Love it.3/11/2017 1:47:42 PM

Pros: Looks nice. Cheap price but doesn't feel cheap.

Cons: Most cons I knew of before my purchase and are more nit-picks or trade-offs. Other cases have an easier access front filter(some I liked mentioned doors that broke off). Dust is not blocked from the 5.25" and I/O cables slots behind the front panel. I suspect the front fans are not strong enough to grab the dust but you can easily make something to block the slots. I wish the drive bays started closer to the top but the space is for the top I/O ports and optional radiator. Maybe I'll 'modify' it later either putting extra I/O ports there(thunderbolt/USB-C) or try to put/move a bay there. As-is, the surface doesn't look bad but I liked the gloss on my previous case and would pay extra for it. Some would see gloss as a con due to fingerprints but I don't touch my case often. I'm guessing the case wasn't designed to eliminate noise but this computer is a lot quieter than my older computer(which I didn't think was noisy), probably because I aimed at quiet components. I do believe I got a bad fan with mine since it's makes noise on starting up but once it gets running it's quiet so I don't plan to replace it unless it gets worse. There was a hole in the shipping cardboard where the window on the case was but no damage/scratches.

Overall Review: I was surprised by how transparent the top was, almost like a second window. I consider it a pro, and the filter collects dust easily enough along with the other filters(although see-through as well). The blue LED fan that comes with the case is very bright. It will especially light up your ceiling at night with hexagonal patterns. This case fit my aesthetic style and I think it looks great. That said, I eliminated many other better looking cases because they didn't have 5.25" bays (I wanted a bluray drive in the tower). I eliminated a smaller number for other requirements(window, cooling, filters, LED accents). I also preferred a smaller width which could also mean more cable cramming but I succeeded in hiding them and my installations are infrequent.

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One of the best though still room for some improvements4/26/2009 6:02:19 PM

Pros: Cooling. Aesthetics. Thumbscrews on two side panels and both 3.5" drive cages. Drive cages can be moved around in different combinations. Top indent has a removable rubber pad. Wire hiding options are good. Could be shoved into the lower cage. A little bit of room below the bottom cage. Not much room between cages and side panels. Couple of ties on the case and holes in the motherboard tray that run along side of the board. I think the case is pretty quite and most noise comes from the airflow of the fans and not so much the fans themselves. I've only run my fans at low speed. Along with the case came an extra set of 120mm fans. A letter from Antec said some fans in some cases do not operate at lower speeds, so they included replacement fans that are the same as the ones in the case (tri-cool blue LED) and are fully tested. I got this case from Antec so I dont know if they come with a Newegg purchase. One of my fans had the problem so I replaced it and put an extra one on the side :)

Cons: Manual Fan speed control, though better than no control. Mesh on the front of the case is rather weak and a little difficulty in adding and removing the drive cages. Almost no clearance between power supply and mother board so wires connected at the bottom of a motherboard might be squeezed between a bottom expansion card and power supply which could hamper airflow. About 1.5" for clearance between motherboard and top fan but no mesh inside so be careful with wires. Power supply may need a long cord to reach the power plug on a motherboard. Audio ports on the top had heavy static so I switched to a USB head set which works fine with the top port. It's a matter of personal preference, but the top ports could be located on the side or the bottom. Maybe the Antec P160W's swivel front control panel would be a good implementation for this case. My case got dusty but a vacuum and a can of compressed takes care of that pretty quick.

Overall Review: 10.5" Graphics cards have enough space since there is 11.5" from the expansion slot covers to the drive cages, but a standard HDD sticks 1" from the back of the cages (farther if you want to make sure the drive doesn't press up against the fan in the cage) which puts it right up against the graphics card. However, there are five different screw placements for the drive cages, so they can extrude from the front of the case so that they are flush with the edge of the plastic on the case. The fan LED's direct light can be seen from the front of the case and it is a little bright though the light cast on the fan blades is quite nice. Also, the light from the case projects nice honeycome patterns for a good distance on surfaces. Those who think the Antec 900 Two case would only improve on this one should make sure to read the reviews for that case.

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