Awesome chip11/9/2012 10:59:27 AM

Pros: PRICE! 8 Cores, Temps and speed. Sold my Phenom II 1100T for $100 lol :)

Cons: None

Overall Review: I upgraded from the 1100T so it was not day and night, but for $180 i got 2 more...the latest architecture...and a 300MHz boost (I will explain). I am not a huge OC'er so what i do with my AMD chips is turn off Turbo and Cool n Quiet then bump the multiplier up to the factory turbo speed. The turbo on my 6 core 1100T was 3.7GHz and on the 8320 it is 4.0GHz. My temps are the same as they were on the 1100T wich is 36c idle and 47c gaming on ultra settings. To me that is a pretty good upgrade for under $200, but some might not think so. Also I opted out of the 8350 because to me (and the way i run my chips) 4.0 GHz to 4.2 GHz is the only benefit I would gain and not worth $40 more IMO. Oh and 1 more thing...if you use CPU-Z make sure you have the newest version 1.6.2 or it will read the architecture as a Zambezi (Bulldozer) instead of the Vishera (Piledriver). Hope this helps.

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be NOT afraid (works with AM3 just fine)5/2/2010 12:21:36 PM

Pros: first let me start by saying i have been a computer tech for over 10 years (everybody and there mother mark themselves high because they replaced there HDD). with that being said i know in ALL electronics you usually get what you pay for...except this! i just built a new rig with a phenom II 955 Quad (AM3) and used the stock cooler/fan. i ran OCCT for 5 min and was up to 74c! AMD chips have a max temp of 60c so i wasn't thrilled. not to mention when i gamed it sounded like a plane taking off! so i started looking for a new cooler but REALLY didn't want to pull my board. then i came across the AC freezer pro 64 :). after reading other reviews from other TECHS i decided to try it and man am i glad i did. it went on with ease and very quiet. ran OCCT for 30 min and temps stayed between 58 - 59c. so here is how i see it, -15c + $23.99 = AWESOME! not to mention it snapped right on without pulling the MB :D and is VERY light weight. see other thoughts...

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: the only thing i changed (but give absolutely no credit to for lowing temps btw) is i cleaned off the compound and used artic silver 5. the reason why i don't give any weight to that is because artic silver is a quality compound and nothing more. some will have you believe it has magic cooling powers or something but those of use who do countless builds know you use it because it is a quality compound and you don't want to use a junk compound. so i used it because i don't know how good the stuff is that comes on the AC 64 pro. also the bracket on the AC has 3 holes on both sides and the bracket for an AM3 only needs 1 on each side but that is ok. the stock AM3 bracket will hook into both middle holes and will secure perfectly. i am so glad i didn't blow $50+ on some fancy cooler and will definitely use this again in my next build. now if you want fancy blue lights on your cooler than that's another story ;)

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Why pay more?3/23/2010 6:09:11 AM

Pros: bought this to run from my PC to my 46'' LCD. works great! very nice cable. i have bought a few Rosewill products in my day and they have never disappointed. Now if you need a high end cable (like a 120Hz or a 240Hz from your BDP to your TV) then get a Rocketfish...the specs are the same as Monster cable at half the price! (Monster is a HUGE waste of money)

Cons: None

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Awesomeness!3/23/2010 5:31:59 AM

Pros: small, packed with features, and easy to use. that being said this is also a beautiful looking camera! i got the blue and when i took it out of the box i was immediately impressed with is looks. after playing with it for 30 min or so and taking a few pictures i was REALLY impressed. the "tilt" feature to scroll through the pictures is pretty cool :)

Cons: not so much a con, but come on microSD card? really? not even a 2 Gig? :( for what these things cost i don't think Samsung as a company would fold if they tossed in a 2 GB card! i knew it didn't come with one when i ordered but it still annoys me >:( - i love you Samsung and own a lot of your products so please don't get cheap on me now!

Overall Review: Don't waste your money on the 225. only difference is a slightly bigger back screen and a proprietary HDMI cable that you don't get anyway.

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Re defective2/16/2010 10:39:54 AM

Pros: Laser and wireless/wired network printer. Small footprint.

Cons: none now, lol

Overall Review: i had to RMA the first in another review because it wouldn't feed paper from the tray. took 2 weeks to get the replacement, but i am happy to say it works great so far. the networking capabilities are great and the printing is fast. great printer for $99!

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defective2/1/2010 4:07:37 PM

Pros: Laser and wireless/wired network printer. Small footprint.

Cons: well the one i got would not read paper in the tray (kept saying out of paper in windows even when full) and would not feed (if i shut it off then back on windows would say it is ready but when i sent a print job it would just keep trying to feed the paper until it error-ed on the unit saying tray empty). the only way it would print is if you fed one sheet at a time through the front feeder >:(

Overall Review: newegg RMA'd it and payed for the shipping (thanks newegg) back but i still have to wait 2 weeks until newegg gets it back then sends a new one. i blame brother and not newegg...i love newegg!

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