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I think it will be good...8/17/2011 1:55:03 PM

Pros: Small and quiet. Affordable

Cons: ....

Overall Review: I was a little hesitant to buy this after reading all the reviews. Stopped playing DVD format after a few days. Only plays CDs now. RMA done through ASUS Website. Maybe the second one will be better.

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Outstanding Value. Great Sound.7/25/2011 9:51:50 AM

Pros: Very wide sound stage with the RM8s up front. Crisp audio at all volume levels.

Cons: Break in period (?)

Overall Review: They do sound flat when you hook them up. When I had played music through for a few hours, they began to crisp up and really deliver a full range. I will probably replace the RM7s w/ RM8s in the near furure!

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Little Box Big Bass7/25/2011 9:43:27 AM

Pros: Room shaking bass (in an appropriate sized room of course), flexible connections, quiet when there is no signal. Sounds great with music and movies!

Cons: You have to break it in(??).

Overall Review: This begins to shine about 5 hours out of the box and even more as time goes on. Rumbles and punches come to life the more you use it. I personally like the size. Some think it's a bit large, but I like that it's size complements the sound it produces. It looks like it can throw some Bass. My room is also larger than recommended (16x16) but it doesn't break a sweat producing room shaking effects.

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Superior Quality for Price7/25/2011 9:31:25 AM

Pros: Flexible connections, great audio and video quality, network integration, flexible setup options

Cons: Clunky menu interface for non-HDMI components

Overall Review: *Shocking* to hear the difference between a HTIB you buy at Target and a component system. I suppose it should be a no brainer, but wow - been living in the dark. I haven't owned it for very long, but the Onkyo brand has been a staple in my family for years. I am excited to own my first!

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It sounds good!3/20/2008 9:00:25 AM

Pros: The spec sheet is phenominal!

Cons: only 8,200 3D marks (?). Buggy video decoding in games. Crashes / hangs in the middle of games. HOT. Artifacts appear in games. inconsistant performance.

Overall Review: . . . could have been my mobo . . . many people have had luck with this card.

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Judged by its cover3/20/2008 8:56:17 AM

Pros: Everything this board promises to provide. By rights, it should be a smoking unit!

Cons: It's a smoking unit! Bios has issues - forgets settings. Could only oc my Q6600 to 2.6ghz from 2.4 stock. Then . . . it started hanging on post multiple times (after I set it back to defaults) and finally on the 5th day of owning it, it refused to pass post at all (wouldn't even get up the logo splash). Beeped erratically out of the onboard speaker. Manual is poor.

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