Great Buy12/2/2008 7:33:49 AM

Pros: I plugged it in and it worked. What else can you say about memory?

Cons: None

Overall Review: As always, great service from Newegg! It actually got to me a day earlier than what I had estimated. Why buy anywhere else than Newegg?

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Works for Me12/2/2008 7:30:06 AM

Pros: Low cost. Works with my factory-installed power supply; doesn't need additional power plug. I bought it to upgrade the 8500GT in my second computer while I rebuild my gaming machine. Runs Warhammer Online fine. WAGH!

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: I hate mail-in rebates! Also, the "Free" WoW game was actually a 14-day demo. Shame on you, Asus.

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Should Have Waited2/23/2007 11:45:09 AM

Pros: A definite improvement over my old 9800 Pro. I can run LotRO beta and EQ2 at high graphics quality. A good buy.

Cons: If I had waited a week, it would have cost me almost forty dollars less as Newegg dropped the price right after I ordered mine.

Overall Review: Newegg's shipping is incredible. They shipped the same day I order it.

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2/7/2007 1:41:12 PM

Pros: No dead pixels! Excellent picture quality. Can't beat the price, especially with the rebate.

Cons: None yet

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