Great Small Card11/19/2014 5:49:09 PM

Pros: Small, Quiet, Fast... I was hesitant because of only 1 fan, and the card uses so little power only requiring 1 six pin power connector. At full load, I can't hear the card over my other system fans. It also runs cool and doesn't heat up my system nearly as much as my 660 GTX. I'm using using it in a mini-itx case, but it would be awesome for that application. As some have noted, it is a little bit tall, so keep that in mind.

Cons: none

Overall Review: great card, tempted to buy another and run them in Crossfire. From benchmarks, I think that'll put me up into R9 290X territory.

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Great for Price1/25/2012 3:46:17 PM

Pros: So far so good. Not a lot of frills on this board but it seems to get the job done. Was also very cheap after rebate.

Cons: As other have mentioned, 2 of the SATA ports are covered and unusable if you install a large video card. The onboard 10/100 ethernet was VERY slow. Not even approaching 100bT. So I popped in an Intel 1000bT nic and all was well.

Overall Review: I paired this motherboard with a Celeron G530 and 2 2gig sticks of Corsair Ballistics DDR3 1600. A great system for so little money.

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Solid Power Supply So Far12/29/2011 9:48:06 PM

Pros: Cheap, Cool, Quiet. I purchased 2 of these to replace failed power supplies in some ASUS RS100-E4/PI2 machines. They are slightly longer than the default power supplies, but they fit with enough space to spare.

Cons: Not much a con, but I wish the fans were faster. It is a server power supply, I wish it would push more air. oh and it dropped $10 in price soon after I purchased it :(

Overall Review: I hesitated at first because other reviews complained about this power supply getting very hot. I can tell you that this was not the case. So far so good!

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Great little enclosure1/20/2009 7:03:22 PM

Pros: Cheap, Lightweight, Stylish, Compact, is easily powered off of one USB port on my laptop.

Cons: The blue led is really bright :)

Overall Review: I've owned multiple Vantec 2.5" aluminum enclosures and they always been great. I paired this unit with a Western Digital Scorpio WD3200BEVT 320GB 5400 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Notebook Hard Drive. Oh, and you might need a small philips screwdriver to secure the screws.

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A decent card, but not the best ATI card I've owned.3/27/2008 2:27:09 AM

Pros: A decent card for the price. Not quite as speedy as an 8800gt, but at the time I purchased this, it was quite a bit cheaper.

Cons: Because of the fan design, the card does not vent hot air outside the case, thus is can get extremely hot inside your case -- especially if you run 2 in crossfire. With no overclocking and my current fan configuration, the cards will overheat and freeze playing very demanding games. Excellent cooling is a must.

Overall Review: I ordered two of these cards to run in crossfire mode. One arrived in perfect condition. The other was missing plastic wrap on the box, the seal on the bag holding the card was already ripped open, and packing material used to securely hold the fan during shipping was missing. I can only explain this as newegg selling an open box product as new. Shame on you newegg.

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So far so good...3/27/2008 2:12:02 AM

Pros: For such a low price, this PSU really does deliver. It's not heavy by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems to work just fine. I have it powering an Athlon X2 5000+ plus an 8800gt without any issues. Hopefully it won't die on me in a month.

Cons: The 6-pin PCIe connector is just an adapter which fits over a 4pin molex connector. Seems kinda jank but it works fine.

Overall Review: Great for anyone building a power hungry gaming machine on a budget. (I was)

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A bargain at this price. Better than many more expensive cases.3/27/2008 2:08:29 AM

Pros: I've owned several ultra-cheap raidmax cases, and I've always been impressed. Lots of room for expandability, fit a long 8800gt card just fine. It even includes a side fan for cooling the CPU. Highly recommend for someone who's trying to save money.

Cons: Being an low-priced case, the sheet metal is very thin. Also bottom of the case was all bent in. I can only assume UPS really trashed the box as it was being shipped from California to Nevada. The cardboard box had multiple punctures and rips. Not neweggs fault, but UPS treats packages horribly.

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An Excellent DVD-ROM at bargain price.3/27/2008 2:02:37 AM

Pros: It's black and it's the cheapest DVD-ROM newegg sells. In addition, it works great!

