Excellent bang for buck2/23/2011 2:50:06 PM

Pros: Excellent value for price (also got it when it was on sale). Didn't expect to use HDMI-out much, but it does work well. SD card slot supports SD-HC cards. I've only used it with microSDHC cards via SD adapter, but it has worked fine all the way through class 6 speeds. Spring is a little tight, which is good, but I didn't figure out that it had the "push in to eject" feature for the first week. Win7 Home Premium is nice. Didn't come with too much bloatware, but enough you'll spend the first few hours uninstalling things and adding your own A/V and other programs. Battery life is excellent, but I'm coming from a 4.5 yr-old ACER whose battery lasts a whopping 10 minutes at best. I'm not fond of the shorter and wider display, but the extra width allows for the full numeric keypad so that's a plus if you need to use a calculator regularly. Multi-touch pad takes a bit of getting used to, but that and the zoom section of the touchpad can

Cons: HDMI works well... not great but well. Tried to play a couple 1080p MKV videos via VLC out to an external LCD screen and they were jittery. Easiest fix is switching the display settings for the external monitor to 720p. Looks almost as crisp and plays smoothly. Default screen resolution numbers seem a bit odd at 1366x768, but the aspect ratio is good. I do miss having programmable buttons for stuff like the calculator, mail, etc.

Overall Review: I tend to accidentally hit the touchpad when typing (which works as a left mouse button when you tap it), but that feature can be turned off in the mouse settings so it's not really a Con.

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Good value card11/22/2010 2:34:10 PM

Pros: Windows 7 (32-bit) found and installed drivers automatically. Multi-monitor extended mode allows different resolutions for each monitor (not sure if that was ever an issue). I don't plan on using it for games but in a business PC it's working fine.

Cons: If you are getting this for the low-profile option, check the location of the PCIe-x16 slot in your PC. If it is the last slot, then using this card will only work for two monitors if you can use an extension cable (12-pin dual-row header to 12-pin IDC) for the VGA port, which will need to go above (behind) this card. I subtracted an egg since it took me an hour to find the parts and make the cable. The manufacturer could probably include an extension cable (or make the included one longer) and only add $1 to the purchase price. Also be advised: if this is in the bottom slot, the heatsink on the board will not get much airflow (mine is less than an inch from the case wall), so modding in an extra fan to direct air towards it will help. Without the fan, I recommend not doing heavy gaming or watching movies for extensive periods of time.

Overall Review: (Acer Veriton) I'm not a fan of book-style (low profile) PC cases at all, but this is what the powers-that-be would allow IT Dept to purchase, even though I had already bought a Xclio Wintunnel case, card reader, HDDs, etc. I bought the video card so I could have my second monitor again--a lot of screen landscape makes my job easier. Hopefully it won't overheat and burn out too soon. To Cybermarine: Jerry may have been confused but N/A was spot-on. Either way, ridiculing someone makes you look unprofessional and even worse if you don't understand their situation. Offer advice and suggestions, not laughter. To Jerry: unscrew the connector nuts to remove the full plate and attach the low profile DVI plate to the DVI connector (on board) and attach the VGA plate to the VGA connector (via cable). The VGA port will need to be installed in a separate slot adjacent to the board.

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Initial Thoughts7/27/2010 10:19:46 AM

Pros: XCLIO seems to produce different versions. This is what I received 7/2010. + Sturdy case. Decent layout. Plenty of room for components and wire routing. + Nice blue lighting from the fans. Large, quiet fans have individual on/off and speed controls with blue LED indicators. Powered by single HDD connector (no speed sensor). Options for additional 120mm fans front and back, although strategically-placed venting should provide good cooling without them. + Included adapter bracket allows mounting the power supply upside-down. + Stability feet can be removed, but they do provide good stability even without extending them. + Hidden magnetic latches in 2 places on front door panel. + Thumbscrews for both side panels.

Cons: - I'm not a fan of drive rails because I tend to lose them over time, but it does come with drive trays for the HDDs. The FDD rails use pins for the back two holes of a FDD, so short internal 3.5" cardreaders may only be held by one pin on each side. - PCI card retention bar isn't high quality, but it works and is removable if necessary. Regardless, it has 6-32 threaded holes for proper mounting of PCI cards. - Front door closes flush against bays, so any devices must mount flush or be recessed. Door interior is non-removable AFAIK. Door has HDD connector for logo LEDs. - Temperature display: yes, not included (indicated as "optional part" on the box), but more importantly Google turned up NOTHING that could be installed in the still-existing mounting holes. sales@, info@, and support@ xclio.com auto-re'd with "Your message could not be delivered. The User is out of space. Please try to send your message again at a later time." Their website is very pretty though.

Overall Review: # Except for test-fitting a HDD and a cardreader, I haven't done anything with the case besides going over it with a QC mindset and powering up the fans and LEDs. It does live up to the expectations with very few bonuses and minimal drawbacks. # This isn't like the gigantic full tower cases from a decade ago, so don't let the "full tower" title put you off: 21.5" tall x 22" deep isn't bad. # I would like to see a case where you can reverse the door depending on your placement. This one opens to the left. Likewise, I would prefer the USB/Audio/etc mounted in center, instead of on the right side. # Addendum in included manual shows replacement of accessories box with accessories bag and HDD trays replacing HDD rails. # Newegg kudos for fast delivery, but for a Prez Jackson I'd hope so. # I'll give UPS a thumbs-up too for not denting, stabbing, crushing, etc like it does with many packages (I work near our company loading dock).

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