Beautiful2/18/2019 5:17:25 AM

Pros: Quality construction. Beautiful colors.

Cons: Lots of wires. Extra long to cover all builds. BUT. I have a full tower with six of these fans. Hard to find a place to hide the wires. Shorter wires would be nice.

Overall Review: Have not had any software problems, all works fine. Make sure to set the 'dip' switches correctly. Thought the price was somewhat high. But still a great purchase.

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In good shape1/12/2019 6:41:26 PM

Pros: what was ordered

Cons: shipping time

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Beautiful. Room for everything.1/4/2019 5:31:48 AM

Pros: Stunning Look. Plenty of room not just for items but for building hands. Easy wiring. Many location choices for goodies.

Cons: Heavy (expected). Cooler mounting choices all compete with hard drive mounting. Hard drive blocks air flow when mounted on back side. Sad the riser cable did not come with case. Would have paid more.

Overall Review: Great case. Even the wife said WOW. Installed ASUS X470 Prime / Ryzen 1700 / MSI RX580 Armor / Thermaltake Floe Ring 360 / GSKILL TridentZ RGB DDR4 32gb / EVEA 750 G3 / Still plenty a room for system evolution. Came packaged well. No damage.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Portable and quick.12/23/2018 4:25:27 AM

Pros: Compact. Powerful features.

Cons: So thin, hard to push button.

Overall Review: Button is hard to push. Use of on screen controls is the best way to operate. Used it to load software in new computer. Worked flawlessly.

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Thermaltake Quality12/20/2018 5:05:16 AM

Pros: Great look. Bright LED. Wire options supplied.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Replace stock case fan in my Deepcool DUKASE Liquid. Not only better quality but the red LED made an already red lighting POP better.

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A work of art.12/20/2018 5:01:50 AM

Pros: G-Skill quality. Beautiful even not operating. fast.

Cons: None

Overall Review: My first DDR4. First RGB. Never had a doubt what brand to get. I have a long perfect history with G-Skill

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Good feel. Bright.12/20/2018 4:56:20 AM

Pros: Corsair quality. Bright keys. Quick response.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good price. Very good quality. Good feel.

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Great Move Up.12/20/2018 4:54:33 AM

Pros: Quality. Powerful. Good Price. Great Software.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Replacing my GTX 970. With the price at Newegg, it made it a good choice for the next move up.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Simple and clean.12/20/2018 4:50:56 AM

Pros: Great look. Great cabling supplied. Ports labeled.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Needed non type 4 GPU cabling. This was just what the Dr. ordered.

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Worked perfect.12/20/2018 4:49:01 AM

Pros: Simple and robust.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Used to activate my front USB 3.0. Know it wont be true 3.0 but now they work.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great looking. Great Quality,12/13/2018 8:02:21 PM

Pros: ASUS name. All parts needed in box. Great choice of default settings. Wonderful board for a person moving to RYZEN and DDR4

Cons: All MB's need a better way for chassis plugin pins. Hard to reach. This one seemed even lower. Graphic card location hides all those pretty colors.

Overall Review: Recommend to all: I have had a long line of ASUS products. They just seem to get better and better.

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Could be better. Should have been better from Deepcool.12/6/2018 8:35:00 PM

Pros: Main chassis ok. Cooling devise great. Support structure for shipping pump a real good improvement. Moving up to an AM4 pump, was a good cost effective tower.

Cons: Cheep plastic front, Not near the quality of my Genome.

Overall Review: Came in broke . Five of the six snap tangs that hold the front to housing were broke. Est of a 30% less quality of my two Genome. gathered system parts to move up to Ryzen. Will move cooler to another case when funds are avail.

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Very nice for the money.12/9/2016 1:48:05 PM

Pros: Cooler Master brand. Bright LED. Nice look.

Cons: At an angle some letters are hard to distinguish.

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Works very smooth, quit. Great storage space.12/9/2016 1:41:08 PM

Pros: Price - Speed - Just what the Dr. ordered for storage and to free up my main hard drive. Great addition to my systems. Installed easy.

Cons: No instructions at all. Web site is clunky. Instructions would have been nice for formatting. Anyone with less knowledge may have problems {with no instructions} My knowledge is not great but more than an average system owner.

Overall Review: I had read in many cases that it ran warm. In my case it is 4 degrees cooler than my Seagate Barracuda 1tb. 7200rpm. Right now: Seagate 100 / Toshiba 96 :}

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Easy to operate.11/17/2016 5:57:57 AM

Pros: easy functionality. Great picture quality.

Cons: A little heavy.

Overall Review: Absolutely buy one.

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Great looking case. Almost 'plug and play'11/17/2016 5:55:53 AM

Pros: Good construction. Good fan location. Flip down sides make building and maintaining system a breeze.

Cons: Not a big issue. With a HYPER D92 cooler on, one can't fold down the right side of the case. had to install from front. (NOTE: This fan was not available yet, when case purchased)

Overall Review: After four years, it's still better constructed than most cases I have seen.

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Easy install.11/17/2016 5:51:24 AM

Pros: Great cooling. Easy to read info label.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have 32GB in my system. Works smooth and easy.

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Great looking board.11/17/2016 5:49:41 AM

Pros: Works fantastic after four years.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The board is selling for more now, than when I purchased it. Go MSI.

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Easy operaation.11/17/2016 5:47:10 AM

Pros: I have no problems with any AMD. All I have ever owned still working. The FX-8350 is a dream. Never has missed a beat. Coupled wit a GTX 970 graphics card, it play DOOM 2016 with no hesitation.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Highly recommend the FX to anyone building a system

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Easy to install and durable.11/17/2016 5:42:05 AM

Pros: Strong consistent operation. No problems in operation.

Cons: None after years of operation. Has been in three different cases.

Overall Review: This is my second. thought something was wrong with first. Got a new one. Found out later the first was just 'blocked'. corrected that and worked great.

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ASUS. great product.11/16/2016 1:47:35 PM

Pros: Beautiful MB. Stands out in a DEEPCOOL Genome tower. Fan plugin layout plentiful. Booted with no issues. LED beautiful.

Cons: ASUS has come to the table with great LED for INTEL. Seems to be lagging for AMD.

Overall Review: Well worth the purchase because of performance. Is fun just to look at.

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Well laid out. Easy setup.11/16/2016 1:43:12 PM

Pros: Ample room. Superb quality. You get what you pay for, price worth it. Cooling very clean and well thought out.

Cons: Had to buy external DVD. Bought two, on both had to stretch power to EATX12V one MSI board and one ASUS . But made it.

Overall Review: My first Liquid cooling system. Had always worried about leaks. The AIO system seems flawless and cools great. Packaging for the pump well thought out.

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Easy to install.11/16/2016 1:35:21 PM

Pros: ASUS brand. Good supporting software.

Cons: Power switch hard to get to. Limits placement of devise.

Overall Review: Second purchase. Other still working.

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Wonderful ease of instalation.11/16/2016 1:33:23 PM

Pros: Very smooth running. Cool

Cons: Theft proof packaging hard to open. Go figure.

Overall Review: Never had a G.SKILL failure.

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My 8th AAMD. love them.11/16/2016 1:30:38 PM

Pros: Great safe packaging. Documentation good.

Cons: Done. Installed and started with no glitches.

Overall Review: Trust the product completely.

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