Nice machine3/21/2010 6:23:12 AM

Pros: Good sturdy housing, and nice integrated graphics, space for 2 laptop hard drives and a pci slot.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I know a lot of people are complaining it doesn't come with a heatsink but I bought the retail Regor 240 boxed that came with the perfect heatsink. This thing only has a 120watt power supply so you should really limit yourself to the 65watt CPUs anyway. The same people who say it's loud are probably running 80watt CPUs. I would not put anything but a 65 watt into it.

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Forgot to add2/25/2010 8:31:14 PM

Pros: In the picture, it looks like it's 2 tone black and grey, but it is just glossy piano black once you remove the protective plastic covering they ship it in.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I would recommend you don't remove the plastic until after you build it because the gloss black is beautiful and you don't want to scratch it.

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Amazing medicenter2/25/2010 8:25:38 PM

Pros: Fastest mini system around. This will take a quadcore, mine is running with a q9100 with no heat issues. The fan does kick up once in a while but it never exceeds 70C wich is fine since mobile CPUs are rated at 100C. This is the exact same size and hardware as a MAC mini and it can run OS X. The slot load DVD is nice (not included). This is very good looking, silent, and powerfull.

Cons: Since it's so small, it's hard to put the cover on and connect the short cables to the front panel. This is not for the novice.

Overall Review: The ION graphics rock and this is confirmed to support up to a qx9300 CPU. There are no heat issues. The power brick stays cool and the only fan is a laptop style blower that cools the cpu and ion chipset. The case has a rubber end to stand up like a book or small rubber dots to sit flat. Good airflow either way with exhaust out the back. I'm using an X-25m drive and this thing instant boots Win 7. I found a slot load bluray Sony BC5600S works great. Like I said, this is exactly a MAC mini but upgradeable.

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Very good enclosure2/25/2010 5:32:30 PM

Pros: Nice for removing the drives, no screws required. Works well in both raid and JBOD. Instantly recognized in Windows 7. The included software works well to manage the raid options, data backup, etc. Doesn't come with a usb power only cable, but one from another drive does work just fine.

Cons: None Well ,maybe the manual but I just gave the best tips in the other thoughts.

Overall Review: A couple of tips not in the manual. To first set this up (choose the raid or other config) plug it in USB rather than E sata. I found that if I plugged in Esata first, it would recognize only 1 drive in the manager utility. Plugging in USB showed both drives and allowed me to configure raid. Also, I'm impressed that I can use a usb to 5volt cable from a dane-elec drive to power this without the wallwart. This even worked from my laptop with 2 seagate 72k 320gb drives in raid powered only with 1 usb port. Also, be sure to go to manage my computer, disk management to create or modify the volume. You can't format it if there isn't a partition. Windows gives you the tools you need.

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Awsome gamer2/15/2010 8:42:29 PM

Pros: This is an amazing laptop for the money. Full 1080 screen, the second highest gpu available here on the egg(ATI 5870 is the highest), and quad core. This will upgrade to a QX9300 which is faster than a new i7 720qm.

Cons: None

Overall Review: While the out of box the I7 model is faster, this takes the fastest CPU made. Selling the q9000 almost covers the cost of the qx9300. All 3 are still 45 watt so it's not like heat is going to be any worse. Since I'm going to work on this (school work) I'd rather have the fastest CPU and the second fastest graphics. Also, there seems to be a lot of these g72 models around which means a better parts support once it's out of warranty. (you might be able to get a battery in a few years).

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Perfect media PC case1/21/2010 10:07:46 AM

Pros: Almost perfect design and look for a media PC case. The advantage of this case over others is the use of full size drives (2 each 3.5 hardrive spaces and a fullsize 5.25 for the CD/DVD/BD drive slot. It's the same size as the typical DVD player. It also has pretty decent crossflow cooling which intakes on the side the mini-itx board and flows out just behind the hard drives. I am using the Silenex 60mm fan for the exhaust and the system is dead silent.

Cons: The only con is a flip down door for the optical drive and the lack of a built in front firewire port. These are not really cons, just minor gripes from my standpoint. Some people may like the flipdown door since it hides the CD drive face which may not match the glossy black of the housing. The hard drive cage is not rubber mounted so there could be noise if you use loud drives. These are not huge cons and shouldn't keep looking for something else since I have yet to find a case with the same formfactor and features.

