Borked my Hard Drive1/16/2014 12:36:47 PM

Pros: It's slim and cheap.

Cons: Bought this in order to move a laptop hard drive from my fiancée's laptop to make room for an SSD. Within a week of having the laptop's original hard drive in this enclosure it completely crashed the hard drive. I am guessing some kind of power issues but cannot be certain. It just sits there and clunks now whether its in the enclosure or put back into the laptop. Trying to recover data now from the drive, but we will see. ALSO, it wouldn't work at all connected to a USB 3.0 port. It would have to be connected to a USB 2.0 port in order for it to work at all in the beginning.

Overall Review: The USB 3.0 issue seems to be relatively common according to other reviewers but the issue of the enclosure completely ruining a hard drive seems to be rare. Very disappointed.

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Great Upgrade!6/10/2013 1:25:32 PM

Pros: This chip along with my new MSI Z87-GD65 mobo have made great improvements over my AMD Phenom II X3 720BE and Gigabyte mobo. Haven't messed with overclocking yet, so I can't comment there. While gaming the temps don't get over 43 degrees which is awesome IMO. I am using a Hyper 212 EVO btw.

Cons: Cost. While everyone knows that Intel chips are kind of expensive I was still a little disappointed that this one came out @ $250. As usual the stock cooler is terrible so spend the extra $25-$30 on a good air cooler at least!

Overall Review: Its going to be a great CPU for many years if the previous generations are anything to go by. Pair this with a good mobo that has multicore enhancement and good overclocking abilities and you will have yourself a wonderful setup for a long time!

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Great Board for the Price6/7/2013 6:52:43 AM

Pros: The board was really easy to set up, but update your BIOS early on. See other thoughts on that. The Click to BIOS is awesome (both the physical button and the software button) and makes it super easy to get into the BIOS. The software works well, but the LiveUpdate5 software is kinda.... meh. It works, its just ugly and not very well worded or organized. Not really a problem though as it does exactly what its supposed to. The board looks awesome, but doesn't matter to me because I don't have a windowed case. The board also seems very well built and pretty hefty. There was no board flex at all and it is extremely flat. It looks to be very well constructed. Doesn't come with many extras, but the M connectors for your case connections and the v-check connectors are nice if you like to check stuff like that. Dragons!

Cons: Need to update the BIOS as soon as you can. It had trouble detecting my XFX 6950 in the BIOS (it still worked, the BIOS just didn't report that it was there) and it locked up when using Board Explorer. Once updated everything works as expected. The KILLER NIC software that comes with the board doesn't work well and it kinda janky. Again, always get the latest software from MSI's website. They have an updated version of the KILLER software that fixes a lot of things. Motherboard doesn't recognize the modded BIOS on my XFX 6950 that makes it basically a 6970. Not really an issue, but that kind of sucks. This isn't related the the first thing I mentioned. I've tested since I have the newest software/BIOS and it doesn't boot at all with the switch on the XFX card set to the 6970 BIOS but works flawlessly when using the stock BIOS. The BIOS actually recognizes it as an AMD 6000 series so thats nice.

Overall Review: Overall, this board is awesome. Once you get the newest software from MSI's site, which is awesome BTW, everything works very well. I paired this motherboard with a Haswell i5-4670K (replacing a Phenom II X3 720BE and Gigabyte MA790X-UD4) and have seen MASSIVE improvements in various games. While some games haven't shown a huge increase in FPS, overall its just smoother and more compliant. For $190 its hard to go wrong with this board in my opinion. MSI has really stepped up their game and this board has just the features that you need and not all the other stuff that you don't (well, except for the KILLER NIC maybe.) GET THIS BOARD JUST FOR THE DRAGONS!

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Amazing Case for the $9/11/2012 1:14:13 PM

Pros: Great value for $, all black inside and out, great cooling, bottom mount PSU has bottom intake filter, includes USB3>USB2 mobo header adapter, good cable management, can just barely fit a Cooler Master 212+ CPU cooler

Cons: Doesn't come with any 3 pin>4 pin molex adapters. This would have been really nice since my mobo only has 1 case fan header. Also, the front 5.25" bay doors are ridiculously hard to remove. Especially the top one because the tabs you need to press are butting up against other things. Minor inconveniences in the end and not worth taking any eggs off.

Overall Review: Bought this case to house my new hackintosh build. Like mentioned above, this case fits a Cooler Master 212+ just barely. If it werent for the sides of the case being curved outwards some it wouldn't have fit. The fans seem to move a lot of air. They aren't silent, but it being underneath my desk I can't hear them. Would highly recommend this case!

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Works wonderfully!8/11/2012 5:55:50 PM

Pros: Bought this for a mATX hackintosh build and this thing flies!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Technically, the higher the capacity SSD you get the better they perform. This is especially true with the M4's. I can only imagine how much faster a 256gb or 512gb M4 would be considering how awesome this 64gb version is.

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1 out of 3 worked8/11/2012 5:52:30 PM

Pros: They are relatively cheap for what you get. They are SILENT and the silicon mounts that are supplied are awesome. Move a decent amount of air considering how small they are.

Cons: Bought 2 originally. One of those worked. I bought another one to replace it and it doesn't work either. I tested both of them with a voltmeter and a paperclip (to test the magnets inside) and they act like they should be working just fine, but they don't.

Overall Review: Thanks to Newegg's awesome support, I am getting a full refund for both of these fans and I didn't even have to pay shipping. I will have to find something else in the limited 60mm space or see if I can move up to an 80mm and jerry rig something. I gave two eggs because the one that works, works very well.

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Amazing Case10/10/2011 5:54:24 AM

Pros: -HUGE case with excellent cooling options -The 230mm side case fan is enormous, but it moves a ton of air over the main peripherals in the case and is pretty shallow so it can hold a lot of the higher end/larger CPU coolers (I have the Zalman 9700) -The handles make the thing easy to move -The top board has USB, microphone, headphone etc ports and it has a cover to slide down over them. -Tons of expansion options with all of the extra bays, fan spots and liquid cooling runs already built in -Cable management makes it relatively easy to hide all the cables inside the case and out of the way of other items and makes cooling more efficient -For the amount of fans and other things that I have going on inside this case it is remarkably quiet

Cons: -Its HUGE -The handles I mentioned earlier are important because this thing is heavy -Kinda wish the USB, mic, and headphone ports were on the front and not the top as it gets a lot of stuff in there that I have to clean out -As much as I thought I would like the power button being touch sensitive I don't. Its too easy to accidentally brush with your finger turning everything off. If it was on the front OR away from the USB, mic and headphone ports it might not be a problem. I haven't hit it by accident yet tho, but I am sure I will sometime -The cable "storage" on the motherboard side of the case is VERY narrow. I have a lot of stuff crammed back there and it took me a while to get the panel to not pop open

Overall Review: I have a Zalman 9700 CPU cooler and a XFX 6950 in this case and everything fits with tons of room around it and stays way cooler than my previous case. Its heavy, but the handles help you move the thing if you need to. I have one case fan on the bottom blowing in, one on the front blowing in, one on the back blowing out, one the side blowing in and two on the top blowing out and it keeps everything at below expected temperatures while over-clocking slightly. Overall this case is amazing and after you work through a few kinks you will love it too.

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