works fine7/9/2014 11:39:38 AM

Pros: Fits my D800 nicely. Not to tight like I've read with some other aftermarket batteries. Charger works and it comes with a car charger too.

Cons: None so far. If the battery fails I'll post it.

Overall Review: The first Item I was sent was wrong, but eventually NewEgg or someone got it fixed.

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I love Photoshop on this monitor6/28/2014 10:32:29 AM

Pros: Color out of the box. Amount of space to use photoshop with one screen. Seems to be of high quality build and materials. I was able to get rid of some old external speakers since they're built in to the monitor. They don't sound bad.

Cons: it had two small scratches on the base. I know this won't affect the quality of the displayed image, but maybe Asus will read the review and do something to make sure this doesn't happen to others.

Overall Review: I'm a Photographer and needed a bigger monitor as I'm getting older and my eyes are going. This was the best money I've spent all year. The color is fantastic and there is so much screen space that I was able to dump my two monitor set up for Photoshop and just put everything on this one monitor. I still run a second monitor for Emails in landscape, which is also a big help since my pallets do not block client e-mails that have all their instructions on them. Also I was able to run both monitor with DVI. I think I read somewhere that only the display port cable will support the resolution. Not true. I can run both monitors at full resolution no problems. And one other thing.....very bright out of the box. I ended up setting the brightness to 16 from the original 50 that it came at.

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Great purchase3/29/2013 9:05:21 AM

Pros: Large, fast and quiet. Also runs cool.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Used as a stand alone at the moment, this drive has enough space for me to consolidate all of my old 640GB drives down to one with space to spare. I'm very impressed with the build, and again with how quiet the drive is. I would buy more.

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Bought 23/16/2012 10:28:51 AM

Pros: Quiet-see cons. Easy assembly, adjustable fan speed. Well packed.

Cons: 1 of the 2 units purchased had fan noise that was caused by the cover touching the fan. Seems better by pushing out the area of the door that touches the fan.

Overall Review: Nice enclosure.The little stand is a nice help for those with less room on their desk. I'm only using the e-sata as I don't have USB 3.0 yet. I would recommend this to others.

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Photoshop loves it1/7/2011 6:45:22 PM

Pros: I built a machine for someone using this processor. The main task for the machine is Photoshop CS5 and Nik filters. This processor is GREAT!!!. I wish I could build one for myself. For Photoshop people, if you can afford this, do it. You will not be sorry.

Cons: Price is high and it's not going to be top of the heap for long.

Overall Review: Nik filters like HDR efex Pro love the cores. The program runs much better on here then an old Intel 9450 quad core it replaced. Load up on the RAM. It's cheap and Photoshop flies with this processor. NewEgg was great. Everything was well packed and arrived in perfect condition.

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you should know this12/21/2010 7:13:42 PM

Pros: quite and moves lots of air.

Cons: Before you buy this to replace a regular square fan be aware that the holes on this don't line up with the holes of a square fan.

Overall Review: color is ugly. thank goodness it's hard to see behind the case filter.

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Come on Lian Li...12/19/2010 1:34:48 PM

Pros: Nice looking case. Lots of room tool less design is nice. Newegg got the case here quickly and UPS didn't damage it at all.

Cons: the top of this case has a space to put in a fan. I started removing the screws and they were in so tight, and because they are made of aluminum, they stripped and rounded out very easily. I've done this before and used the proper sized screw driver head. They are in way to tight, and way to soft. Lian Li should be more careful with this when they put the cases together. I now have a scratched case with stripped out screws.

Overall Review: Newegg doesn't stock the cover I need. I've had 10 lian li cases in the past that were great, but this experience tells me that I should stick with something else if I'm going to do a simple modification like adding a fan.

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good purchase10/2/2009 11:52:45 AM

Pros: small, fast, runs cool

Cons: none so far (knock on wood)

Overall Review: I put this in a 2.5 to 3.5 inch adapter. It holds 2 drives. I was going to go with a SSD, but it didn't make sense to go with SSD's while they are still in their infancy. This drive is quick and runs cool. I use it for photos and open large files in Photoshop CS4 and I'm very impressed.

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good for the money8/12/2009 6:47:47 AM

Pros: fast easy install, no bent pins

Cons: the fan gets quite noisy when it spins up. it runs around 5500RPM when the processor gets warm and it's the loudest fan by far in the system.

Overall Review: I'm getting temps of 40c-47c with 40% CPU utilization. I went cheap when I built this and did not put on a third party fan. I am starting to regret that. I recommend the fan change because its easier to do when the motherboard is out of the case, rather then changing it out later when you learn the fan is to loud like i did.

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I really had high hopes for this8/12/2009 6:42:13 AM

Pros: Nicely built and laid out. Good looking, lots of pretty LED's if you're into that.

Cons: The battery on the board was dead. The instructions for using the RAID on ports 7/8 are awful. No where during the setup of Vista64 did it ask for you to install third party RAID drivers, even though the manual says it will. The manuals lack detail on BIOS settings, and they expect you to go online and look them up, so if you're setting up a computer, you better have printed them out, or have another computer right nearby that you can read from.

