If you think this mobo sucks - Your wrong3/16/2006 7:43:51 AM

Pros: Very cheap and reliable! One of the best mobos ive bought in a long time. Theres not a lot fo stuff to get in the of your cables and such and went in very easily. Honestly, If your writeing bad reviews you did something wrong installing or running. This board runs very cool and has insane OC abilitys. Ive broguht my 1.8 AMD 64 to 2.12 and the board hasnt made a fuss about it.

Cons: LEDs for case arent all that compatable on teh board...But who cares about LEDs?

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Worst Card ive ever bought12/3/2005 2:00:50 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Card over heated very easily and the stock fan breaks after a week. Purple lines apeared after replaceing the stock fan and heat sink and this card has messed up my computer twice. Ive RMAed this caard twice ad the second time the card didnt even work when i installed it. It basically didnt not work when it came to my house. ATI has made this the worst card ive ever bought

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Worst Card ive ever bought11/30/2005 4:04:52 PM

Pros: There really are none..Plays games fairly ok but not as good as it should

Cons: This card is way underclocked then what it says...I bought this card and installed it and barely out performed my 9600 SE. This card is incredibley unstable and has completely messed up my computer now 3 times. Ive switched back to my 9600 till i get my 6800 GT in a few weeks. This card finally craped out on me and i RMAed it to ATI and ATI did the worst job ive ever seen with cards..They sent me a card with only one pin connected to the GPU and even though i replaced the fan the GPU still was burned out..Im probably going to RMA for a full refund since this card is worthless..Im so tired of haveing to deal with poor customer supprt and poor shipping...I was running this card with a AMD Athalon 2600+ with 512 RAM and still only got 50 Fps in Source.. Horrible card in my opinion..Barely handles BF2 on low/custom settings.. DO NOT BUY THIS CARD! Fan/Heatsink burn out and stop working after a few weeks..

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