It fits my shaver and that's about it.1/5/2021 12:52:04 PM

Pros: *It does work with my shaver

Cons: *Not a very close shave at all *Takes longer to use since it doesn't cut that well

Overall Review: I have bought replacement heads before, so this isn't my first try. When I selected this one, I knew it was the cheapest one listed, so maybe I got what I paid for. While it does work, I could tell right away that it doesn't cut that well. It takes me longer to shave since I have to keep going over areas again and again to at least look like I have shaved. I would probably not recommend this product to anyone else.

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Works with our Xbox controllers1/5/2021 12:46:54 PM

Pros: *It's convenient to use instead of having to guide your way around to "type" *The extra sound jack is nice if using headphones

Cons: *It does take up some space at the base of your controller. *Still not easy to type with the small buttons (I have big fingers which is my problem) *Takes a little time getting used to *It uses a wireless USB faub which uses a USB port on the Xbox

Overall Review: The keyboard works well, but it does take a little effort to use, especially if you have "fat" fingers like I do. It is bigger than I thought and does change the way you may hold the controller while playing games. Over all I do like it. One little surprise to me is that it uses a wireless USB faub that has to be plugged in to the Xbox to work. In my mind I thought since the controllers were wireless, it would just use the signal from it. I guess that's what I get for thinking. I would recommend it to others.

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So far so good...KM2/4/2020 1:45:00 PM

Pros: Installed easily. Works well with the motherboard we purchased. Seems to have great R/W speeds but I haven't tested it to see actual speeds.

Cons: So far, really none that I can think of. Maybe price?

Overall Review: This was purchased to replace an older 480GB SSD drive that died. I'm hoping it will continue to work well for a long time to come.

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Works well so far10/24/2019 5:24:17 AM

Pros: I can't say a lot other than it works. The CPU was packaged well and the cooling fan supplied went on without too much of a fuss. My son is using this PC as a gaming unit, and he hasn't complained once.

Cons: Had a little trouble understanding mounting instructions for the fan and it took a little bit to figure out how to mount it to the motherboard we had purchased. Other than that, there are no cons I can mention.

Overall Review: I have always been a fan of the AMD processors over the Intel when building my personal rigs. I believe the performance is great for the price when comparing the two brands. I've only built this current rig recently, so only time will tell how well it continues to work.

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Good so far9/26/2019 9:06:04 AM

Pros: Board is compact, but doesn't like in features by any means. It was actually larger than I thought it would be. Fit in my old mid-tower, computer case very well. So far it is working, but only time will tell for how long.

Cons: No real complaints. I will say that at first I was concerned about the SATA connectors for the drives. They are angled in parallel with the MB instead of perpendicular. Not sure how I missed that in the pictures. However, while installing video card, I was glad the angle was different, as the video card would have covered up the slots.

Overall Review: It's hard to give a total review since I haven't had it that long. Just got it installed a week ago. It is working for now.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
No problems so far...1/2/2017 1:51:04 PM

Pros: It works well. No problems to report so far.

Cons: I did have a little bit of trouble getting it to connect as my second controller to the system. However, when I went back and followed the instructions from step one, it connected without a problem.

Overall Review: This was bought to add a second controller to my Xbox One S system, so both kids could play at the same time.

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So far so good...1/2/2017 1:47:57 PM

Pros: Easy to setup and install. Batteries packs fit well. Unit plugs up to the Xbox One S using a USB port and sits on top of the gaming system with plenty of room.

Cons: Not really a con, but I do have one white controller and one black controller. I thought the battery packs just installed in to back of the controllers, like the batteries. However, the cover is "built-in" to the battery packs as a whole unit. So, the black controller now has a white battery cover. Not a big deal and you can't see it unless you turn the controller over.

Overall Review: While my con is more of a "cosmetic" issue, the units work and so far I am very pleased with it.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It does what it says10/24/2016 5:55:08 AM

Pros: Small, fits almost anywhere. Fairly easy to setup, and didn't take too long for me to get it up and running for the kids. Plenty of games, and you can get free games with a "Gold" membership.

Cons: Biggest complaint is the amount of bandwidth these units require. While I know the PS systems are just as bad, I didn't realize how much they expect you to download off the web. Some of the free games I received with my bundle are 20GB or larger. With my current internet at home, this would have taken several days to download. While some may say I need to upgrade my home internet, well, I would if I could, but we have very limited options due to my location. Also, it would have been nice if a second controller would have been included.

Overall Review: While I've only played on it a couple of times, I still believe the kids will enjoy it a lot (early Christmas gift). While I do appreciate the free games that came with my bundle (5 total), it would have been nice if they all had disc and not downloaded from the website. Actually, two did come with disc. The rest had to be redeemed from the website with a code.

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It works7/27/2015 1:13:05 PM

Pros: Nice antennae once it is put together. It is a little bigger than I thought, but it is lightweight. I believe it will weather the outside elements fairly well. Has a long, thick insulated outdoor cable, along with booster.

Cons: You need at least two people for putting it together. The printed instructions were not clear, but does have a youtube video link listed that helped a lot.

Overall Review: My brother installed on top of my mother's house. She was able to get 22 very clear digital channels. Considering how rural the area is, I thought that was pretty good. Have to see how well it holds up. Probably get one for my house now.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month far3/26/2012 2:08:05 PM

Pros: Easy to install, got it on sale and free shipping. Got it within 3 days with everything inluded in the box as shown. Thanks Newegg.

