Excellent huge graphics card10/1/2019 9:02:12 AM

Pros: - Super fast: boosts to 2150 mhz - Super cool: it hasn't gone above 50C once, even while training DL for hours. - Very pretty: it's a bit RGB soupy, but when you configure the colors to match your mobo it is drastically improved.

Cons: - It's HUGE! I needed to remove a few things to fit the card in my case and move my reservoir from beside the motherboard. They mean it when they say 11.5" - It's expensive: This is expected but still hard to swallow...

Overall Review: I like this card a lot. You get partial savings over buying a 2080 super and a waterblock + backplate, plus you don't need to take out a million screws to install the things.

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Excellent, Above and beyond the norm12/9/2013 6:14:44 AM

Pros: Water cooling Capacity Fan Implementation Cable Management Aestetics

Cons: Weight

Overall Review: The Enthoo Primo is an extremely awesome bargain. It allows a great amount of flexibility in installing a variety of radiators and software, as well as conveniently hiding all of the cables. I will divide this review into several parts: Motherboard Compatibility: 9/10. ATX E-ATX and everything downward. This is more than enough for even the above average enthusiast. Having motherboards like the rampage iv makes 4-way possible in E-ATX, so there is really no need to support XL-ATX. Radiator Capacity: 9/10. This case specializes in watercooling. It allows 2 480s if you are willing to get rid of 3 hard drive cages (leaving 3 + 4 SSD brackets). I did have a gripe in this department; to install a 60mm thick 420 = 140x3 radiator in the top I needed to dremel out the top 5.25 inch supports. I would take this rating down to 9/10, but the other options are phenomenal. For example, with my standard ATX and a willingness to cover the bottom pci-e slot, I have 2 80 mill thick rads and 2 sets of fans stacked in the bottom with full hard drive support and the 420 in the top. Reservoir Capacity 9/10. It is highly uncommon to even see this as a category, but there are two native places to mount tube reservoirs. The only reason I knocked it down a notch is because the screw holes didn't line up with my EK-D5 combo tube res, which I find to be quite common. I drilled one hole in the removable bracket/cable hiding piece, and I was off to the races. Fan Implementation: 10/10. Superb. If you have a 4-pin cpu fan port controllable via the bios/uefi, then this is probably the second best part of this case. It gives 3-pin fans pwm operatbility, which allows the fans to run at extremely low speeds. For example, with the MSI mpower z77, I was able to set the minimum fan speed to 37.5% their usual speed and 45C as the temperature. It ramps up to maintain these temperatures, which I'm okay with because if I'm programming or playing games I want the fans to be running near full speed. With splitters, the device supports up to 11 fans. Cable Management: 10/10. Best element of this case. You can't see any cables! The PSU is concealed behind the motherboard tray, and the cables coming through the grommets are almost completely hidden by the reservoir bracket behind the tray. If you have the new evga dark x79 board, they would be entirely stealthed due to the right angled 24-pin. Storage Support: 10/10. 6 HDD, 4 SSD native, plus 5 5.25 bays if you need extra HDD room (there are hotswap 3 5.25 -> 4 3.5 available). What Else can be said? Aesthetics: 10/10. Beautiful big black anti-symmetric box. HUGE window which is dimmed to make it even more mysterious looking, brushed aluminum look on the front, a small window to reveal a (removable) phanteks logo. Etc, etc, etc... Overall, I was going to give this case a 4.5/5 due to the radiator problem in the top described above. However after writing it I realized that I loved it to much to s

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