Cheap but works2/27/2021 8:56:51 AM

Cons: -The clear case makes my red iphone look pink

Overall Review: Just wanted a cheap protective case though it’s not too manly with a case that makes your phone look pink

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Works great2/27/2021 8:53:47 AM

Pros: -work without issue - long battery life -extra ear rubber pieces

Cons: -gets uncomfortable to wear for longer periods, feels like it’s digging into my ear with the way the rubber piece is -ear piece looks bulky

Overall Review: Works great for exercising and no worry of them falling out

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Great looking and excellent build quality2/27/2021 8:46:37 AM

Pros: -build quality -silent running -great looks -16gb of ram -stays very cool

Cons: -driver issues -some stuttering frame issues and crashing -complex AMD software -customer/tech service with XFX is terrible -very poor Ray tracing -I believe I lost out in the silicone lottery with this one -expensive and even more so with price gouging and shortages

Overall Review: It’s a very nice product but the price is insane and performance is ok. I personally would rather have a 3080 which has more features and less headaches.

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Nice system2/27/2021 8:31:18 AM

Pros: -Quality build -nice clean wire management -very clean look -packaged very well for shipping with forming styrofoam so components (GPU) couldn’t move. - very quiet operation -color control for case fans works great and looks good -after unpacking and checking all wires were fully seated, machine started up and ran perfectly without issues.

Cons: -for this price point a 850w psu with braided cables should have been included rather than a cheap 750w - the 750w only has two dedicated power cables for the gpu which requires 3 on the 3080 FTW3, so 1 is piggybacked -The thermaltake AIO cooler was wired up in a way that did not use the motherboard dedicated AIO output also cooler fans were piggybacked to cpu fan header. Personally I like to see what my fans and pump are doing so I wired them up to the correct headers so the mother can recognize them in the BIOS -Also included lighting controller for AIO cooler and fans was not hooked up. -The AIO cooler tubing was laying against the GPU, had to remount cooler more forward to take up tubing slack. So the two would not contact. -Case fans are not speed controllable and only do a very low speed, so low air flow.

Overall Review: Overall this is a nice build. I did pay inflated price on this due to market shortages. The wiring and cooler issues were easy for me to address but for less handy people may never notice. Only real disappoints were the price and the power supply.

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Works well4/8/2020 5:26:19 PM

Pros: - Cheap Price -Worked without any issues - Faster than SSD's

Cons: - Bottom of the barrel as far as NVME speeds go

Overall Review: - Its a good cheap drive. I bought the 660p 1TB for my games, and load times are good but i kinda wish i would have just spent more for better speeds.

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works great !! Replaced old lightning cables, bought 24/8/2020 5:12:04 PM

Pros: - Works great - Seems to charge faster than my old lightning cables -Comes with Velcro cable tie

Cons: - Thin wire, makes me wonder how well it will age - Within a few days of use already seeing bends in the cable, kinda nervous of its durability, i do take it in and out of my body armor a lot while at work....

Overall Review: -I do recommend but hopefully they can improve future products with cable that may be more durable with rough use.

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works great!! bought for 3900x3/7/2020 3:12:12 PM

Pros: -temps stay below 75c -quiet fans -includes a tube of paste

Cons: -too tall for my case, need to keep side panel off

Overall Review: I would recommend for those with large cases who don't want to deal with water.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
very happy!3/7/2020 3:00:15 PM

Pros: -lots of storage and fast

Cons: -cheap feeling -no activity light

Overall Review: would buy again!

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nice product3/7/2020 2:55:48 PM

Pros: -controllable lighting, able to sent each key a different color which is nice for gaming. -volume control is nice -nice weight makes it feel expensive -2x usb slots on back.

Cons: -not much info in manual. -keys are tall like ones i had in the 90's. -no compatible with usb extension lines

Overall Review: Would be nicer if it had lower profile keys. Also need to go to thier website to download software for lighting and key binding ability.

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works great!!3/7/2020 2:45:47 PM

Pros: good size. decent price. braided cable is nice.

Cons: scroll wheel feels cheap. haven't been able to figure out how to control lighting.

Overall Review: cheap but gets the job done!

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works great !! Replaced old hard drive for operating system3/7/2020 2:38:49 PM

Pros: decent speeds for ssd

Cons: cheap packaging. no included software for drive cloning.

Overall Review: I would recommend and also if you need cloning software "Macrium Reflect" is freeware, it worked great for me.

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300 mile hdtv antenna, bait and switch!4/2/2019 11:18:39 AM

Pros: I get about 20 channels, though I live on top of a hill about 15 miles from the closest city I would think I should get more, plus there’s a major city less than 150miles away but I don’t seem to get any of their channels. -the channels I do pick up seem pretty clear and do come in HD

Cons: -Received a product different than what was pictured on order page. -doesn’t seem to get stated 300 mile range - very cheap construction -only comes in black, would be better if it came in white so it’s not as noticeable. -didn’t list anywhere that a powered USB port was needed for the unit, so if you buy make sure you have a powered usb for the amplifier

Overall Review: It’s just bad service to send costumers products different than what’s pictured on the selling page! I would recommend not buying from this seller.

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hyperx ssd3/19/2012 8:16:34 PM

Pros: Fast start up, nice packaging, seems high quality and read rate 487mb/s

Cons: Blue screens, freezing, still expensive, and low write rate 254mb/s

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