Had to remove front doors to seat the drives correctly2/5/2016 12:19:54 AM

Pros: Once you get it working, it works great.

Cons: Drives do not seat properly

Overall Review: Out of the box my slim SSD's would not seat in the connectors properly, I had to remove the front doors by pushing the hinge pins out, and then I noticed that the left connector wasn't even centered...so it took some maneuvering to get the drive to seat correctly. Once I did that I was able to use it as explained in the manual.

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Powerful, easy install, but noisy cooling8/23/2015 8:53:16 AM

Pros: Powerful, easy to install/use.

Cons: Fans are noisy if you're not doing liquid cooling

Overall Review: I should have invested in liquid cooling, because when I run these babies at 100% capacity the fans are very loud! I realize most people buy these for virtualization, but I'm using them for data modeling/mining, which means I want to max them out as much as possible to get the jobs done faster. So -- I love these, they're pure awesome. Be ready for some fan noise, however, if you're going to use them at full capacity and don't have liquid cooling.

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Only ok12/5/2014 3:07:00 PM

Pros: - cheap

Cons: - user manual isn't clear on how to set up wifi (hint: you have to have your printer plugged into USB of your computer, run the CD driver install but select WiFi option, enter your SSID, etc.) - faint part in printed pages, user manual says to replace toner -- which I really don't like because this is brand new with stock toner, and extra toner cartridges are out of stock / backordered - manual doesn't explain how to set up on a Mac, nor does the CD appear to have Mac software on it (I have both Windows and Mac computers that need to print to it)

Overall Review: At the Black Friday price of $30, it's a no-brainer. I wouldn't pay more than that, however....

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