Overall Review: Very slick case. Is the only one that looks like your other typical VCR/DVD player formfactor. The 60 watt supply is only adequate for an ATOM setup not so good for the ION and all hard drives. I bought the ION with it's 90 watt built in supply which is much better and saved the 60watt for some other project.

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Works with T6112/2/2009 5:56:59 AM

Pros: This does work with any SATA notebook as long as you ensure it actualy plugs into the drive connector in the laptop. It 's extremely fast and reliable. I'm typing the review from the T61 with this drive installed.

Cons: To the people who's laptops did not see the drive, you need to look at the connector alignment! I foiund this drive when in its 2.5 inch adapter, is about 1/16 of an inch lower than a standard drive. This means that is you just slide it in, the connector will slide over the top of the Lenovo socket in the laptop. I used a business card as a shim until I got it to properly slide into the socket.

Overall Review: No reason to mark down the drive, maybe the adapter is less than perfect, but the drive is fine. I'm amazed at the tools who review this and say they have a high understanding, claiming it's a SATA 1 problem. you don't even need basic electronic to understand the connector didn't plug in.

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Upgrade Dell Insprion 13188/15/2009 7:06:39 AM

Pros: Dropped right into this cheap Walmart special laptop upgrading from the stock T2390 @1.86 to this with 6mb cache and 2.5 ghz. Just plain sick what a difference this makes. 45nm technology means it produces less heat, and battery life is improved since the proc works less.

Cons: Can't believe people drop an Egg because of the price????

Overall Review: I really rounded out this laptop using a Falcon 128 gb SSD (flashed with OZC firmware so it's a vertex) 4 GB of ram. Just for kicks, I dual boot Windows 7 and OS X 10.5.8. Amazing to take a cheap laptop and upgrade it to better than any custom option Dell sells on a new one (T8300 for $175)

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Good USB enclosure6/25/2009 9:39:35 AM

Pros: Enclosure works as advertised with both a normal 7,200rpm Seagate drive and a Gskill SLC ssd. If you don't see the drive, it's because it's not formatted or partitioned, it has nothing to due with this enclosure. For the ten spot and free shipping, no a lot of complaints.

Cons: Amazed by the reviews who say it's a bad product. It does max out at about 18.9 mb/s transfer on my Lenovo T61 so it may be slower than other enclosures. YMMV This was tested with both a regular HD and an SSD, both tested separately to reach 89mb/s and 113mbs on other direct controllers.

Overall Review: All drives must be partioned and formated to show up under Winblows explorer. If you don't know how to do this, you do not have "High understanding". in fact, you may not be qualified to own a keyboard. I'd love to track the results when the same person buys another enclosure and it can't see the drive too.

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great upgrade drive5/10/2009 7:10:04 AM

Pros: Fast drive, lots of space. Using in an Inspiron 9300, and used Western digital lifeguard tools (free download from WD) to get around the laptop's 127 GB bios limitation. Note that you much be using Windows XP with Service pack 1 minimum to install. This is not the fault of the drive. Windows 7 RC will install without using the data lifeguard overlay, since it is a native 48 LBA. This info applies to most laptops that have the 127gb or less bios issues.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Lots of people in these reviews probably hit the bios/OS limitations of their machines and thus gave this drive a bad rating. They have a suprise when the other drive does the same thing. Western digital give you the tools free to use this drive with your laptop. All you have to do is go to the support page and download an ISO image. Also, this is OEM as most other laptop drives here. No screws, no mounting brackets, no instructions and no CD. This is not a con, as you shouldn't need any of these if your putting this in a laptop.

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awsome drive5/9/2009 9:56:22 PM

Pros: This drive is the fastest drive I own. I'm comparing that to 5 Samsung SLC drives I own, even the 4 in raid on a Highpoint 3510 hardware raid, as far as raw IO. Tested using HD tune pro on and intel ICH10r. Reads= 10041 IOs @ .10ms 4ksize and Random IO was 304 IOs @ 3.3ms and 152.054 mb/s. Writes are off the chart at 22346 IOs .04ms 4k size and random was an insane 385 IOs @2.6ms 192.708mb/s throughput in WRITE! This is just plane sick. For comparison, my 4x 32gb SLC raid setup only hits 3163 IOs at 4k, and Random is slightly better at 351 IOs at 2.8ms and 175.529mb/s. A single drive is almost as fast a 4x SLC drives in read and is faster in wites.

