Bright and Colorful Monitor3/20/2013 8:25:38 PM

Pros: Brilliant IPS Panel Display Easy Height, Pivot, Swivel, Tilt Display Design HDMI , D-Sub, DisplayPort, DVI-D and USB Ports Built In Speakers

Cons: Slightly Clumsy Menu Buttons QuickFit Virtual Scale Useless (for me)

Overall Review: LOVE this new monitor!! The display is noticeably clearer, with brilliant colors and whites/blacks when compared to others on the market. The screen is halfway between a matte/glossy, so you get the best of both worlds (without glare in a sun lit room.) I love the easy height, pivot, swivel, tilt of the display, along with the 4 USB down ports. I bought this monitor to go with a new high-end (water cooled) system I just pieced together, so I got to use the DisplayPort and it connected right out of the box. My ONLY complaint would be regarding the small and somewhat clumsy menu and on/off buttons. Once you master the flow of the menu to tweak it the way you want it, you shouldn't have to mess with these buttons much down the road - but they are a pain (and small) to mess with at first.

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Good Case / Purchase1/30/2013 8:21:13 PM

Pros: - Well Ventilated - More than adequate interior space - Sturdy steel frame trimmed in ABS plastic (Solid Build) - Easy access HD and component trays - Tray on top of case (for USB = phones, MP3, etc.)

Cons: None that I've been able to determine at this time.

Overall Review: Took delivery of this case today, along with the CORSAIR HX Series HX850 (W) power supply. The two joined nicely. The rubber padding provided in the case gave the PS a good feel (+ less vibration.) The black matte finish of the case (interior and exterior), feels good to the touch and looks just as nice. The plastic HD trays are somewhat flimsy (by design), but are easy to use, reduce weight, and should cut-down on vibration (and noise.) The case is awaiting delivery (tomorrow) of it's new resident MB, CPU and memory. I plan to attach a water cooler (CORSAIR H100i) over the weekend, then hopefully flip the switch. Overall I'm very happy with this product and purchase.

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Amazing Performance11/6/2009 8:24:41 PM

Pros: I decided to finally purchase this drive after several days of research and couldn't be happier. I installed this SSD in a newly built water KOOLANCE rig running an Intel Q9650 3GHz cip, paired with 6G of Kingston DDR3 RAM (7-7-7-24) with an ATI 4870 1G GPU. Windows 7 (x64) loads from POST to finish in a crisp 13 secs. I did get burned with the latest Intel firmware issue (which was pulled from Intel's web site), but all-in-all, words can't describe the performance boosts seen across the board. Currently my rig is returning a Windows 7 performance index score of 7.4, with the SSD returning a scrore of 7.8 (out of 7.9.) Currently the weakest link is the memory and CPU which came in with the 7.4 index (haven't even thought about overclocking the rig yet, these are all stock speeds.) I was getting substained read speeds of around 230/240MB/s with write speeds in the area of 78/85MB/s. Once the price drops a bit more, I plan to purchase a second drive for a RAID 0 setup.

Cons: Burned by recent Intel firmware (which was pulled the day after release.) If you reformat the drive (using HHDSecure - a secure erasing drive tool needed to reset these drives), you may encounter issues installing Windows. The drive go into a fronzen state and you have to tweek the BIOs and reinstall the OS to get the OS on the drive. I'm guessing this issue will be resolved with the next Intel BIOS update which will bring back the TRIM feature.

Overall Review: AWESOME Drive! Would love to have another one (one day soon!)

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Good Monitor - Fair Price - Compair9/23/2008 8:35:43 PM

Pros: Nice large screen. Stylish and sleek design. Good color depth.

Cons: No "height" option on provided stand - only tilt and swivel. Slight "white" banding along top and bottom of screen. While the colors are bright, clean and crisp, the screen is somewhat brighter than expected - had to turn down the brightness some 30 points to make viewing comfortable. I didn't find any of the preconfigured environment "presets" (movies, internet, games, etc.) useful.

Overall Review: By profession, I'm a lead PC repair technician for Firedog at a local Circuit City store. I've been eyeing a new monitor for a new system build. I've been considering this monitor, as well as an HP model (W2207H). I bought this monitor as an impulse purchase, based on an instant discount offered from NewEgg, as well as a $30 mail-in rebate from HP - making the final cost $239. Initially, I hooked up the monitor via my DVI video connection. Within 2 days the screen started to flicker (on several occasions), then eventually died. I think my older (GX 5600) video card was having issues with the high resolutions, or the DVI cable itself was bad, or it could possibly be the monitor as well - I haven't tested the DVI connection with a new DVI cable yet. Instead, I grabbed the provided VGA cable and all is working fine for the moment. When now comparing this monitor to the HP, I do honestly say I wish I had gone with the HP. But overall I'm fairly pleased with this purchase.

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