Great value for money6/2/2021 12:52:38 PM

Pros: Extremely good value for money on this Processor. Would recommend

Cons: No integrated graphics? This is desired for anybody wanting a useful GPU

Overall Review: Using this as a cpu for a VR rig. This does the job very well.

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decent speeds11/1/2014 5:44:44 PM

Pros: Easily hitting 100 MB/s with this card.

Cons: Difficult to get higher than 100 MB/s Drivers are difficult to get, and the cd that ships with this card is bad. Drivers available here:

Overall Review: Worth a buy at the price newegg sells them,

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works very well on my 650ti7/8/2013 4:47:16 PM

Pros: Able to cool my 650ti without any fan if I leave the computer case open. This was a excellent buy for my completely silent gaming rig

Cons: I really need to leave my case open for this to work without any fans. Not to much of a problem.

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A microsd card that is fast2/4/2013 2:28:56 PM

Pros: This card does preform nearly to the details advertised on the cover. Under windows, I am getting right about 30 MB/s write, and around 70 MB/s read speeds. After you factor in the overhead for filesystem, that's just about what the package advertises. It reads nearly as fast as my Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SD card. This microsd card writes faster that the extreme pro sandisk card. Very happy with the purchase. It's worth the extra money if you need/want the speed. Also, the card seems to heat up less than a lot of my other microsd cards. As far as I can tell, this is the fastest 32 GB microsd card on the market at this time.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Note that if you get this card, it reads and writes faster than a USB 2.0 bus ca dish out. In order to completely utilize the full capability of this card, you'll need a USB 3.0 reader, or, a expresscard reader.

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good card. quieter than expected1/31/2013 5:48:01 PM

Pros: Card worked well, up to date drivers shipped with it. Preforms substantially better than the gts 450 it replaces. I am able to play starcraft 2 with all of the graphics setting set to the maximum. While playing starcraft, it doesn't get nearly as hot as the GTS 450 did. The card is physically very small. It clocks about 3.5 the performance in distributed computing projects. Very good GFLOP/Watt ratio. Would recommend.

Cons: I would have liked to buy this card with a dramatically larger heat sink to allow for passive cooling. I needed to buy a after market heatsink to make it a passive cooling system

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Exactly what I have been wanting for my silent PC1/31/2013 5:11:45 PM

Pros: All parts are there to fit to multiple different video cards. Includes many ram heat sinks. Instructions seem complete. Able to passively cool my GTX 650 Ti running at full tilt.

Cons: It may be a bit difficult to figure out what way the mounting plate goes for your video card. This heatsink doesn't fit every case. It's rather tall. The glue used to attach the heat sinks to the ram chips takes 12 hours to set up. I would have preferred adhesive pads.

Overall Review: This is a must have for some video cards that you would like to make completely silent. Also, if you would like to overclock, this heatsink can be used with a rather large fan.

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Works well. Not terribly loud.12/10/2012 11:49:36 AM

Pros: Seems to do well on power consumption. The fan speed regulation works decently well. 2 GB of ram There is a neat overclocking app that comes with the card.

Cons: Not that it's a problem for me, but there is no SLI support.

Overall Review: If you want significantly better performance, look at the 650 Ti version of this card. Be warned though that the Ti version consumes a lot more power than this card, and it's fan runs faster to accommodate this.

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just amazing9/17/2012 11:43:39 AM

Pros: first off no noise at all from this PSU. 80 plus gold certified. It is so much more efficient than my old psu, this one only gets slightly warm when I am playing some intensive game. Truly amazing. installation is easy. I really like the configurable power connectors that come with it. Only use the wires you need.

Cons: It comes in a crazy velvet bag. I am sure I paid a extra $5-$10 for the privilege.

Overall Review: If you want a completely silent machine, this is the PSU for you.

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quiet, just what I wanted9/17/2012 11:35:30 AM

Pros: Does what it is supposed to. Comes with some rubber mounting grommets that suppress most of the noise the fan makes. Other manufacturers do not supply these grommets. Runs at 5 volts.

Cons: Can be difficult to mount in the grommets properly.

Overall Review: Keep in mind that this fan doesn't move as much air as other fans the same size. If you have to have a fan in you system, and it needs to be this size, you cannot do a lot better than one of these.

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great SSD works very well1/31/2012 4:01:50 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. I can easily get 150-200 MB/s to the drive. I would recommend this drive to friends. It also works well with linux. I boot win7, and linux with a 3.0 kernel.

Cons: It caused strange dropout problems with the sata controller on my motherboard. I needed to buy a sata pcie controller to plug this into.

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really helped my SSD problems1/31/2012 3:59:37 PM

Pros: Works well. This device was able to correct the problems that my SSD had with my motherboard

Cons: As another reviewer pointed out, these card max out at around 150MB/sec. That is still quite fast

Overall Review: This card caused my system to lock up until I installed the drivers with the no drives plugged into it. So, the installation steps should be: 1. install card 2. boot windows 3. install drivers 4. plug drives into card.

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decent card, great value4/5/2010 4:11:25 PM

Pros: Card shows markable performance increase over on-board SATA device. Great Linux support for JBOD modes. RAID modes not tested.

Cons: I'm pretty sure that this is a fakeraid device, so if I'm doing raid, I like the linux software raid a lot better than the proprietary drivers.

Overall Review: On this card I get ~70 MB(big B)/ sec to the drive. Tested with the following command: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc <bytes*>=1M count=30000 31457280000 bytes (31 GB) copied, 454.551 s, 69.2 MB/s The same test to the same drive, using the onboard SATA controller gives me about ~50 MB/sec. So, this card gives me a speed boost of ~1.4. * The bytes field in dd is actually "b s", (without the space). Putting b and s together in a newegg review is ruled as "improper and unsuitable for submission". So, enjoy!

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not so icy dock2/23/2010 4:56:15 PM

Pros: really nice form factor, the trays are pretty solid. I like that it comes with the external to internal sata adapters. It's also a rather quiet external enclosure.

Cons: The fan doesn't move a lot of air. I have this device in a cool server room, and the drives are running at a pretty constant 50 deg C. I feel that this is too warm.

Overall Review: If they gave me a switch to change the fan speed, I'd give this five stars.

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