Cons: This drive did not work as well in a Lenovo t61. The ICH7 mobile chipset does not allow this drive to reach much potential. This is not the fault of the drive, but a Samsung SLC 64gb drive was just barely faster. No pausing was noted, but outlook 2k7 took longer to start, and was noticeable to take longer opening mail. Should be noted that the SLC drive is only 64gb and costs about 2x this drive. I would imagine any newer laptop with a better chipset will show the same numbers as my tests in a desktop. Still better than a 72k rpm drive!

Overall Review: I also want to state before the above numbers, I filled the drive with random data, so the tests you represent actual "used" condition (important for MLC drives). HD tune pro also showed the drive in the read test at 204mb/s average and the write was 185mb/s. FYI the drive label says Max 230 read and 190 write, so the average number is impressive. The all important minimum write never went below 150mb/s. This is the drive to buy. The firmware of my drive was 1370 as shipped.

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Great ram4/16/2009 9:56:16 AM

Pros: Works as advertised and is cheap!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Currently using in 2 different Lenovo T61 laptops. We split the pair to add to existing ram since the 32bit os can only see 3 gb anyway. I've had great luck with Allcomponents ram. I've honestly purchased in excess of 100gb worth of ram and not had one bad stick yet.

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Awsome Raid for SSD3/26/2009 10:06:26 AM

Pros: Bazing fast raid for any SSD. The onboard cache can help to eliminate stuttering from cheap MLC SSDs. Currently using with 4 each Samsung SLC drives in raid 0. This is just insanely fast at 430mb/s reads and 350mb/s writes. I would not consider building a new computer and using raid without one of these. 1.2 GHZ is the highest speed currently offered in an onboard raid controller for maximum IO performance. Adaptec has the best management software.

Cons: none

Overall Review: The people who have issues with using this need to disable any onboard raid on the motherboard (set it to IDE or AHCI). The X86 platform in general has a bios space limitation, thus you can't use both set as boot devices (int13h). Since onboard integrated raid cannot be disabled from int13h support, you must disable it on the card. In order to do that, you will have to first diasable the onboard so that you can load and get into the bios of the adaptec. Once fixed, you could re-enable the onboard as raid. In other words, you could use both onboard and this card, but only boot from the onboard.

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How to use as a 2.5 inch drive3/11/2009 9:11:47 PM

Pros: This is the same drive as the 2.5 inch but in the smaller form factor. This can be adapted to be used in a normal 2.5 in laptop sata drive port is you get the right adapter to give the drive 3.3 volt power. This drive is SLC which blows away every MLC drive out there for a boot drive. Yes the MLC may have better specs on paper, but not in real world use! This drive does not slow down when full and should outlive you by a factor of 2.

Cons: None Only way this could be better is to sell a 128 version for $300.

Overall Review: This is the same drive as the 2.5 inch but in the smaller form factor. This can be adapted to be used in a normal 2.5 in laptop sata drive port is you get the right adapter to give the drive 3.3 volt power. This has the standard sata data port but the power plug is slightly different because it is 3.3 volt instead of just 5 volt like the 2.5 inch version. Also coulf be used in a desktop with the same adapter, just make sure your sata power plug has the 3.3 volt line. The adapters that go from a 4 pin molex don't have the 3.3 volt line (only 5 and 12 volt).

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The only SSD to buy3/6/2009 9:45:45 AM

Pros: This is single level cell memory, not the junk MLC cheaper drives. SLC is the only way to go for a boot drive. Your only other choice is the Intel X25 -E series. This drive is at least as fast as a 7200 rpm drive it's replacing, and faster in most ways. The diference is that is will never (in our lifetime) slow down. All MLC drives (even the X25m) will slow down when used for a boot drive. The question is if you you can afford the Intel at almost 1.5-2x more expensive. Lenovo Notebooks (X300) is using this drive as their latest system. This drive wipes out the competition. For those of us who have had a work laptop drive fail, this SSD is the h0ly grail. It's faster 99.9% of the time faster than any 7200 rpm notebook drive, and is pretty much travel proof. Boot times and application times both decrease significantly, the system is snappier, and just feels like a major upgrade. No stutter, no slowdowns! Multitasking is improved and we use drive encryption on top of this.

