Massive3/25/2009 11:36:14 AM

Pros: 8GB! Its huge for my PSP, I have like 12 games and music, and still gigs for space

Cons: Runs a bit slow when transfering files from PC to PSP

Overall Review: I wish there was a 16GB version

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good lawdy, sick!3/23/2009 11:22:15 PM

Pros: Unbelievable bass, I mean you can literally feel it Mic sounds top notch, my WOW guildsters say I sound crisp and clear no software to install just plug in and play, forget the USB one, geesh switching between options in Vista is a hassle but this one is just plug in and you're good to go the padding is super soft to the touch, even came with a uber nice leather pouch to store it in

Cons: like mentioned previously the pink and green connectors cant split apart too far, or else it'll surely bust it would of been nice to have tonz of leeway, but oh well these still rock amazingly well!

Overall Review: Creative does it again, top notch

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"Smoooth Operator"3/23/2009 4:17:32 PM

Pros: It booted! Seems extremely quiet and cool to the touch...cant wait to see how it holds up after a few months

Cons: None so far although vista would not pick it up until I used Disk Management tools to first format the 698GB it holds but thats not the drives fault.

Overall Review: WD GP rox

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Updated 4 Dimm Info1/16/2009 9:32:02 AM

Pros: I finally got all 4 sticks to work in my motherboard (ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus), I had to bump the voltage to 2.0v and the NB to 1.45v as well as raised the memory to the magic hole number of 889mhz, now running 8 gigs in vista 64bit, hitting 9k+ everest speeds blazzing difference, games run way smoother now, nfs: undercover especially, COD World at War is sweet as well BUY THIS RAM

Cons: ALSO GSKILL tech support rox! Sure they cant speak or write english very well but hey, they answered all of my questions and helped me install this with vista (needed a patch) all rams work and were delivered in tip top shape, I can tell these will last..

Overall Review: G.Skill A++++

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Sweet once its config. correctly1/9/2009 9:21:11 AM

Pros: These ram sticks simply own, once they are setup correctly, I bought 2 of these kits thinking it would work but 4 dimms doesnt seem to work well with Vista..see Cons...Im incredibly happy though with the quality of the memory sticks, they simply do not get hot at all and let me tell you Central America gets pretty hot in the daytime, as well as the fact that all 4 came just perfect, no DOA...Im buying G.skill from now on..

Cons: I had a hell of a time getting these to work with Vista, needed a specific update so that Vista would install or run with 4GB Also can't get these to boot in vista with 4 sticks in all 4 by one each stick alone works fine, 2 sticks together super, 3 works also but no Dual, 4 sticks it just reboots at the Vista Loading screen Shipping also took over a week...

Overall Review: Had to set these to 4-4-4-12 2T to work finally, once I did though I was able to OC to 947mhz..around 8k on memory bandwidth

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Overall Good Experience2/28/2006 5:17:03 PM

Pros: Great hard drive, windows recognized 197gb which is expected, its not loud at all compared to the fans on my case, I partitioned the hard drive into 3 seperate drives, 1 of 100gb, ome of 25gb and the other of 72gb all with ease. It hasnt crashed or anything. Its extremely fast as well

Cons: These did not come with SATA drivers for me to install during the WIndows Xp install process (when you press f6). I tried contacting my Mobo manufacturer but got the runaround. When I use HTTach to test it, it comes up with results of 133mbps instead of 150 so im kinda disapointed in that apsect..its a whole 17mbps slower than it should be..

Overall Review: Apart from lack of SATA drivers, it has performed extremely well..

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A Must Buy2/26/2006 2:20:59 PM

Pros: First of All, Id like to state that some of the reviews who stress the bass is too much are a wee bit exagerated..The bass is fine, deep, and rich. Also some have said it is not 5.1 which is tottaly untrue, I watched a dvd movie on these, and in one particular scene in a restaurant, i could hear people talking from other tables offscreen, and then you could hear the convo of the actors, coming from a different side/angle, and when the soundtrack kicked in I swear i felt it was coming from both behind and in front of me. I truly felt immersed in the movie. Games are amazing, I have played COD 2, FEAR, Battlefield 2 all with excellent results. I can actually hear people coming up from behind me! Excellent for MP playing Mp3s have never sounded so full, I swear i hear an mp3 on a stereo and its very ordinary, but on these it surrounds you, truly awesome

Cons: Yes, there is no sound control on the sets themselves, yet I dont need there to be since I can adjust sound on my keyboard The lack of a mic is no biggie, if there was one Id feel it was in the way.

Overall Review: Newegg delieved as always on time, great service, great headphones, I coulndt be happier...

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