Overall Review: I set up raid on the 7/8 ports in mirrored mode, and it work. I tested it by removing a cable from each drive, and the computer boots. Problem is you get no warning anywhere that one of the drives has failed when it's not plugged in. Also the disc included with the motherboard does not have all the utility features that the manual say sit should have. It was missing the one that would have allowed me to monitor the disc. Also, do not install the green power program. It crashed the computer something fierce and I ended up having to do a complete windows re-install.

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didn't work with vista 648/12/2009 6:33:57 AM

Pros: it's nice looking and has a good layout

Cons: it would never connect. I followed all directions, but could never get it to connect. Ended up returning it for a NON RF model.

Overall Review: It's goofy to have AA batteries in the mouse, and AAA in the keyboard. Logitech should make it easier on the consumer and make them all AA so you only have to keep one size spare battery.

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one big problem8/10/2009 7:56:33 PM

Pros: lots of connections.

Cons: the screw holes that attach to the case are stripped out. this packaged was sealed properly, so certain it was brand new. I expected better quality. I won't by a Corsair again because of this one bad experience. Now the holes need to be tapped out because I'm not going through the hassle of doing an RMA. Even though NewEgg is pretty good about them.

Overall Review: Stick with PCP&Cooling or Enermax. I've never had one of them fail, nor have I had them shipped with stripped out mounting holes

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does what it should1/22/2009 12:27:02 PM

Pros: small size

Cons: none

Overall Review: seems a little warm, but nothing terrible. Quiet when searching.

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for folding11/26/2008 7:35:37 PM

Pros: great price. Works nicely for a multi card set up since they are so narrow.

Cons: No manuals, no DVI-VGA adapter

Overall Review: Bought this to build a folding @ Home machine. I fold for and wanted something that would help boost my PPD output. not to loud, and decent cooling. I like the single slot design.

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Bad for Photoshop and Folding9/17/2008 5:47:00 PM

Pros: It's a quiet card even under full load. Runs cooler then the 3870 it replaced

Cons: I bought this card to run folding@home. It puts out almost 4000 PPD after upping the shaders a bit. The problem I have with it is that when I have a program like Photoshop open, I can't run folding at home. it's way to slow. Moving images across the screen is painful. My old 3870 could fold and run Photoshop without a problem. I don't know if this has to do with the number of stream processors or not.

Overall Review: For folding at home, it does a nice job. The Asus software isn't the smoothest and is kind of clunky. If you're a folding at home person, and want to do other things on your computer, I personaly would not recommend it. I'm running it on a Phenom 9850 I bought from NewEgg, and that has been a great setup under Vista 64. It's not a driver issue. Nvidia has new drivers that are Vista 64 compatible, I just think the card isnt' as good as my 3870.

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good motherboard7/17/2008 1:20:19 PM

Pros: worked right from the beginning. I love the reset switch on the back and the switches on the Motherboard for Clearing the CMOS and powering up the machine. Very handy. The quick connect is great, all motherboard companies should do something similar.

Cons: The mounting plate that came with the Tuniq tower 120 would not fit. I ended up putting on a Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 without any issues. The north bridge and south bridge get a bit warm, but they don't have fans so this can be expected. Biggest Con is the angled SATA connectors. I had to install this in the case and then hook up the connections which I will say is a huge pain in a mid tower case like my Lian Li. The hard drives were right in the way and made it tough since the cage would not come out. Other then the price being a bit high, it seems to be built well, and so far no issues at all with the stability.

Overall Review: I'm normally an AMD guy, and this was my first Intel machine. I was happy with how it went together. Everything came from NewEgg on time and just as ordered.

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great case7/17/2008 1:12:05 PM

Pros: light weight. Very good air flow from the 120mm fans.

Cons: 1 sharp edge, cut my self good on it. The case is a little flimsy, but that adds to the light weight aspect. Only room for 3 hard drives right in front of the 120mm intake fan. But that worked out fine cause that's all that went in there. The mother board tray is not removable and a bit flimsy when you tighten in your motherboard.

Overall Review: There was an empty spot on the top of the case for another fan. I put an Antec fan in there with a speed control set at medium. It's help but not necessary. This is my 5th Lian Li Case from New Egg. I keep coming back to them because the quality. If they would just make this with a different HD cage arrangement were the cage can be taken out, and the drives are mounted perpendicular to the bottom of the case It would be the perfect case for me.

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Update on Processor5/9/2008 10:58:58 AM

Pros: I have had this processor for almost a month. I built a new Photoshop Machine running under Windows Vista 64. This processor has handled everything I've thrown at it and not stuttered a bit. I don't know if it's as fast as a Q6600, but for me it's been stable and not crashed once. Files that took 2:24 on my old Opteron 185 now take :54 seconds.

Cons: The overdrive software has been flaky. I'd get a stable overclock at 2.8, and when it restarted the next day I'd need to clear the CMOS and reset everything. I don't blame that on the processor, rather it's an issue with software. I stopped trying to over clock it for now because it's fast enough for everything I've done with it.