Cons: None for the drive. For those of you who install this and can't see the drive when installing windows, check your bios setting for the SATA controller. Lenovo and several other manufactures are setting SATA to AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) which requires a driver to be installed first. You can either slipstream the driver in your XP install disk using Nlite, or use a usb floppy disk. The other option is to change the setting to "compatible" or IDE in bios and install windows. You can then install the driver (Intel storage manager), shutdown, and go back into bios and change to AHCI and start Windows again.

Overall Review: From what I can tell, OCZ buys speed binned drives, memory etc and sells them at a premium. This is a good thing! This is a rebranded Samsung SLC drive. Your paying slightly higher, but from all the benchmarks I have seen, they run slightly faster at reads and writes. It's only a few percentage points, but is noticed in the benchmarks. This will bench out at the rated 100mb/s reads and 80mb/s writes in my lenovo t61 all day every day. No stutter, no slowdowns! The original 7200 rpm drive with our encryption (safeboot) slowed down to 30mb/s reads. This ssd runs at 90mb/s with the same image! Note that I also used diskkeeper to defrag the original hard drive, so that is true optimized performance. Imagine what that like if you don't defrag. Obviously, you do NOT want to defrag the SDD. This made life bearable again considering the required encryption.

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Perfect Laptop drive3/4/2009 10:38:11 AM

Pros: This is Single Level Cell memory not MLC. This means that read and write speeds stay constant throughout the life and capacity of the drive. ALL MLC drives (even the Intel MLC) suffer performance degradation after normal file system usage. This becomes obvious in nature as each cell must be stored and ovewriten with new data as the drive becomes full. Only 2 manufacturer's drives are sold here on the Egg with SLC technology (Intel and Samsung). This drive has good enough performance compared to the Intel's price/ performance ratio.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Note that Adata, Gskill, and OCZ are all rebranded Samsung drives (only the ones that look like a Samsung brushed aluminum drive and come in 32 or 64 GB capacity). Intel has it's two version with both 32/64 gb and using the Intel controller. The intel is faster because it internally raid O stripes the memory chips in the drive. Both Samsung and Intel memory chips meet the same JDEC specs, so it comes down to the controller. MLC cannot compete (even with advanced controllers) for a boot drive. Vertex is claiming to, but you can't buy one here yet, and again, the MLC write cycle is always the bottleneck. Speed costs and SLC is the only SSD really made for what your boot drive does.

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Amazing drives3/2/2009 3:46:51 PM

Pros: Awsome drives when used with a controller than can utilize the speed. Currently have 4 in a raid 0 setup for my mediacenter PC. No onboard raid can handle 2 of these, let alone 4 without bottlenecking. This is a good thing, meaning the drives are better than the motherboard they are attached to. These are SLC so should be no issues with write wear. First started out with 2 in raid 0 on both an Intel ICH10r and an Nvidia 590 SLI maxing out at 175mb/s reads. I am now running 4 on a Highpoint 3510 and getting 430mb/s reads. Random IO's are insane as 35k IOps. Just plain sick how fast this is.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I wouldn't even think twice about building a desktop now without using a hardware (intel IOP based) raid controller. Onboard raid cannot compare! If you are going to use any brand of SSD, you should be buying a hardware raid controller. Please note I have both an Adaptec 5405 and a Highpoint 3510 and both get the same speeds with this raid setup. I like the highpoint because it boots faster, but the Adaptec has better IOps and slightly (really just barely) faster transer rates, but costs more. This is the ultimate upgrade for my media pc since silence is the key! Veloci performance minus the sound, heat, and power! I use 2 F1's for media storage, and you never hear them seek because the media files are just read sequentially. Seriously thinking about getting the 64mb version for my work laptop. Also, it should be noted that all MLC drives (even the x25m) slow down when they fill up with data. These and any other SLC drive never slow down since they are Single level Cell.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Important PCI-e Info3/2/2009 2:34:56 PM

Pros: Awsome board for overclocking! Excellent ASUS support and Design. Compatible with every graphics card, raid card, and other PCI-e card I have. I tried the following, BFG 8800 GTS 320mb, Saphire HD3870, Saphire X1650, Abit Wireless, Adaptec 5405 raid,and Highpoint 3510 all in various combinations and slot patterns. All worked together at the maximum PCI-e lane width for each card within the maximum 42 lanes permitted. I am currently using the HD3870, Highpoint 3510 and the Abit Wireless card together.