Cons: the drive newegg sent had clearly been used before. The tape sealing the bag closed was all ripped open. But the drive works so oh well... Not worth the money to exchange such a cheap product.

Overall Review: A great DVD-ROM for anyone who doesn't need a burner, and would like to save some money.

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Loaded with features for a bargain price.11/4/2007 3:07:39 AM

Pros: Impressive feature set. Intel nics. Well laid out interior. Easy to install HD's. Amazing price!

Cons: Older technology. SATA1. Supports older processors. Consumes alot of power.

Overall Review: Using these as firewall boxes at a colo. I was a little weary because they were so inexpensive, but no problems so far. On a side note, why is the server upside down in the photos? Photos inside the case would've also been helpful.

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Decent Case with alot of Flexibility11/4/2007 2:36:31 AM

Pros: a 2U case that supports standard ATX power supplies (mounted at the rear of the case!). rare in that it supports low-profile PCI slots, offering alot of expansion options in the 2U form factor.

Cons: front fans not included. There seems to be alot of wasted empty space in the front of the case. This would be an ideal location to mount additional HD's. Power supply feels cheap.

Overall Review: A unique case with many features not found on other products. You can pop in any desktop or server MATX motherboard and you have a great cheap server with less of the limitations of a home built riser-card based case.

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Installed on Asus A8N-E4/18/2006 6:27:40 AM

Pros: Extremely good cooling. Faster fan speed than my past Zalman coolers.

Cons: It's large! -- Zalman has a compatability list on their website. Also quite expensive.

Overall Review: Installed on Asus A8N-E with Artic Silver paste. no clearance issues.

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Installed on Asus A8N-E4/18/2006 6:00:41 AM

Pros: easy installation, no moving parts, no noise, looks good, doesn't interfere with other components.

Cons: none that I can think of. Motherboards should come standard with these...

Overall Review: Installed on my Asus A8N-E with some Artic Silver paste. I don't have to worry about noise generated by the fan, nor do I have to worry about the fan breaking down. well worth the money.

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Great Enclosure12/30/2004 3:33:43 PM

Comments: I own several 2.5" enclosures, but this Vantec is the best. It is smaller than most enclosures. Stays cooler than most enclosures. It is made from Aluminum when most are just plastic. And the included cable, which uses 2 USB ports to get power (if it needs it), is awesome. Top it off with a very low price, and you can't go wrong.

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10/9/2004 9:30:10 PM

Comments: The Koolance EXOS was my first try with water-cooling. I paired it with the CPU-300-H06 and GPU-180-L06 waterblocks. Installation was pretty easy. If you have ever built a PC, it should be a breeze. The unit is light and doesn't make much noise. I would say, The EXOS is an excellent choice for anyone looking to try water kewling.

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A Solid Case.10/6/2004 7:01:11 AM

Comments: I paired this case with an Ahanix 300w mATX PSU. A well built case - everything fit together as it should. The noise levels are low. The case looks good and I love its small size. Best of all, it's not expensive.

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Worked Great...10/6/2004 6:46:17 AM

Comments: I bought a piece to test out my new Pioneer 108. Burned a DVD image perfectly using DVD Decrypter. No stuttering on playback or any problems reading the DVD by any of my console DVD players. Appears to be solid media.

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High quality case.9/11/2004 10:59:46 PM

Comments: I purchased one of these cases for use in a htpc. It is an awesome case <font>-</font>- very well put together. The rear fan mount is very open for better air movement and less air turbulence. Plenty of space for future upgrades. Only thing kind of wierd, there is no reset button. But it still gets 5 stars from me. This case is worth every penny.

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Excellent Rackmount Case7/7/2004 3:09:22 AM

Comments: For the money, you can't beat this case. It is made of steel and very rigid when all put together. Motherboards and PCI/AGP cards fit very nicely and there are no awkward spacings. Lots of room to work inside the case. My only complaint is that some of the hd mounting locations are slightly awkward and overly difficult to get to. But for the money, it is still an AWESOME case. I've easily paid triple for rackmount cases that aren't as nice as this one. If you're looking for a solid 4U rackmount chassis that will last you forever, give it a try.

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