Couldn't be happier6/29/2016 11:07:11 AM

Pros: No surprises, dead pixels, or issues.

Cons: Price

Overall Review: Overclock to 100Hz and gsync work as advertised. My first 2k monitor. Very satisfied.

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Fantastic product!11/24/2015 1:45:04 PM

Pros: * Very precise * Hand adjustments more than a gimmick (max 'rise' is very comfortable for me) * Weights are easy to access * Very good quality build * Great design\looks good\love the multi-zone lighting * Price (compared to other higher-end mice)

Cons: * None.

Overall Review: * Not really a con, but would like to have seen the aluminum 'sled' wrap around and replace the silver plastic. Even if it cost $10 more, would still be less expensive than other high end mice on the market. Almost too light even with both weights installed. Overall, very satisfied with this product and G.Skill will be on the short list when selecting future devices. You've won over a die hard Corsair fanboy.

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Great sensor! The rest is garbage.11/23/2015 12:58:24 PM

Pros: * Looks good in a photo (don't look too close). * Nice selection of weights that were easy to access. (also a CON. See below) * Solid button placement and good tactile 'click', loved the mouse wheel.

Cons: * Weight 'bay'; Great idea to have the weights bottom load and the compartment cover which holds them in place to have magnetic latch. Doesn't actually close all the way, probably due to poor construction. Next point. * Cheap-o materials. Compared to other mice in this price range (or any price range really), this is by far the worst I've used. Feels very flimsy. * For a mice that is billed as having a great sensor, tracking was intermittent. Sometimes the cursor wouldn't move at all. * Surprisingly bad mouse from Logitech. I've owned several Logitech mice and even the cheapest of their mice felt\worked better than this garbage. * Price!!! Seriously. Over $100 for a mouse that can't track well (on a matte black alum pad) and feels like it would have made a better freebee thrown in with some other gear. * Software. Profiles didn't actually work. Not sure if it was overly complicated or if it was just broken but I've never had issues with other software including other version Logitech software. Just overall bad.

Overall Review: For this price, there are so many options. Trust me, just skip this one. I was so excited for a high end optical sensor I ignored the other 'bad' stuff I read about this mouse. Mybad. Stay very far away from this mouse. Giving 1 egg for designing the sensor themselves. 1 egg for what the design looked like on the designer's monitor even if the execution was beyond disappointing.

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May be great, someday.8/31/2015 12:45:22 PM

Pros: Much innovation here. I bought the full ASUS solution including the Front Base. Looks great. Love the RGB even if it is very subtle. PCIe SSD = full ~20mbps. Screaming fast. Parts and finish are quality like most ASUS products. Software is a pro and con. Seems to interfere with Corsair Link but the jury is still out on that so I'll not put it in cons.

Cons: If you are using SLI and hope to enable 2D Surround venture no further and do not buy this board *yet*. There seems to be an issue with someone's driver. Not sure if it's nVidia, Intel, or ASUS (leaning towards Intel honestly). Single card surround works if there's no card in the second slot. SLI works on a single screen. but SLI + 2D surround aren't working for anyone it seems. GeForce forum thread here:

Overall Review: This has the potential to be a truly great product. Dripping with innovation and all the bells and whistles. Hard to recommend to anyone in it's current state. I've registered this product and filed a ticket with ASUS but am not holding my breath for a reply. Not really sure whose fault it is but since I bought this from ASUS I'm going to pester them for a fix. Also, many users have noticed a clicking sound coming from the power supply when this thing powers on and I'm no exception. Noticeably loud 'click' or 'pop' on power on. PS is a brand new Corsair Platinum AX860i. Odd USB issue (intermittent functionality) on Win7 can be fixed by enabling xchi hand-off in BIOS. Nearly a con but they did put a fix in BIOS even if it's not explained anywhere. Docking 1.5 eggs for not thoroughly testing SLI + 2D surround since the guys who would use this are the target audience for this board. -0.5 eggs for not having XCHI handoff enabled by default and not explaining that setting at all.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Bard, I am sorry that you cannot get to SLI + 2D surround working and the inconvenience it caused you. Hopefully in the near future, there will be a fix for this. . If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at and I will help you to the best of my abilities. Your case # for reference is N150905293 Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty
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Good complete KIT! Recommended1/24/2013 11:42:54 AM

Pros: Silent, silent, silent. A manual. Yes that much effort went into these. Voltage reduction cable doesn't hobble fans. Still move a lot of air. Red is red. Not pink or orange. Not too bright. Excellent sleeving considering it's a retail package.

Cons: none. exceeded expectations. will look for this kit first for next fan purchase.

Overall Review: We've probably all bought a million fans over the course of our hobby. I've never seen a kit given this much attention. A manual!!! Sleeved (well done)!!! A voltage reduction adapter that doesn't gimp the fans. True red LEDs. I've got these strapped to a Corsair H100 as well as other mounts in my case. I've got a 'silent' power supply and since I installed these, the PS is the only thing I can hear. I thought the CM fans I had in here before were quiet but nowhere near as quiet as these are. Inaudible @ boot time.

