I freaking lucked out buying this in a bundle months ago, great gpu6/5/2021 8:55:48 AM

Pros: This thing is a beast, handles high refresh rate 1440p with no issues, 4k with minor concessions (honestly if you shut off RTX it's unstoppable)

Cons: Expensive as hell. I paid $789 for this + tax, I see the tariffs and availability have this going used for $1,800ish on eebay as of 6/5/21. Is it worth that much? I mean no, but if you're in a situation where you cant use your pc because you need a gpu, the calculation for worth it is a lot harder. I can say this card is a beast in all games I have used it in, it CRUSHES it in folding@home, and using nicehash on the side, you can recoup some of your money too, though with it being summer now, and with Eth 2.0 on the horizon, that probably isn't a safe bet for long. Plus, if you live in a warmer climate, do you really wanna be pumping your home full of 90c+ temps?

Overall Review: It's a shame so few people can get a hold of this card because it is genuinely quite good! Keep waiting friends, eventually normalcy will return.

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Have had no issues, love that it has 3 pcie slots to give my gpu and elgato breathing space!6/5/2021 8:50:26 AM

Pros: Honestly, no issues with this mobo so far

Cons: It's 20% more expensive than when I bought it, but mobos with 3 full size pcie lanes can be kind of hard to find.

Overall Review: I have had no issues with this, and if this fits your needs, you can rest assured knowing this board will do what it says it will.

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No problems at all12/16/2018 2:39:59 PM

Pros: Even at 100% fan speed, it's pretty quiet and there is no coil whine. Easily handles max settings at 1440p on Overwatch, world of tanks, and keeps a solid 60ish fps on High/Ultra in FF15 at 1440p. This thing is a quiet beast, it's a large step up from my EVGA 970 which faithfully held down the fort for 3.5 years.

Cons: It's pretty big, and depending on the orientation of the sata ports on your mobo, you may lose access to a couple. It's a bit wider than I thought it would be.

Overall Review: Runs great on my build i7-8700, 16gb 3000mhz RAM, MSI MPG z390 Mobo.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great, comfortable, medium size mouse with basic RBG color options6/19/2016 8:42:12 AM

Pros: Rubber sides and a very easy to gripe, tactile design.<br><br>RGB lighting allows the mouse wheel, and to a greater extent, the logo to be customized<br><br>10,000 dpi<br><br>Can sync with any mouse pad/mat, with razor mousemats already saved in the software, making the mouse very accurate. <br><br>Feels great, and is a great upgrade to the Razer Death Adder brand

Cons: The Wheel has fewer RGB options than the logo<br><br>The plastic shell, while comfortable to grip, does not feel premium.

Overall Review: Overall, great RBG mouse. I had previously used a Logitech G303. It's also a good mouse, but a bit too small for my hands. The Death Adder is just the right size for me.

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Good, affordable, good looking RAM4/21/2016 6:59:26 AM

Pros: Works great, no issues after four years

Cons: It isn't the best RAM out there, but for most people this will be more than sufficient.

Overall Review: I routinely run a game, have web browsers open with multiple tabs and a few other programs with no issues.

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Bought in 2012, still running strong in 20164/21/2016 6:57:38 AM

Pros: Good price, fair number of cable options, and has lasted 4 years now.

Cons: Other PSU's will have more options for power cables, check to make sure this one has the ones you need.

Overall Review: I had my GTX 550ti and my current GTX970 and have had no issues powering those, an SSD, 2 HDD's, some case fans and a dvd drive. I've had it just over four years and have had no issues. I recommend Seasonic in general.

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Great price for a new system4/11/2016 12:36:51 PM

Pros: Unlike some of the launch controllers which felt a bit flimsy, this controller feels study and has held up well. The price is great for a system and controller. Brand new, not refurbished or used.

Cons: Doesn't come with a mic, and finding a mic that works without an adapter can be a bit of a pain. They have adapters that go for around $25 that allow you to use most headsets if they don't initially work. But with that said, PS4 comes with a headset, it's just an earbud with a mic, but at least you can communicate out of the box.

Overall Review: This is no a version with the kinnect which I think most people will appreciate. If you want an Xbox One, this is a very cheap, new option. Halo 5, Forza 6, and most AAA games are available making it a decent console without spending an arm and a leg to get. Newegg shipping was very fast!

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Great deal on xbox live4/11/2016 12:31:47 PM

Pros: 12 months of xbox live, code worked.

Cons: Nothing bad to say about it.

Overall Review: I got this on sale for $35, if you use it a lot, it's worth full price, but xbox live codes are easy enough to find on sale, it's worth looking around and buying them in advance if you can find a good price.

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I save a ton of money on shipping4/11/2016 12:30:34 PM

Pros: $30 a year is not bad at all if you use Newegg frequently. 3 day shipping is consistently 3 day, with free rush processing!

Cons: A fair number of items on Newegg are not eligible for Premier. Most are, but every now and then they will not be so check before you purchase an item for the little P logo letting you know if it's eligible for premier!

Overall Review: This frequently is available for free to students, or veterans/military members, so check around for promos!

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These work great for my Xbox one controllers, and for the Wii U.4/11/2016 12:27:10 PM

Pros: Easy to charge, last for a long time and have several thousand recharges. I usually get around 16 hours of play out of an xbox one controller before I need to recharge them.

Cons: They're a bit pricey if you don't use batteries a lot, and you really should invest in a decent charger because cheap chargers can over charge and incorrectly read the battery charge.

Overall Review: A bit of an initial investment, but they last for a long time. It's nice to have a few extras so that once you take them out of your device to charge them, you can put the reserve batteries into your device and keep going. They take ~2 hours to fully charge from being low. A side note: The xbox menu doesn't ever show them at full charge, but my charger does. I don't think it is because the batteries aren't charged, I think that the xbox one interface doesn't know how to properly read them at 100%, MS probably assumed you would use disposable batteries or buy their recharge pack. I prefer these because they cost roughly the same, will most likely outlive a MS charger, and can be used with anything that takes AA batteries. I currently own 8 and plan to buy 8 more down the road for extra back ups.

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Great price, works as intended.4/10/2016 6:07:08 PM

Pros: It works.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Good, cheap RAM for your laptop that works. Just make sure it fits in your laptop!

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Solid, affordable full RGB mouse, feels a little light.3/4/2016 7:27:05 AM

Pros: Full RGB with numerous settings Light and responsive with multiple DPI settings Doesn't break the bank

Cons: Feels less sturdy than my Razer death adder My middle finger seems to push down the right click often when resting When my thumb slides across the 'back' button the on side of the mouse, it occasionally makes the button vibrate a bit, I believe this is due to the mouse being a lighter and slightly cheaper build.

Overall Review: This mouse feels good, but I do think that it's a bit on the small side. I don't have particularly heavy hands, and feel like I was a bit more at home with the death adder. I will continue to use this mouse and see how it holds up. I docked one egg due to it feeling a bit on the cheap side in terms of build and weight.

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Awesome mechnical keyboard, with tons of color options to pick from!3/2/2016 12:35:03 PM

Pros: Looks feels and sounds great! Tons of color presets such as spiral-rainbow, sweeping colors, colors that ripple out from keys you press, etc. Sturdy build with a metal frame, feels solid! Optional wrist rest

Cons: The wrist rest will droop down if you life the keyboard as it slides in but doesn't snap in. Not cheap when you can get a regular keyboard for $20 Takes 2 USB ports and has no ports on it. (might not be an issue for most but my Motherboard usb ports are nearly full)

Overall Review: This cost me $140, and I think for the price you get a quality product. This keyboard is a good entry level mechanical keyboard for those who don't want to spend several hundred bucks but want more than a few color options. The software was not hard to use in my opinion, at least if you only want to change through the various presets as mentioned above, or set the individual keys colors. If you want to go into the more advanced options, yes it's more complicated but totally not necessary if all you wanna do is play with color and display options. Finally, there is a bios switch on the back of the keyboard which I believe can be used (there are 4 settings on it) to make the keyboard work before installing the software. Initially I had to install the corsair software before the keyboard would work so I had to use my old keyboard to log into my computer and go to their website. (no cd included). Final Thoughts: This thing is awesome, I really enjoy the sound feel and look of it. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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No issues after over 4 years of use3/1/2016 10:32:05 AM

Pros: Non offensive, led back lit keyboard 3 levels of brightness programmable macros Long life span Quieter than most keyboards

Cons: Only one color led Macros operate at the speed you input them

Overall Review: I have had this keyboard for over 4 years, as has my roommate and friend. I have seen their keyboards drink more than a few beers in their time and still function without issue. This keyboard is resilient, it's a shame they don't make them anymore.

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Works well and has functionality that most cheap chargers don't.2/22/2016 9:28:28 AM

Pros: Fairly inexpensive for a quality charger Can charge, drain and test batteries. (Most cheaper chargers only charge) Compact design

Cons: The screen on mine has ink smudges that do not render it unusable, but make it look messy over the 2nd of the 4 parts of the screen. This was definitely not an intended design decision. One of the two batteries it came with came DOA.

Overall Review: Overall, this is a good option, I bought it for my eneloops, but the smudging on the inside of the screen (Looks like the ink they use for the static overlay) and the one dead battery are worth noting.

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This game is amazing11/25/2015 7:19:21 AM

Pros: This game is amazing, you will not be disappointed.

Cons: Honestly, the only downside is hair works requires a monster of a gpu. My 970 isn't adequate for 60fps with it.

Overall Review: If you haven't played this game get it, it goes on sale frequently.

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Great SSD7/31/2015 7:49:27 AM

Pros: GTA5 has less pop in, and slightly better frame rates than my old HDD would allow. Plus, my OS boots up in seconds!

Cons: Not huge, but if you can get it for ~$90-100, it's worth it, especially with the 5 year warranty.

Overall Review: Make sure you have a sata cable, and sata port on your mobo that is rated at 6gigabits rather than 1.5 or 3 to get the full effect!

