Red Devil 6900 XT Ultimate is an absolute monster of a card6/23/2021 12:11:20 AM

Pros: - Card is quiet, VERY quiet -3 8 pin power connector cables which is up 1 from the 2 on the normal 6900 XT - Achieves 2675 MHz clock out of the box (for mine at least) - Extremely aesthetically pleasing - Excellent thermals under load (Junction temp rarely goes over 80c) - Easy to fiddle with overclock settings via AMD Radeon Software -16GB GDDR6 VRAM is more than enough VRAM for every current game - Red backlit LED lights allows you to easily find the DP/HDMI slots on the back of the card - Comes with support bracket to reduce or eliminate GPU sag - Plays any game on ultra settings with no issues at all - RGB for the card can be synced to other RGB software (like ASUS ARMOURY CRATE) via DevilZone RGB with the most current version of the DevilZone software

Cons: - She thicc (as in 5-6 pounds thicc) - Card is 320mm long (this isn't necessarily a con so much as you have to be careful with what case you have/buy to make sure it fits) - GPU sag will happen if you do not use the support bracket - Support bracket does not fit properly for all cases - High MSRP of $2600 (but if you're gonna spend this kind of money on a GPU you know exactly what you're getting and why you're getting it) - Didn't come with a manufacturer number X/500 or X/1000 for the Ultimates like how the LE's were - ARGB cable sits in an awkward spot on the end of the card and you can't really hide it well

Overall Review: If you want a card that will do absolutely anything you throw at it and do it with ease without paying a ridiculous price for a 3090 (which more than half the cost of that is the GDDR6X VRAM modules) then look no further than the Powercolor Red Devil 6900 XT Ultimate. I've had this card now for 3 months and I couldn't be happier with its performance.

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Exceptional card2/15/2021 2:18:08 PM

Pros: Card is on the lighter end of AMD 6000 series GPU's in terms of weight (Looking at you Powercolor Red Devil) Card is on the smaller side of AMD 6000 series GPU's in size (looking at you XFX Merc 319) Card performs exceptionally well at 1440p and 4K Base and boost clock on GPU and VRAM perform above the stated values Overclocking potential is amazing (Have managed to hit stable 2600MHz) Very quiet fans Aesthetically pleasing to look at

Cons: Obviously the color of the card is not going to be everyone's style (not a con but a matter of taste and preference) Extremely hard to get due to shortages of supply and ridiculous demand Price is obviously higher than expected (the MSRP was never realistically going to hold) Nvidia GPU owners will still talk down on it no matter what without ever even looking at how it actually performs (which for the case of the Sapphire Nitro+ 6800 XT SE it basically performs on par with the RTX 3080 minus the ray tracing)

Overall Review: I would recommend it if you want a card that performs better than the RTX 3070, if you can't get an RTX 3080, or if you're skeptical because of the issues with the Vega and 5000 series GPU's. The price for it is obviously a little more than some people would like to pay but for the performance you get it is money well spent.

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