What a Beast9/15/2011 7:52:30 PM

Pros: Wonderful DPI settings. 100-6000 DPI. SO many macros to choose from, it'll take you weeks to figure out your 20+ combinations of what you like. Wonderful performance at 1000hz polling rate, and I would assume all the other customizable polling rates as well, but I bought this for pure performance and that's what I get. I WOULD easily pay over 100$ for this.\ LED Light customization is a lot of fun too :) 4 sections can go rainbow style or hot pink import tuner, w/e you like. WONDERFUL MOUSE FOR PEOPLE WITH BIG HANDS! No jitters, nor lag just like the box says. DOES NOT COME WITH DRIVERS, BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THEM FROM THEIR WEBSITE.

Cons: Had a really cheap cloth mouse pad like 50cents cheap, and it did not track well at all on it. Would let the mouse sit on it's own and it looked as though a ghost was moving the mouse. But it's on my actual desk now, wood, and it tracks like a king on it.

Overall Review: Worth well more than what you're paying for.

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DoA9/14/2011 8:38:52 AM

Pros: Nice layout, wonderful features. Has more than enough "locations" to connect just about anything you'd like

Cons: CMOS Boot loop :( constant FF error, have issued an RMA.

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