are you feeling lucky?12/23/2013 10:51:49 AM

Pros: big, quiet drive when it works

Cons: if you get a DOA drive, you have to pay for shipping back to newegg, and their RMA process itself has flaws

Overall Review: I bought 4 of these drives to set up backups for my parents, several states away. I had them shipped there, and when I arrived for a visit I got things configured. 3 of the drives worked, but the 4th was DOA. I went through newegg's RMA process only to find -I had to pay $12 for return shipping (they treat DOA as the manufacturer's fault, not theirs) -They shipped the replacement drive to my home address, rather than to the destination of the original order. So now I have to spend more on shipping to get the replacement drive to the destination where I originally ordered it. I used to rely on newegg, but I'm not going to make that mistake again.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear formerly loyal, it is unfortunate that you have experienced a drive failure. Please note that all Western Digital products are tested and determined to meet WDs stringent quality standards before they are shipped to our resellers. There are many variables that could affect the drives integrity between leaving our warehouses prior to being installed in a computer. We would like to assure you that what you have experienced is something abnormal. We do stand behind our warranty and replacement policy and would appreciate the opportunity to replace your drive for you. Please click the following link for our replacement procedure. How to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty For additional assistance, please contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at:
Solid no-brainer6/8/2010 11:31:42 PM

Pros: Picked up 2 of these for backups for my partner's Mac and my own. Dead simple to format and get running. They power themselves down when they're not in use. They also seem to run cool.

Cons: The stand is a bit flimsy, but I've never had a problem with them falling over.

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Stay far away from this one3/19/2009 9:17:25 AM

Pros: Worked like a wireless router should for the first 9 months.

Cons: After I'd had it 9 or 10 months, I noticed my wireless network was no longer showing up as secured on my computer. Unfortunately it took me a few months to get around to investigating. When I finally did, the WPA options had disappeared from the configuration options. I was sure they'd been there, so I looked here on newegg, where I'd bought it in the first place. That's when I saw the other comments noting that this is a common defect. However, since I'd had the router just over a year, Rosewill said tough luck.

Overall Review: This seems to be a case of getting what you pay for. In general, newegg carries great products; I think this is just a lemon that slipped through. Now Rosewill goes on my "do not buy" list, along with Netgear. I'm very happy with all the Linksys routers I've ever used, though, including my current one.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We try to provide the most reliable products to our customers. We would be more than happy, if under warranty, to replace this unit for you. Please email us at for your replacement. We look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care