Great monitor!7/20/2021 1:15:20 PM

Pros: -G-Sync and HDR work flawlessly -High refresh rate is easier on the eyes -Excellent price -HUGE display

Cons: -Curved displays can take some getting used-to -Very bright, but almost to a fault

Overall Review: I purchased this monitor to replace a 60hz 2k ViewSonic model that was honestly hurting my eyes due to low refresh rate and low brightness. This Samsung model is bright to the point that, at night, it takes a bit of tech-fu to lower the color saturation and brightness. However, the high refresh rate, g-sync, and HDR features make using my PC during daylight hours much easier on the eyes. It took a bit of reading to figure out how to enable g-sync with an Nvidia GPU and how to enable windows HDR, but once completed, this monitor is a joy to use. It's light enough to use with a cheap VESA mount and doesn't heat up nearly as much as the unit that it replaced. If you prefer 2k over 1080p and want to retain a higher refresh rate for gaming and productivity, this fits the bill for a very reasonable price.

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Noctua lives up to their reputation7/20/2021 1:09:31 PM

Pros: -Moves lots of air -Silent operation -comes with plenty of accessories -Not ugly!

Overall Review: Noctua has long been lauded as the best makers of PC fans, but the ugly tan and brown colors that are their calling card kept me from using their fans for far too long. This line of fans comes in a standard black color that matches most PCs. In addition, they include a spectrum of colorful rubber bumpers that can be installed about the corners to better match color-coordinated builds. Cable extensions are also included in addition to packets of screws. I purchased a pair of these fans to replace some stock NZXT fans that came with a Kraken AIO that I purchased purely for cosmetic reasons. The difference was immediately apparent with a reduction in noise and temperatures. Active temps on my 3600x went from the mid 70s to the low 60s, airflow is noticeably better through the radiator, and there is no perceivable noise.

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Cool kit! But would've been nice to include an AC adapter.1/26/2021 9:11:36 AM

Pros: This kit can hook up to RGB headers or a standard MOLEX connector. The IR remove and receiver are easy to use if you don't have a system with addressable RGB built-in.

Cons: If you want to repurpose this kit for ambient lighting OUTSIDE of a PC tower, you'll need a separate adapter.

Overall Review: Great lighting kit. The strips are flexible and well potted. 3M foam tape is perfect for attaching it where it needs to go and the extension cable should allow you to reach whatever parts of your PC that you want.

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Works well, but is very messy1/26/2021 9:06:34 AM

Pros: Works as advertised

Cons: I'd prefer if this stuff came in a toothpaste-style tube. The syringe-style container makes it very easy to apply too much, and like any good thermal paste, this stuff gets EVERYWHERE.

Overall Review: If you need some thermal paste in your kit, this stuff will do the job. However, I recommend applying the paste to a neutral surface and then swabbing it onto your PCU or heatsink. Trying to apply the stuff from the syringe directly into the CPU lid will end up giving you more than you need until you get used to the texture of the paste. This stuff has the texture of yellow mustard rather than toothpaste and there's really no way to have known that prior to removing the cap.

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I didn't know I needed one until I got one!1/26/2021 9:01:56 AM

Pros: -MUTE feature: Some people need to woken up during a power outage, others don't. This product gives you the option. -Easy-to-use LCD monitor: Using just the buttons on the front of the unit, you can customize what info it displays and can turn the backlight off if you want to. -USB interface option: If you want, you can attach this UPS via the included USB cable to track power consumption and outages.

Cons: -Heavier than expected: make sure you are prepared to lug a 30lb package up the stairs if you want to invest in one of these. No points off, as the heft means that the battery is big and robust.

Overall Review: This UPS is very unobtrusive once set up the way you want. You've got several options that can be set out-of-the-box using just the buttons on the front of the unit. A USB utility can be set up with your PC to log more in-depth stats or to dump the unit's memory following a power outage. Living in a less-than-luxury apartment and doing AV production work, power stability issues used to cause headaches, but not anymore. Not only is my PC more stable, my internet connection equipment can now tolerate a power outage for more than an hour, AND I can keep track of how much power I'm using and adjust my usage to trim down my monthly bill. This product will likely pay for itself over the course of a year.

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Great price to performance1/25/2021 7:31:51 AM

Overall Review: While maybe not as cool-looking as, say, the Trident-Z kit, this RAM is just as fast. The heat spreader is quite large and makes the modules easier to install than some other kits. The RGB lighting is nice and bright and works nicely with ASUS sync software.

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excellent speed and reliability10/20/2020 11:21:24 AM

Overall Review: I use this drive for my home media server. Latency is excellent for 5400rpm.

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Almost perfect5/24/2020 1:41:05 PM

Pros: Durable, comfortable, customizable lights and buttons. This mouse is a fine replacement for the sought-after Razer Death Adder.

Cons: The rubber on the right side of this mouse comes loose quite frequently. The factory glue seems to stay soft and sticky, but never truly cures. The best fix for this seems to be double-sided foam tape, but the factory glue is a pain to remove completely.

Overall Review: After going through 3 DeathAdders in the span of 2 years, this mouse seemed to fit the budget and do the job. The software is a bit less annoying than Razer and the mouse has never had an issue. Customizable buttons, macros, and colors are a nice touch. As stated in the Cons section, the rubber grip where your pinky is supposed to rest tends to move around a lot. Foam tape seems to keep the thing on, but requires work every 6 months or so depending upon how sweaty and ashy your hands are.

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Works as advertised10/9/2019 10:03:50 AM

Pros: Extremely fast read/write speeds Easy installation Replaced and old RAID 0 array of SSDs thus freeing up space in my PC

Cons: I installed this as a second m.2 in my z170 board. While this is no fault of the device itself, it should be noted that many motherboards have a finite number of drives that can be installed at once. After installing this drive into my 2nd m.2 slot, I am no longer able to use but 2 SATA ports. Make sure that you read your manual before getting into m.2 SSDs.

Overall Review: This is one of the fastest m.2 drives on the market. Use it for your C drive and you will be blown away by the performance. Keep in mind that there are a finite number of PCI-e lanes on each motherboard, and one of these will take up 4 lanes. Be sure to read up on your hardware limitations before making an investment like this as there may be unexpected issues otherwise.

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Easy to install and set up. This is what makes xxxLake CPUs worthwhile11/28/2018 2:01:15 PM

Pros: This chip has more storage than a 500gb labeled SATA disk. That extra space can be used for storage or as swap space.

Cons: There isn't much of a manufacturer warranty. Buying an add-on warranty is inexpensive, but does require an additional charge. The software that managed the device (samsung magician) has some sort of daily quota for downloads. I wound up using Macrium to migrate my C drive.

Overall Review: If you've got a Skylake or later platform, this is the main event. A single GPU and one or two of these will make for an excellently performing PC. This blows the throughput of my RAID0 intel 535 array out of the water. Make sure to get a warranty and/or active backup.

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