8/6/2013 8:00:44 AM

Pros: I was very impressed with the overall sound quality of the music. Nice bass delivery.I would recommend this product if it was simply headphones for music.(at $29.95) but...............

Cons: clarity of blue tooth really sucked. Not great reception. sound was very tinny and sounded like it was far away and in a barrel. 0 noise reduction.....least bit of wind canceled out every thing. WOULDN'T recommend it even at the $29.95 discounted price!

Overall Review: I guess you shouldn't expect much for $29.95 which is exactly what you get with this model. The original price tag of $64.95 has to be a joke! Bluetooth quality really has to be stepped up a few notches for this to work but has excellent sound quality as headphone for music. As a bluetooth headset .........thumbs down big time!! Very disappointed.

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