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ROCCAT Tyon All Action Multi-Button USB Gaming Mouse - Black
ROCCAT Tyon All Action Multi-Button USB Gaming Mouse - Black

Pros: -Comfortable. Excellent for medium and large hands. Hands that don't like what Logitech has been doing with their gaming recent mice should probably look at Roccat. -Button layout is good and design is workable. You'll know if you're hitting the wrong button by touch so you can avoid pushing the wrong button. -Customizable RGB lights and buttons. Easy-Shift also gives each button a secondary function so you are doubling the amount of functions for the buttons. -The analog-paddle can actually be useful if you give it a useful function in Windows. For gaming, I haven't found a use for it, yet. -Software is easy to use. All Macros are stored on the mouse's memory so no additional software is necessary after customizing the mouse to your needs. -Unlike to Kone XTD, the slick grips were removed from the sides and replaced with textured grips. Much better.

Cons: -Price tag. MSRP is somewhat high for this mouse. Yes it's customizable but it doesn't have a weight system (not that it really needs it). I'm not sure one can justify the high price tag. -Laser sensor, not an optical sensor. -The jury is still out regarding the dorsal fin. I think Roccat should have just left that function on the scroll wheel like on the Kone XTD. Being a separate button and needing the middle of your fingers to use it doesn't make it easy to use.

Overall Review: Bought it locally as I would have to pay for shipping. I tried a Kone XTD but it had some QC issues and likely the firmware bricked it so I was a little gun-shy when I saw the Tyon. But I liked the shape of the Kone XTD and hand doesn't complain about the shape unlike what Logitech has been doing so I went for the Tyon. So far so good.

Most Critical Review

Good keyboard, but not for everyone

Microsoft  SIDEWINDER X4  Keyboard - Retail
Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4 Keyboard - Retail

Pros: -Illuminated keys are just bright enough. It's not so bright that it's annoying but no so dim that you can't see the keys. Even without the backlight, you can make out the keys in minimal light. -Software drivers are perfect. Not annoying and doesn't intrude. The drivers are minimalistic. It gives you tabs for programming your macros and key assignments. That's it. No Notification tray icons. Just a background process. You can also program your profiles from software. -Anti-ghosting works well. -Keys are really low profile. -The price for this is just right for the features.

Cons: -Keys are very close together and hard to feel. I hit the Caps Lock key too many times when trying to hit the Left Shift key. Big hands will probably not like this keyboard. -Wrist rest is too small. This also makes the slope of the wrist wrist too steep. If you like big wrist rests, this keyboard is not for you. -Red backlight is the only color.

Overall Review: If you want a more tactile keyboard, or like bigger keyboards, I'd avoid this one. I ended up returning because it was just too uncomfortable after 1 week. This keyboard is not for everyone but is worth a try if you are looking for a cheap illuminated keyboard.


LOGITECH G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse #910-004074
LOGITECH G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse #910-004074

Pros: -Accurate sensor. Almost too accurate. Felt really twitchy playing BF4. -Adjustable weights -Programmable buttons and profiles thanks to built-in memory on the mouse. No need to run off drivers.

Cons: -Needs lighted DPI indicators. They turn on only when you adjust the DPI, then they turn off. Found that annoying, especially if I accidentally tapped the DPI-Up/Down buttons. Now these are personal cons, not necessarily cons with the mouse. -It's a bit small for my hands. -After ~30 minutes of use, my arm started hurting. Never had this issue with the G500/G500s similar shaped mouse like the G700/G700s. I tried readjusting my sitting position, arm position, grip, etc,... nothing worked. Still hurt after using it. To be sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me, I gripped my G500s, the G602, the G700s, a Roccat Kone XTD, a Razer Deathadder, normal Logitech mice, and then this guy. My hand did not like this mouse.

Overall Review: I ended up returning to where I got it. Knocked off an egg for that. I really recommend going to a store and testing your hand on this before buying. My hand really liked the G602 shape more than this and I wish Logitech matched the shape on the G502 exactly. The arch is a little higher on the G602 and palm/full hand-grippers might like that shape more than this one. This seems to cater to the claw-grip. Because of where my hand landed naturally on this mouse, my thumb just barely reached the thumb button.

Rocat Ryos MK Pro - Cherry Brown switches

ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Per-Key Illumination - Brown Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BN)
ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Per-Key Illumination - Brown Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BN)

Pros: -Lighted keys -Mechanical keys -The entire keyboard can be reprogrammed for any function. -NO need for extra software. Driver is only needed to program the keyboard. Once you do that, it all runs from the built-in memory on the keyboard. Love it. -Media keys, calculator key. Most people probably don't realize how useful a calculator key is. -Big pads prevent sliding.

Cons: -No instructions. -Pricey. If it's on sale, buy it ASAP.

Overall Review: Ended up getting Cherry MX Browns since no one had Cherry MX Reds when I got mine. Still good nonetheless. Minor gripe with Cherry MX switch keys. They should really made a stepped Caps-lock key. I kept hitting the Caps-Lock key when gaming. It annoyed me enough to go looking for a stepped Caps-Lock key to replace the one that comes with this keyboard. Some people don't like the integrated palm/wrist rest. I love it. I've used keyboards with large integrated wrist rests and found the slope and size perfect for my hands. If you have a Roccat mouse, you can really take advantage of the features.

Good keyboard, lots of issues

Logitech 920-004985 G19s Keyboard
Logitech 920-004985 G19s Keyboard

Pros: -Fully customizable keyboard. There are so many options for this keyboard, you probably won't even use them all. -Coated keys and wrist rest really does work. Feels really nice. -Silent keys -Powered USB hub.

Cons: -LCD screen is fairly useless besides the clock, CPU usage meters. -USB hub gets warm to the touch. It probably has power issues. -Backlighting was inconsistent between software and brightness settings. When I dimmed the white backlight, it dimmed to purple or pink in color and not plain white. -Full functionality needs the external power adapter. -Non-mechanical keyboard. -Pricey. You get a lot of features, but you will probably never use all the features.

Overall Review: I bought this elsewhere only because I had a discount to use. If you don't have the spare power for the keyboard, it will still work but it will not have backlighting, LCD or use of the G-keys. Software drivers needs to run in the foreground or you will not be able to use any G-keys or the LCD. On-board memory only allows you to save your profiles to the keyboard. It doesn't run exclusively from the keyboard so you will need to have Logitech's software running in order for the keyboard to function properly. Overall, it's got a lot of great features, but it really isn't worth the price tag unless you want all those features. Ended up returning it. It wasn't worth the price. The G510s or the 710+ are much better on price-useability than this keyboard.

I-just-want-a-wireless-keyboard keyboard

Logitech K270 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard - Black
Logitech K270 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard - Black

Pros: Conventional layout. Low profile keyboard. Easy to access On/Off switch. No fancy keystrokes. Basic media keys

Cons: Wireless signal subject to interference.

Overall Review: I got this to phase out another keyboard. Wasn't looking for fancy. I just wanted a keyboard. It's as simple as simple can get. Nothing fancy and not overdoing it with FN-key keystrokes, dozens of media keys, etc.. Just a conventional layout keyboard with basic media keys. As the title says, it's a I-just-want-a-wireless-keyboard keyboard. If you want more, look somewhere else. This is a perfect keyboard for people who don't want fancy.