Pricey, but what a beast of a card!1/26/2021 9:56:46 AM

Pros: -Smart access memory/infinity cache available with compatible Ryzen gen 3 CPUs -beefy heat sync -runs quiet -factory overclock out of the box -installs in minutes -Asrock taichi radeon rgb lighting effects look cool and colors are easy to match for themes -crushes 2019-2020 AAA titles. Will give you bona fide 60 FPS @ 4k on cyberpunk on High settings! (tested with 64gb ddr4 3400mhz corsair dominator pro RAM, ryzen 7 3700x cpu, x570 mobo, 850w PSU) -top, side, bottom lighting all look fantastic! -performance comparable to 6900xt -ray tracing on select titles -huge vram chips! -backplate is solid billet aluminum so you don't have to worry much about sag

Cons: -needs 3 pcie 6 pin ports -LARGE PCB. GPU is massive.

Overall Review: This card is dope. Yes, it was expensive compared to reference model. Yes, it was virtually unobtainable. Yes, it's not a 3080. But it doesn't have to be. It absolutely annihilates the games I play-- planetside 2, cyberpunk, starcraft 2, civilization 6, at max settings in 4k. Waiting on more Raytracing support from developers. Looking forward to trying more new games on it. Note: I have a relatively "sporty" system. I have a 8-core, 16-thread liquid cooled cpu, a ton of power from a modular gold+ PSU, a $&%-ton of speedy RAM, and now this factory-OC'd champ from ASROCK. Upgrading your GPU will not be the be-all, end-all of your computer upgrades. If this ever becomes easily obtainable, do your research. Will it fit inside your case? Does it match your aesthetic? Do you have the PSU to support it? Does it fit on your upgrade pathway? These are all questions you need to be able to answer because this GPU isn't for everyone. Want to smash some 4k gaming and dabble in Raytracing for 1/2 the launch price of a 2080TI from almost 3 years ago? Consider this GPU. Good luck have fun mate!

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