Died after 4 Months4/21/2016 7:16:29 PM

Pros: It was fast

Cons: It died after 4 months. Not recognizable in two computers. Difficult to send back to manufacturer when the data is not encrypted. Hopefully, SanDisk can come to a reasonable solution.

Overall Review: Edit: SanDisk allowed me to drill holes in the SSD to render it unreadable and honored their warranty. Back up and running now. Modified the review from 1 to 4 eggs. Hardware does fail from time to time.

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PNY GTX 970 Review10/22/2014 3:10:36 PM

Pros: Like other 970's this card offers good performance for the price. Unlike others, the fan does not seem to be any louder than my case/CPU fans. (4X120mm) It certainly can handle an overclock up to +100. I do not plan to overclock this one until end of life so I will not be pushing it any further until it is necessary. (I can play all my games with max graphics settings at 60 FPS regardless. (1920X1080 60 Hertz) I'm sure it will handle a multiple monitor setup with ease. However, when overclocking I would expect it would throttle due to temp at some point. At load, temp in my case it runs up to 79 degrees. However, My desktop is housed in a cabinet (Back removed). Perhaps, we will find the true thermal limit on these in the future. This unit offers Mini display port outputs, so if you are like me and are running multiple older monitors with various adapters over the years you can appreciate not having to purchase more. (+-$30 each) If registered, this card offers a Lifetime warranty. Most websites list it only as one year.

Cons: If you want to show off your hardware, this card is not the most gaudy. However, it is black and sleek. It is simple, but most likely no one will pay attention anyway. Some people say it feels cheap, but after its installed its not like you are going to touch it everyday....Are you?

Overall Review: System: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor 3.6 boost to 3.9 8192 MByte Ram DDR3 (1600) Asus M4A785TD-EVO PNY GTX 970 (+100 Core) 3D Mark 11 (Basic): 10690 Graphics Score:14987 Physics 5736

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Solid Card4/11/2011 3:29:28 PM

Pros: Good overall performance. