Good SSD for the money2/8/2017 12:10:20 PM

Pros: - Easy to install (M.2 format). It doesn't come with a mounting screw or standoff, but I used an M2.5-0.45 x 5 mm screw and 3 washers and it fit fine in my Acer laptop. - Made a huge difference over the original 5400rpm hard drive, as I imagine most SSD's would. Win10 boots to desktop in under 30 seconds. Normal programs like Office and Chrome open almost instantaneously. Even complicated photo-editing software opens quickly. - In Crystal DiskMark, sequential read/write speeds are solid (535/490 MB/s). In everyday use when transferring large files (4-6 GB), sustained performance has been good.

Cons: - For some reason, 4k speeds are slower than expected (33/86 MB/s) in Crystal Diskmark. Real-world performance has been fine though so it doesn't bother me.

Overall Review: This isn't the right choice if you want the fastest SSD. But if you want a solid, reliable SSD at a good price, I'd recommend it.

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