Love it!8/2/2011 11:22:07 AM

Pros: I bought this from Dell while it was on special for $229.99 plus tax but I always get my info from Newegg so I wanted to share my experience. First impression out of the box was wow. the monitor looks much better in person than in pictures. The glossy frame is very nice and not too big at all. The labeling on the monitor was a concern to me because it looked bright white and distracting in the pictures. I am happy to say the color of the lettering is more grey than white so it is not distracting while using the monitor and is not an eye sore. Also with regards to styling I am very please to report the power LED that stays on is a very soft and subtle green vs some big bright blue or red LED that you find on a Samsung or LG monitor. Finally half of my computer room does not light up blue at night! The quality of the screen is amazing! Very clear, bright and accurate colors out of the box! I love having a matte screen vs glossy because I like have all of my windows open in the ho

Cons: Pros continued: I was still debating on using my old 22" along with this monitor for more viewable area but it would be overkill. The 27" size plus 1080p allows for plenty of room for multitasking. I tested the speakers on it and as expected they are terrible but with some tweaking to the EQ in iTunes allows them to have enough volume to watch a tv show or movie at night when you dont want the volume super loud. Like I said, they pretty much suck but hey, at least they are included. So overall the speakers are still a Pro. I love this monitor. Keep an eye out for it for any price below $300. It is well worth it! Cons: Some color gradient issues that are noticeable on some movie titles screens (not on desktop use though). The menu controls take getting use to and are workable but not elegant by any standards. Speakers could be better but again they are more of a pro than con. Didnt come with HDMI cable. Makes my friends jealous.

Overall Review: When you can find another deal on this monitor go for it! Forget Samsung, LG, Acer, or any other common brand. Go to the Planar website and see for yourself why they are great and really know how to build a monitor! You will not be disappointed.

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one really happy customer!4/20/2007 1:52:32 AM

Pros: just look around at the specifications and reviews across the web and you will notice every professional agrees this is an amazing monitor. it high def ready, its big, its displays games and movies beautifully and its got good ascetics with a super shinny bezel. just forgot the a vs s debate because its really mostly hype. hopefully ordering from newegg and u should get an S model like myself will make the worry about getting a bad version.

Cons: my eyes need to get use to the size and brightness. sure it does not have super special connectivity such as hdmi or component like a rare few monitors do. but hey, it doesnt really matter because the picture works great with dvi (which you could always add a dvi to whatever connection adapter to). doesnt pay for itself is my only other complaint. hahaha

Overall Review: the price is going down on these every month so if u cant afford it today just wait, save, and look for the good deal on newegg. it will be worth the wait, anticipation, and especially your money!!!!!! woo hoo!!

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