Overall Review: Running it on a Gigabyte Board with the 790FX chipset, a Noctua cooler, 8GB of Corsair XMS and a 3870 video card. Thermaltake 650 watt supply, Lian Li case, WD 150GB Raptor, WD 640GB,Seagate 320GB. Everything but the cooler and Motherboard from NewEgg. Great service as usual.

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easy to work with4/11/2008 10:24:04 PM

Pros: this is my 5th lian li build. Never been disappointed. This case continues that win streak. It's been a pleasure to work with.

Cons: minor complaint is when it's all together, all the power cables get to be a bit much to wrestle with on a case like this. I would prefer the front USB connectors be higher up, and would also prefer 120mm fans to the 80mm fans.

Overall Review: Light weight. No sharp edges found. Great drive cage. Cool air blows over them, and you can mount them vertically. i have 3 spaced out in the cage that has room for five. They stay nice and cool from all the air flow. I would highly recommed this case despite the 80mm fans.

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Good Card4/10/2008 8:24:51 PM

Pros: Fast good software.

Cons: Fan is just a tad noisy.

Overall Review: Fits nicely in my Lian Li case. No problems with it fitting on my Gigabyte 790FX motherboard. This is my first ATI/AMD card. Always was an Nvidia fan, but I thought I'd build a Spider system, and so far so good. Very happy with it.

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8 GB with a Phenom4/10/2008 8:21:15 PM

Pros: Running on a Gigabyte Motherboard with a 790FX chipset. Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit and an AMD 9850 BE processor. Windows see's all the RAM. No problems at all.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The heat sinks seem to do a good job. Memory stays cool. I would recommend it highly. It's nice having a full 3GB that can be dedicated to Photoshop now. Got one set at a brick and mortar, the other set from NewEgg. Great service as always.

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Nothing is without problems4/10/2008 8:16:37 PM

Pros: Here's my tips of the day. (1) Make sure you have a floppy disk drive. I couldn't use a flash drive to save my life to update the bios. They say you can in the manual. (2)Update the bios immediately. I wasted a few hours because Windows would hang during the install. The new bios corrected the problem immediately. Everything else has been smooth. I wanted to wait for motherboards with an SB700, but couldn't wait any longer when the 9850BE's went up for sale at NewEgg. I have to say this board does everything I want. and I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

Cons: The manual could be better, and it would be nice if you really could flash the Bios from a USB stick.

Overall Review: Has 8GB of Corsair ram, a Sapphire 3870 video card and an older Noctua cooler. Running Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit, and very happy with it so far. I didn't buy the cooler from NewEgg, but everything else was. Very happy with their service, as always.

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I'm happy so far4/10/2008 8:08:29 PM

Pros: So far I'm very happy with the processor. The biggest surprise was that it came with a cooler. I thought Black Edition processors were minus a cooler. I guess I should read better. I thought I'd let you all know so you can maybe save a few bucks on an after market cooler if you can. I have this thing loaded with Vista Premium 64 and 8GB of Corsair memory. The only problem I ran into so far was the bios on the motherboard needing an update to get Windows to finish installing.

Cons: None so far. Very happy with my purchase.

Overall Review: This is replacing an old Opteron 185 on a 939 socket Win XP Pro machine with 2GB. I'm a photographer, and do a lot of Photoshop work. I know the Intel chips are faster in PS, but I feel the need to help keep AMD going. With out them, Intel would never have got off their butts and come up with their current offerings. Competition is great for the end user. I bought everything except the cooler from NewEgg. Great service as usual.

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Good AMD Motherboard8/25/2007 12:42:37 PM

Pros: Nice Layout. Great features. Nice having the heat pipe, one less fan.

Cons: The documentation for the Nvidia RAID is severely lacking. Make sure you have a floppy drive to install it.

Overall Review: It's been stable through super PI and Prime95. Other then the RAID issue, the install went perfect. I would buy this again. It should last for a while with AMD keeping the socket backwards compatible with their upcoming CPU's.

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Nice Case8/25/2007 12:36:41 PM

Pros: Light weight. Nice management of the front panel wires. Good fans......nice and quite. Lots of air flow through the case. Plenty of room to work.

Cons: Cut myself on the inside of the PSU opening. Watch out for that. That was the only sharp area I found. The only other complain which isn't a big one is that the hard drives would have better air flow over them if they hard drive cage at the bottom was turned ninety degrees. This would also help with cable issues with the SATA power cables which need to be bent so the side can go on.

Overall Review: I was worried that the case would be cheap, but it's actually a very nice case. I usually by Lian Li's from NewEgg, but didn't find one that I liked, so I tried this case. I liked the set up of the 2 fans, the fact that they are 120mm means lots of air movement with little noise. The tool less design is not perfect but it does a good job. I would buy this case again, and recommend it to someone looking for one in it's price range. One other note, I bought a Asus MB from New Egg also, and it has some nifty little connectors that allow you to attach all the panel connections to a quick adapter, and then put it in the case. It was very handy, bravo to Asus for that. The case wires all matched up perfectly to the MotherBoard.

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