Cons: I didn't give it 5 eggs since I have not tried it outside. I hope to get a lot more channels. Fingers crossed.

Overall Review: While holding it in my hand and sitting on my bed, I was able to get some channels. Can't wait to try it outside. I am in a rural, wooded area, a long way from towers. No snow, just clear pictures/images.

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Great case.5/29/2009 1:49:52 PM

Pros: Everything worked great. I didn't have any issues with what came with the case. Nice little box to store everything in as long as you have room inside.

Cons: Manual isn't that great. I haven't found one yet that is all that great. It's better than some! Not really a con, but my ATX MoBo just barely fit. However, everything lined up well. Been nice if it came with a good PSU.

Overall Review: I love this case enough to recommend it to anyone. The tooless design for the drives worked well for me. The power supply I had fit easily. Cables were labeled correctly and had plenty of length. Not sure what else you could say.

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It works.5/29/2009 1:30:05 PM

Pros: Installed easily and worked the first time.

Cons: My ASRock A780GXE MoBo didn't set it to run at 1066. I have not played with the settings either, so it could be a simple fix.

Overall Review: I haven't had the system running long, so I haven't toyed with it yet. The build seems to be a little slow, but until I give it a thorough once over, I won't know what's acting as the weakest link.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
No problems so far.5/29/2009 1:21:58 PM

Pros: It has a lot of options and started up first time. Been a while since I used ASRock. Was pleased with the installation.

Cons: I have mentioned before in some of my reviews of other parts for this build, but I just don't feel this is running at full potential. Still seems to be slow running XP Pro. Could be another part is acting as the weakest link, but I'm not sure at this point.

Overall Review: Been playing with Windows 7 RC. A little disappointed it wouldn't install on my new setup. At work, I have installed it on some new machines and older machines with few issues. Current build includes: AMD 7750 2.7GHz, SATA LG burner and WD 250GB HDD, 2x1GB (1066) memory. Using onboard video as I wait for new PCI-e video card. Memory is only running at 800. I have not checked it out thoroughly yet. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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Works great.5/29/2009 1:00:32 PM

Pros: Installed without any issues. I haven't tried any OCing yet. Probably won't until I'm sure it will run ok. I have used AMD processors for years and wouldn't change for anything else at this point.

Cons: As stated in other part reviews for this build, my system doesn't seem to be running at full potential. Not sure if it is my current combo that's the problem or what. I just don't think it runs as fast as it should.

Overall Review: Still give a thumbs up for this processor. Everything installed without any problems. MoBo picked it up quickly. Setup: ASRock A780GXE MoBo, 2GB 1066 memory, SATA WD HDD and LG burner. Using onboard video until add-on card arrives.

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Ok drive5/29/2009 12:53:22 PM

Pros: Drive installed without any problems. It does work ok. Have not tried "burning" anything yet.

Cons: Seems to be slow. I mean when reading disks. I have used it for installations and it just doesn't seem to get up to speed. May be an issue with the MoBo or something else.

Overall Review: Current setup: ASRock A780GXE MoBo, AMD 64 7750 2.7GHz (Kuma), 2GB (1066) memory, WD 250 SATA drive (older drive and could be possible reason for slow down). Using onboad video. Waiting on PCIe card to be delivered. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Computer Case10/13/2008 10:58:04 AM

Pros: First, this is not the exact case that I purchased. It had a lighted cooling fan on the front. Looked good when it was running. Used this case to build a computer for a friend.

Cons: Metal is cheap and very thin. Kind of like picking up a soda can. Almost afraid to breathe on it in fear of warping the case. Some of the screw holes were not clean and the cover where the mobo USB ports, etc., was hard to get off, almost ruining the hole to the point of not getting the new cover to fit correctly. The power supply was a joke. For this to be a new case, it only had one SATA adapter. I had another, older power supply that had two SATA adapters, but I did have to use the one from this power supply since it was removable. Not ever sure this PSU even works. Also, the front panel USB ports had individual connectors for each wire instead of just one connector. Not sure why, considering if you didn't know what you were doing, you may short out a USB device or mobo if you hook it up wrong. At least the manual for the mobo helped me with this problem.

Overall Review: I guess you get what you pay for and this definitely fits the description of this case. It does work and it does look good with all of the LED lights, however, not much fun to work with and I'm not sure I would recommend it again.

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Good board10/13/2008 10:39:20 AM

Pros: Good mobo. Easy to install and runs well with an AMD 5200+ CPU and 2GB of RAM. Used in a system I built for someone else. Got jealous of how much better it was than my current system. May buy another one to build me a home machine.

Cons: Had trouble with the sound. The software from the driver disk kept bombing out. I downloaded drivers from the website and finally got them to load correctly. Still took a couple of reboots and scratching of head. Also, manual didn't help me out too much. My first build using all SATA drives. Took me a day to get the BIOS to recognize the CD and HDD. I figured out I had plugged them up to the last two SATA ports instead of the first two ports. Everything fired up correctly after that.

Overall Review: It was a good deal considering I got it with free shipping. I do recommend this board to anyone building a new system. I'm not much into gaming, so I don't mess with overclocking or anything like that. The person I built this one for has been very happy so far with this system. My only mistake was that I didn't realize it didn't have a parallel port, and the person I built this for doesn't have a USB printer. They didn't mind.

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