Cons: None See other thoughts.

Overall Review: Clear CMOS using the jumper before booting the first time or when adding/Changing PCI-e cards! The bios (903 and lower) Seem to only properly detect multiple PCI-e cards when you clear CMOS before first powering up for the first time. After that it operates normally. Many people have RMA'ed their board because they couldn't get a particular graphics or sound card to detect, only to find the same issue with the new board! Don't waste money RMA'ing! Every card I tried, worked as long as I cleared CMOS first! The Northbridge has a possible 42 lanes to be split up between the 4 PCI-e slots and seems to only detect properly on the first boot after clearing CMOS. If you change or add a card, please clear CMOS and resave your settings. I fully expect ASUS to fix this in a future bios release. We all have grown lazy, as this step used to be standard whenever you added or changed cards before Plug and Pray bios's were popular. Again, it's a great board and shouldn't be downgraded!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Replacement supply for Shuttle SN41G22/27/2009 3:23:24 PM

Pros: Was able to shoehorn this into an older shuttle mini pc needed some more power. Nice design with the aluminum case being the heatsink for all the components. Fit with very little modification to the case. Steady power and can handle a decent graphics card

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is a server supply and as expected, the fans run at full speed 12v all the time. Not a big deal to convert the fans to run at 5v which is very acceptable. I did have to file the hole to make it fit in the shuttle and drill the support bracket of the shuttle to hold the front of the power supply but it fits great and almost matched the original. No real mods to the supply itself, other than converting the fans to 5v. They supposedly have a custom order quiet version of this available (not found on the EGG). Beats the hard to get replacement supply for the shuttle in wattage.

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Working on Lenovo T612/27/2009 6:39:39 AM

Pros: This drive works fine in a Lenovo T61 if you either load the AHCI driver using a usb floppy when loading Windows, or go into bios and change the SATA controller to IDE instead of AHCI.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Most notebooks are shipping with bios that enables AHCI for maximum performance on the SATA controller. When loading Windows, you must either use a usb floppy drive and press F6 when booting off the windows cd, or slipstream the drivers into the Windows cd image using nlite. It the same process if you were using an onboard raid controller. Don't downrate a product because you couldn't get it to work. Any drive (SSD or regular) you plugged into the current configuration of your laptop would prevent Hard disk from showing up when installing Windows if you don't load the AHCI driver.

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Amazing upgrade2/26/2009 7:57:47 PM

Pros: Pretty much the fastest AGP card you can buy. I crammed this into a Shuttle SN41G2 to make a toaster sized mediacenter. Yes I had to chuck the original power supply, and put in a 350 watt server supply. It runs great and allowed me to put some old hardware to good use. ATI drivers installed with no issues.

Cons: Other bad reviews. By bad, I mean provide you the purchaser with no real info

Overall Review: To the people who complained about drivers, read the warning that says "no user serviceable parts inside". These means you aren't qualified to write a review as a "high understanding" because you can't read. AGP 101 says install the motherboard GART driver first! Then to the people with VISTA who say I can't install bc it says it's not signed, turn off the setting for device manager warning about unsigned drivers!!! I am just amazed that people want to share their ultimate failures and then de-rate the card. The issue is with AGP and your quality chipset. This card is light years ahead of the junk hardware you are trying to upgrade. I'm also willing to bet the junk powersupply you have (it said 400 watt) has more ripple than the AC out of the wall.

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Awsome board2/16/2009 2:09:37 PM

Pros: Awsome board with great overclocking! Currently running the 940 at 3.59ghz 17.5 mult@205 fsb with 2GB 1066 clocked at 1098 due to fsb OC, at stock voltages and stock cooler. ASUS tech support rocks (called them for another board, not this one)!!!!

Cons: People who say they are an expert and then complain the board doesn't support 4 slots at 1066! Really?? AMD cpus contain the memory controller, so the board does nothing but power the dimms. Your barking up the wrong tree. Only real con against the board is the Expressgate feature installs to the hard drive, rather than flash.

