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Good for what they are!

Logitech LS21 7 Watts RMS (FTC) 2.1 Stereo Speaker System - Black
Logitech LS21 7 Watts RMS (FTC) 2.1 Stereo Speaker System - Black

Pros: Decent sound for a $25 set of speakers with a sub.

Cons: Speakers are vulnerable to little fingers as they are chromed and are almost asking to be touched. Crackly when the volume is cranked up high.

Overall Review: Using these as a cheap pair of speakers for my TV and they work good enough for that; as we don't run them extremely loud.

Most Critical Review


PLANTRONICS RIG 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Stereo Headset + Mixer (White)
PLANTRONICS RIG 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Stereo Headset + Mixer (White)

Pros: Gamer headset audio. Look decent.

Cons: I wanted these to work so bad. But they became very uncomfortable to wear for more than 10 minutes at a time. I have a large noggin, (Afro sized on the headset sizing) and the top although it looked padded, was not. The cloth has no padding underneath where the headset expands and it digs into the top of my head.

Overall Review: Selling point was the mixer and extra's. I liked the headset when I first got it, worked good taking calls from my Galaxy Note3. Never wore the headset for more than 10-15 minutes at a time and loved it. When I got some time to sit and play some games I ended up taking them off after about a half hour because I was getting a headache and didn't think anything of it. Played some more the next day had to take them off again, noticed the top of my head hurt so I started checking out the headset and noticed the lack of padding. The center of the headband was very well padded, but toward 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock the expansion system starts and the padding disappears. Those two points are plastic and sat directly on my head causing the pain. Kept trying them for the next couple days to see if I just needed to get used to the new headset. Nope. It was severely uncomfortable. I loved everything about the set for gaming, but the discomfort was what turned me away. If I can't use something for more than a half hour at a time, especially because it causes pain, there are other options.


COUGAR CF-V14HB Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing (Fluid) 300,000 Hours 14CM Silent Cooling Fan (Black)
COUGAR CF-V14HB Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing (Fluid) 300,000 Hours 14CM Silent Cooling Fan (Black)

Pros: Using 2 for my Kraken G10 + Kraken x41 on my GTX 770 in Push/Pull. H0ly temp drops Batman! Going from a pair of NZXT fans in P/P on the X41 to these was... astounding to say the least. With my fan controller running the NZXT fans on 'max' (12 volts) my 770 got to around 47c after a 4 hour session of gaming. With these fans on 'low' (7 volts) it has not broken 44c and is near silent. Not to bash the NZXT fans, they are fine for being included with the system but just can't compare with a static-pressure fan replacement.

Cons: Wasn't hand delivered by Peyton Manning... Very disappointing!

Overall Review: I have had one of these fans for a year and a half as exhaust for my system on low, and I have Cougar 120mm fans for my H100i. So I have had good experience with Cougar fans so far and these did not disappoint. Synopsis: -While running on low speed, these beat the the fans they replaced running on high. (Cougar = 44c on low vs Stock = 47c on high) -While running at max speed my jaw dropped. The temp maxed at 38c with pre-warmed liquid in the system after another hour. (from the earlier 4 hour run) Almost 10c cooler than the other fans! Replacement fans are expensive and these are no exception, but if you want performance you won't be disappointed here!



NZXT RL-KRG10-W1 Sleeve Kraken G10 GPU Bracket
NZXT RL-KRG10-W1 Sleeve Kraken G10 GPU Bracket

Pros: Without throttling my GTX770 would get to around 75c with its air cooler. After a four hour session playing the same game as before the highest temp recorded peaked at 47c using a Kraken x41 with its included fan. I was expecting mid-50s for temps and have been blown away by this combo. I also bought some small copper heatsinks that I put on the Memory and VRMs just to be safe. Aside from the temp drop, the noise level with the stock cooling solution sounded like it was trying to take flight whenever the card got above 60c, now the noise level is negligible and controllable thanks to my fan controller. So it's definitely a winner for my application!

Cons: The thick powder coating slightly obscured two out of the three holes used on one of the mounting brackets sets of holes. One of which was needed for converting my GTX770. So I used successively larger screws to remove the powder coating from out of the hole I needed to use, and viola! works like a champ!

Overall Review: At first I was disappointed to see the two mounting holes partially covering by the powder coating and briefly considered an RMA. Then I thought of using my dremel to clear the hole, but didn't want to waller-out (very technical term right?) the holes in doing it, so I decided on the screw method which worked just fine. Never used the included fan, currently running a Noctua for that so can't speak for it's Airflow/noise level.



Ergotron 45-235-194 Neo-Flex Extend LCD Arm
Ergotron 45-235-194 Neo-Flex Extend LCD Arm

Pros: The arms and the unit itself as a whole has some definite heft to it that I did not expect. Definitely gives it a quality feel as it was unboxed. No wobble or play in the arms with the monitor attached. The arms can be tightened with an included allen wrench to make arm swivel movement as loose or tight as you need it. Clamping system seemed loose, but tightened up on my desk very well.

Cons: Was not hand delivered by John Elway, but it came quick so I can't dock it an egg for that.

Overall Review: Got it for ~$80 when it was on sale. Glad I did.


Very Fast

OCZ Vertex 4 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) VTX4-25SAT3-128G
OCZ Vertex 4 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) VTX4-25SAT3-128G

Pros: Switching from a HDD to this SSD last was like night and day for bootup times and application loading.

Cons: It wasn't free and hand delivered by Peyton Manning. I remember when a 100gb hard drive was $100 so the $109 sale price wasn't bad.

Overall Review: I originally bought one of these as a boot drive on my games-only rig about six months ago and bought my second (this one) for Raid 0 because I was running low on space. It comes out to roughly 119gb not 128gb but that was expected.

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Pleasantly Surprised!

I was leery about buying from someone with so few reviews, but my limited experience with them was as good as any other. They shipped my headphones quick and got them 3 days later so that was great. The shipping box was well taped and had plenty of cushion around the items box. I was impressed. A+ Never had to deal with customer support so I can't speak for any of that.

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