it does what it claims7/25/2016 6:48:52 AM

Pros: All in one, so less wires to get in the way or go bad. only 1 power plug too

Cons: no external antenna so it has to be upright, and not laying down.

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cheap case1/18/2009 8:27:11 PM

Pros: looks pretty good for a cheap case, lots of drive openings. Full ATX PSU opening. Kensington lock slot. other security features too

Cons: very cramped, drive cage overhangs the motherboard, and the drives hang out even further. only one dedicated HDD spot, could have put more without affecting the cramping more. PSU is difficult to install. 80mm fan in rear 92mm opening, no reset button. no front fan

Overall Review: a few minor thing would make this a much better case. I'd say buy a cheaper PSU because they come with shorter/fewer wires. it is very tight in areas of this case. other ares have tons of room.

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great low power card1/1/2009 9:34:35 AM

Pros: best card you can get for under 25watts of power draw. HDMI output.

Cons: I'd like to see a 2 piece low profile bracket, but it doesn't matter, I'm not using it in a LP case. Naming is deceptive. should be called a 4470, not a 4550 to be concistant with the naming patterns of other ATI cards, because it is just a 4450 with ddr3 instead of ddr2.

Overall Review: I wanted a low power draw card for the mother-in-laws computer, a refurbed Acer with a real wimpy PSU. For not much more money, you can get a much better performing card, but I didn't want to have to buy a new PSU also, and why waste electricity if you don't have to.

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1/1/2009 9:22:47 AM

Pros: Can play DVDs on my big screen with an old P4 2.6ht. My C2D with Intel 3100 graphics laptop can't handle DVDs with smooth playback on its little screen, much less the big screen.

Cons: PCI price penalty. Shipping price. No memory cooling of any sort. Packaging. Aparently Sparkle only prints one manual.

Overall Review: I didn't see the point of more than 256mb memory when its only got a 64 bit memory interface. Purchased this card to raplace an AGP card with its second bad fan in an old machine. wanted something I could confirm was functional in my main PCIe computer if it still didn't work. It meets the specs for Cuda and PhysX. I don't know if you can get much processing done through the PCI slot. Included version of DX9 wouldn't let my try the PhysX demos. I would have tried in conjuction with my main gaming PC, but I use ATI graphics, not nVidia

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$50??? my hind end1/1/2009 9:09:00 AM

Pros: fun game, try it for free. you can dowload a 10 day trial

Cons: don't even pretend a 14 day trial is worth $50. Trial accounts are severly limited. but you can run around and get invited to groups

Overall Review: don't let this freebee be the diciding factor on weather or not you buy something

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it works9/3/2008 9:32:29 PM

Pros: It works, its flexible, its blue

Cons: it blue

Overall Review: I was afraid a Sata cable this long wouldn't work, but it does fine. this is Sata to eSata (who was the idiot tat decided one type wasn't enough). I imagine most will use it to go from the motherboard to an eSata device (no adapter needed). I used it to go from an eSata port to a HDD and an external power plug for the HDD, so no enclosure needed

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another Gigabyte early death9/2/2008 9:52:37 PM

Pros: all sorts of bells and whistles. perfect for a HTPC (when working).

Cons: I died on me just outside the RMA period, so now I'm stuck dealing with Gigabyte directly.

Overall Review: This is the second Gigabyte 780G board to die on me. the first one died quickly. I returned that one, and eventualy got this one. if the replacement doesn't blow my socks off, I will be done with Gigabyte for good. too bad Abit is leaving the market.

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Nice and quiet5/17/2008 6:55:06 PM

Pros: Very quiet, good cable managment. general fealing of quality.

Cons: Price. no slideout motherboard tray. motherboard is right at the bottom of the compartment (make getting to the jumpers tough) eSata on the outside is eSata on the inside with an adapter, 1 piece would be lots cleaner. not real impressed with the drive bay layout.

Overall Review: its definatly good. a few little tweeks would have made it great.

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was expecting better5/17/2008 6:49:05 PM

Pros: eSata, DVI, lots of USB

Cons: no 9850 support, DOA, cramped layout especialy the bottom. Bios settings looked limited.

Overall Review: I got this board, couldn't get past Bios with all known good components, then the power would turn on whenever there was power to the PSU. RMAed it. Gigabyte could have done much better on the layout and the VRM. I'd like to see an actual high quality micro ATX board.

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4/18/2008 12:55:12 AM

Pros: it works, its cheap

Cons: I was hoping for better timings at 667

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don't buy it - at least not yet1/2/2007 10:05:58 AM

Pros: Many thing that made NWN1 are caried over with better graphics

Cons: Many good points of NWN1 did not make it. Graphic performance does not live up to the graphics card requirements. This game isn't ready to be released. Many serious errors have not been fixed yet, and Tech suport is virtualy non-existant Some side plots are half finished or less.

Overall Review: It could have been a great game, in a year or 2 it might be a good game.

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released way too soon12/6/2006 6:40:35 AM

Pros: If you liked NWN1, you'll like NWN2. I expect continuing improvements.

Cons: The game was nowhere near ready for release when launched. The latest patch (1.03) took care of some obvious mistakes, now hopefully they can refine it some more. not the huge leap forward I expected from NWN1. my understanding is the toolset is harder to work with than 1, so don't expect as many user made modules free for the downloading on the net.

Overall Review: hope you've got high-speed internet to download the patches. If you haven't played NWN1, buy that and wait for NWN2 to become a better game.

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