Overall Review: Very impressed with this over the board it is replacing (ASUS M2N32-SLI-Premium with the Nvidia 590 chipset). This chipset runs extremely cool and obviously uses less power. Also, ASUS support rocks! I called for the other board and was on hold for a while, BUT, when I actually talked with support I spoke with a fellow computer enthusiast, that didn't jerk me around with some script and immediately helped resolve the problem. Hands down the best support I ever had in 12 years of computers. Please note that support was for the M2N32, not the M4A79, as I have had no issues!!!

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Ram Speed2/16/2009 1:49:03 PM

Pros: Good board with a great price! Remember that AMD cpu's have the memory contoller in the CPU! This means the board has nothing to do with what speed is suported. The board simply supplies voltage to the DIMMS. The board has been qualified(the lanes connecting the CPU pins to the memory slots) to handle 1066mhz.

Cons: Guys who don't read the documents on the processor they just bought and then complain when they bought 1066 ram and a cheap CPU that doesn't support it! The people building these must be using some old socket A junk or an Intel prior to i7 and forgot to read. They are still looking for the 100,133,166, 200 jumper for the FSB.

Overall Review: People should obey the sticker "No user serviceable parts inside".

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Trust this review2/16/2009 11:30:36 AM

Pros: Awsome chip, backwards compatible with my AM2 motherboard. Overclocks well at stock voltage. Extremely stable and cool running. Comes with a decent stock cooler. Tested on an ASUS M2N32-SLI-Premium (nvidia 590)with bios version 1202 (not officailly supported). Currently running on an ASUS M4A79 at 3.59 GHZ 17.5x205FSB at stock voltage. Ram is Kingston DRR1066 2x1gb in the yellow slots. I was able to get the same overclock on the older M2N board so it looks really good as an upgrade choice vs the Phenom I series. Hang on to your old boards!!!!

Cons: Mine seems to only be stable at 17.5 multiplier :) at stock voltage. This is not a con by any means. FYI stock multi is 15,so 600mhz OC is almost 20% on the stock cooler.

Overall Review: I cannot believe people still post reviews saying I got a DOA cpu. I guarantee your bios is not compatible, not the cpu. It like attempting to put 22's on you car and complaining you have wheel rub. Newegg needs to implement a test before you can post and say you're an expert. When I shop on the "egg" I look at reviews and sort by worst, just to get a few good laughs. Really though, please update your bios first, or buy a board that is compatible on the manufactures website. Otherwise, you should obey the sticker on the side that says "No user serviceable parts inside"!

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amazing speed1/29/2009 11:00:14 PM

Pros: Amazing speed, capable of up to 800mb/s reads with appropriate SSD hard drives. Updated bios from support site increased performance significantly. Raid management software is easy to use. Reasonable card initialization time vs some other cards out there (about 6-7 seconds vs 40+). Compatible with both my AMD rig and my Intel. Asus M2N32-SLI Vista Premium and the Intel P5Q Pro. The M2N32 need to be updated to bios 1202 (latest) but that was true for the other brand raid card also, so it's the motherboards', not this cards fault!

Cons: Card bios always shows full screen (blue) during boot (not just a few lines of text) for status, which takes away from my media center system. Most server or workstation guys could care less. Mangement software cannot change card settings in windows, but all drive array and disk functions are adequate. In other words, you can add disks, modify existing arrays, check status etc, ust can't change various controller settings. Really, really not a big deal, just a preference. Mangement software is the equivelent of what you get from Intel or Nvidia storage managers for onboard solutions with a few more perks.

Overall Review: I bought the competing card Adapt** 5405 which is (on paper) slightly better, but more money. That card has a 40+ second boot time (card initialization). Most people wouldn't care but, in my media center on the big screen showing kernel booting for almost a minute is pretty painful. I bought this card on advise I read elsewhere, and I am impressed. It has a short intialization and the performance to handle 4 Samsung SLC SSD in raid 0 to not bottleneck the drives. I am getting perfect raid scaling for both reads and writes. I highly recommend you get the backup battery for the cache. With 256mb of data possibly sitting in cache waiting on your drives at the wrong moment = bad day. The flip side is that you would still have to power up the machine, before the battery dies to finish writing to the drives. This ccard is a must for MLC SSD users. The cache will eliminate write stuttering and give you the performance of a more expensive drive.

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