Overall Happy2/1/2016 7:19:03 PM

Pros: Bought the necklace for my girlfriend for when she comes back from abroad. Long silver necklace and the topaz is very clear and bright.

Cons: Little smaller than I was expecting but I don't buy jewelry that often so what do I know?

Overall Review: Got it when it was 80% off and paid about $34 for it. Looking back at that I can't say I'd really be disappointed with it. Now if I payed the original $200+ then I might be a little more critical of it. All in all, I think she'll like it and considering how we've only been together for a year or so I think it's a fairly good size.

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Corsair Air Series AF120mm12/8/2015 8:38:57 AM

Pros: Significantly more air flow compared to the fans that came with my tower. Visuals are fairly noticeable as the LEDs are quite bright initially.

Cons: Instillation was a little difficult because the plastic borders were a little thin feeling so applying enough pressure to secure the screws made me feel like I was going to break it.

Overall Review: Got the fan as part of a bundle on sale. It was free for me and have had zero serious problems with it. If it is on sale for around the $15 range, I would recommend it.

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Carbide 200R12/8/2015 8:34:31 AM

Pros: Came with everything I needed and fit everything as well. Design is fairly sleek for a first time build. Cost was great. Came with a free Corsair fan on top of that as well (bundled sale). Air flow is great for the price.

Cons: A little difficulty taking the front panel off to access the front fan. Wasn't able to find any directions on doing so and took me good 10 minutes to find it.

Overall Review: As a first time computer builder, the thumb screws were great as I could access both sides of the tower in under a minute. SSD slots face parallel with the tower while where I have my hard drive is perpendicular to the tower. Makes cable management interesting. Overall, I've had a fantastic time using this case for my first build. Would recommend.

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