Great Notebook!12/31/2005 8:40:21 AM

Pros: Extraordinarily good value with 100G HD, 1G RAM, speedy processor, nice appearance, light and, despite reviews in other places, screen is very nice -- better, I think, than my old Dell Inspiron 5000e, which has an excellent screen. Everything continues to work well. Battery life is also excellent despite the fact that the MediaBay battery is not really available anywhere in th US according to Acer.

Cons: MediaBay battery option is not accurate and appears on specs for this product everywhere I looked. I couldn't find a MediaBay battery for this model anywhere on the Internet and then called Acer. A sales person sent me an email saying that the battery is manufactured by Acer but not avaialble in the US. I could, he said, buy a minimum of 10 from a source in the Far East! No indication of when, if ever, the battery might be available in the US. It would have been nice to know that fact, but I would have purchased the computer anyway. Lack of programs could be a problem but, in reality, not unwelcome for me -- no clutter on HD for programs I never use.

Overall Review: All in all, this is an excellent product -- a better value, with better specs and components, I think, than a refurbished Dell. And nothing that I could find that was not refurbished came close to offering the same features for the price.

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