Awesome media Player1/22/2012 10:46:54 AM

Pros: This is the best for playing any file format i have thrown at it. it does all formats even a .M2TS blue ray format wich is clearer than a blue ray disc if you ask me. I have bought around 12 of these units no joke for family and friends and we all have now 900 gigs of movies inside on the hard drive we put in it. I even maade a youtube video and uploaded it about this media player. So what it doesnt stream NetFlix but i have the wireless dongle and now play music and pictures on my TV from my Iphone over the PBO's upnp option it has as well. Very nice and feel free to as me all questions about this awesome thing. I like it so much that i am wrting this review. So much to do. We take it to every hotel and plug it into the car no more carrying tond of dvd's for the kids and getting them lost or scratched. Best thing since sliced bread. Look me up on youtube user name Alterego667 and see my video and ask any questions. Plays all my pictures as a slide show too.

Cons: The only con, if you lose the remote you have to buy another one to work it. It has no buttons to select anything or do anything without the remote.

Overall Review: Update it so maybe you can have a couple buttons on it. Or even update the firmware for those who must have a stream net flix. It already allows you to sync up to your home PC and play anything from yuor wifi router.

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Works smooth4/1/2010 9:11:43 PM

Pros: It was very simple to plug it in and play. The disc loaded perfectly and did an update after the load. All went smooth as can be. Is quieter than my other dvd drive. Has a nice Blue light that glows when the drive is in use.

Cons: The program of Roxio that comes with it works ok but it does not .tod files at all. After all the newer technology coming out and having .tod and so forth i thought it would do that. So I use another program and it burns just fine on the drive.

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