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Worth every penny!10/5/2012 4:31:01 PM

Pros: * Multi-color print. Really lovely. * Code worked! * Sold to co-worker for $50. Paid zero (no pun intended). * Very convenient size. * 'Nested' code led to a free Steam install of the game. * Overclocked to a 4-pack!!! On air! Ambient temps!

Cons: * Wasn't in an envelope, with glitter, and a lipstick kiss. Where's the love??? * Didn't include a happy ending. * I had such high anticipation of playing BL2, that I couldn't sleep. This caused me to be less productive at work and even... LATE. * The edges are sharp and some people got this thrown at them, they really deserved it though. Nvidia paid the hospital bills. * Lacked the type of velvety goodness I crave. It's functional, but should be painted on velvet, like Elvis. Keepin' it classy.

Overall Review: It really was awesome that I was able to sell this. My brother and I had already bought the 4-pack when I bought this second card. A $50 saving (what I sold it for) makes this Windforce 670 a stellar deal.

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Does the job @ great price10/5/2012 4:14:03 PM

Pros: * Price * Very bright (also a con) with no (included) way to dampen them. * I've had their blue kit for 6+ years and they still work great. * My 5 egg score represents value for price. If they weren't less than 10 bucks I would have other complaints.

Cons: * The sound activation feature doesn't work (thankfully). Since there is no switch to activate/deactivate just that feature (power on/off only) it would be really annoying to have these flicker like a cheap motel sign every time the fans spin up or I listen to music. * There is nothing subtle about this brightness. It's using a full-sized molex for power. Order a 12V dimmer. I have one from an old fan kit but unless you work in a disco (or live in Florida) this will be way too bright if left @ stock.

Overall Review: The cathodes themselves are very durable. The wire leads are not. The inverter is also very durable. They could be better quality but I feel the value for the low price I paid is great. I know cheap labor has to be part of this equation since it would take at least 1 man-hour to make and package this item + materials. Materials alone would cost more than this if made in the US so somebody got paid like $1 to make this.

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Gamers Only10/5/2012 3:36:58 PM

Pros: * This is my 3rd one in surround gaming. Good for that. * Thin-ish bezels * No dead pixels * If you are buying these for any reason other than gaming, keep looking. Great 2ms gaming monitors. * No ghosting *Decent price

Cons: * Colors/brightness are waaaay 'off' I have 3 of these and none of them really match each other's colors/brightness. Much tweeking required in the menu. The best I could do was get them 'good enough' * Speakers are useless. Don't let the speakers be a factor in your decision. * Wobbly stand (but not too cheap). It's acceptable but all Dell monitors I've used are significantly more stable. It wont fall over during normal use or a table bump but even a small bump on the table/desk will shake the monitor. * HDMI is of questionable functionality. My machine will detect the monitor if plugged into HDMI but will not allow me to 'activate' the display or send any picture there. DVI works without issue. This is true on all 3 monitors.

Overall Review: We have 20+ of these monitors at work (video game dev) so I knew what I was buying. These are not made for accurate color representation and are in no way professional monitors. These are large, cheap, fast, gaming monitors. Reading text on these is fine for casual web browsing but extended text work/document creation or anything other than gaming is best done on a different monitor. -1 Egg for spotty HDMI

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This baby rocks it!9/14/2012 12:58:23 PM

Pros: * Great cooler * Uses less power than the 470 GTX it replaced * Maxed settings in most games. At the highest settings (mainly MSAA) it does struggle a bit in Metro 2033 and Witcher 2 during intense scenes but those games can stress most cards.

Cons: * Only slightly faster than the 660Ti OC cards which are ~$100 less * Watch your AA settings. FXAA is fine on this card but that's basically just a blurry post-processing filter. MSAA has a rather steep penalty. * Very long card. I usually ignore card length specs since I've never had an issue with mid-tower cases. This one had to go in the 2nd PCIe slot since it wouldn't fit in the top. Just bought a second one of these for SLI/NVSurround and that's going to mean a new case or a mod to the case I have.

Overall Review: A bit nervous about trying SLI with these cards since the shroud extends a bit over the SLI connector. That's what Mr. Dremmel is for.

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Hot potato!!!3/5/2009 4:21:22 PM

Pros: Good price

Cons: I have 3 4850 cards. This one runs significantly hotter (+/- 30 degrees). The heatsink looks beefy and the fan works but for some reason it's not enough to keep this one running even moderately cool. By the time I pulled this one out of my case, the circuit board (the card) had warped and the area around the chip on the card was discolored (a lovely dark brown to blue gradient). I have a different model 4850 from Sapphire that runs without issue so look around cause there are many 4850s on the market in a similar price range.

Overall Review: I have not tried an aftermarket HSF / RAM sink set on this card but would do so before ever trying to use it again. I did install a set on my other Sapphire and its fine so maybe that's what it needs although the ASUS version worked fine without modification.

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