Very Nice Box!11/21/2005 2:59:27 PM

Comments: You'll give us the SCOPE? Don't listen to what "Pc Builder" had to say on 11/11/2205... if the bad spelling wasn't enough. 1) The handle breaks? The case is so light that unless you're throwing the thing around I can't see it breaking. It's a good quality handle. And besides, who carries their computer around with a handle anyway? I didn't buy it for the handle. 2) If you're breaking the motherboard tray because you're screwing in your screws too deep, then pay more attention. I'd be more worried about breaking your motherboard than the tray if you're tightening that much! 3) Anybody with experience in building PCs knows that with ANY case you have to find clever ways of using your hands and tools when building a system. This case was no different from the many, many other systems I've built. You got your MOM to do it??? I've had the system built for about two weeks now and it's the slickest, most unique and fun case I've ever owned. And it's light! I'm not all big into these crazy colors but the blue case and PSU fans make my day. I'm thinking about buying a second one.

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