Spectacular!11/24/2014 10:11:38 AM

Pros: I Bought this thing expecting a budget cooler, and found performance as good as my old Zalman CNPS 7500 Cu fan I left on my old AMD Build, while being much quieter. Keeps my i7-2600k under 55c when maxed out to 100% doing 4 simultaneous transcode jobs for hours. Fan usually runs at 900 RPMs but have seen it go to 1400 in Speedfan with no noticeable increase in noise. Found the 120mm fan attached to be of surprisingly high quality. The fluid bearing will probably last for years. My board spaces the ram slots real close to the CPU socket so I was afraid my G.Skill Ripjaws RAM would have to be moved over a socket (they have giant heat spreaders), when to my complete surprise there was just enough room to fit the first stick in the nearest socket. Now air blows perfectly across the teeth of the heat spreaders and I'll have no trouble accessing my memory. Intel installation is a breeze. Included pre-applied thermal paste works perfect, just be careful not to smudge it prior to installation.

Cons: The intel mounting kit contained those same lousy motherboard mounting push pins everyone hates. The ones on this fan seem to be sturdier than the ones found on stock Intel HSFs, and it latches down good with no play so I won't knock points off for that.

Overall Review: Got this on sale for $25, but it performed on par with a cooler I got for $45. Won't block components on most boards and should fit in most cases. Great value, it's easily worth $15 more than I paid for it.

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Magnificent10/4/2014 1:17:42 AM

Pros: Beautiful card especially for the price! (got mine for around 200 right after the coin mining boom died down) Plays Shadow of Mordor maxed out at 1080p at well over 60fps (didn't bench it), Install the punishing HD texture pack and with a couple tweaks and it still runs great on ultra/1080p. Fans are whisper quiet, I've never managed to hear them. And the heatsink is so well designed I went to dust it after 5 months and to my surprise it barely accumated any! Compare that to my CPU fan which gets a fur coat every 2 months. Low maintenance, Low Noise, Serious power. AMD has won back my business from the green team!

Cons: Power consumption is high, over 200 watts actual draw during peak performance. It's basically a re-badged 7950, which isn't much of a con since the 7950 was also an amazing card

Overall Review: Too bad the 3 free game downloads were lousy choices...

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