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Get it if you are using a desktop7/31/2015 7:45:52 AM

Pros: It's not the sturdiest build, but it is more than enough to house an SSD or two. It has room for two, though I'm only using one.

Cons: The screws it came with, which were more than you'd need, aren't going to help you screw it into your tower most likely. Make sure you have extra screws on hand to see what fits for your needs.

Overall Review: Much better than trying to screw it in without a case into a desktop. Worth the money in the end.

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Works7/31/2015 7:43:07 AM

Pros: Works as you would expect it to.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Make sure it's long enough for what you need.

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Good performance, smaller than most in it's class4/23/2015 7:48:42 AM

Pros: Runs cool and quiet, no coil wine during furmark, or gaming on high/.ultra for extended periods of time. This thing is small compared to the other GPUs in it's class. 9.5" is great, it's only an inch or so longer than my previous 550ti. Also, it takes like 30watts more power than my 500ti, which is also quite lower than the competitors. Runs most new games on High at above 60gfps, Ultra on some more intense games is very playable. After doing some research, this card lands nicely at the intersection of price, performance, power draw and size.

Cons: None so far, I have had no coil whine, the fans are quiet and the card works. If something happens with more use, I will update here.

Overall Review: This card is great if you don't have the room for a cheaper but comparable option. I looked into a lot of AMD cards, but I would have probably needed a new PSU, and a new case to fit as my Antec mid-tower has a max GPU size of 11". I couldn't find a smaller card at this performance level. I have an i5 3.4ghz ivy bridge processor, 16gb of RAM, and this nice new 970. With this set up I pulled the follow FPS on 1080p. BF4: Ultra settings, 100+FPS, never dipped below 90 even when all hell broke loose on screen. Shadow of Mordor: Settings on Ultra, ~60FPS, no dips noticeable enough to disrupt immersion. My 550ti could run this on lower graphics at around 40fps. This was the biggest difference visually. GTA5: With most things on max, extended distance scaling included,I was getting 50+FPS. I did not have the following advanced settings on: long shadows, high res shadows and high detail while flying (Options in advanced graphics in the GTA5 menu) With those settings off, I average 50-80FPS in both story and online mode, and while the 550ti ran it beautifully, this is the next level of visuals. I parked beneath a huge neon light and the reflection off my car caused me to stare at it until somebody flew past me and blew me up with an RPG, this card great. All things considered, if you're looking for a smaller card that doesn't take a lot of power and will perform cool and quiet on games that range from BF4 to GTA5, this is a great card. I can only speak for 1080p, but I have heard that at 1440p it still does pretty well.

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Good cord4/20/2015 8:59:54 PM

Pros: Does everything it should.

Cons: None, it works, seems quality.

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You will notice the difference11/14/2013 7:45:42 PM

Pros: Excellent control. It's easy to overlook how much your mouse slides on a normal mouse pad. This pad allows you to stop on a dime while effortlessly gliding across it's surface. Sticks to a variety of surfaces, not like those cheap plastic pads that tend to slide around as you use them. Durable cloth that can withstand being washed in a washing machine if it gets liquid spilled on it. Works especially well with my Razer Deathadder. I noticed a small, but noticeable increase in my ability to be more accurate in Battlefield 4.

Cons: The design makes is a little audacious but I like it.

Overall Review: This mousepad is easier on the wrist, and more precise. Some people might look at this as an unnecessary luxury, but if you have 20 bucks to spend and care about both control, and wear and tear on your wrist, this mousepad is worth your money.

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Great Case11/8/2013 6:18:29 AM

Pros: It looks nice and simple, and does everything a case should do. This is a case that you can show to your lady friends, the lack of led lights illustrates refinement, and technological maturity.

Cons: The inside is a little cramped once you start putting in modern graphics cards, and linking two of them together would fill up the majority of this case.

Overall Review: If you are having trouble picking a case, you won't regret this one.

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Good budget Card11/8/2013 6:14:24 AM

Pros: Runs BF4 on Medium Graphics Borderlands2 and Skyrim on Medium-High

Cons: A little outdated, newer games will outpace this cards usefulness

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Works Great but should be included for free8/8/2013 7:59:41 AM

Pros: Nothing to say, it works.

Cons: At the time of this review the download is free, but down the road Razer has made it clear that this download will cost money. I believe they said it will cost $20 USD. That is essentially DLC for headphones that unlocks 7.1 surround sound functionality. That is nefarious, ridiculous, and down right shady. I gave 5 eggs because it works, and the rating should be based on functionality, not fairness.

Overall Review: I bought a pair of refurbished Razer Carcharias Headphones on Woot. They were 2.1 until I downloaded this software and applied it. It worked great and now I'm enjoying surround sound. I think it's terrible business to charge for that functionality, and as a result, I will probably go with a different company for my next headphones. If you get this while it is free, I definitelty reccomend it, but I wouldn't pay for it, I'd just put that money into headphones that don't charge you for headphone dlc.

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