forums. My build: NZXT Rogue matx case (It's bigger than it looks!) EVGA x58 Micro board I7 920 D0 @ 3.6ghz stock vcore, stock cooler 55*c loaded BFG GTX 260 core 216 6gb OCZ gold 1600 DDR3 LV Coolmax 1kw power supply 4x WD2500RE in a raid 0 on ICH10R

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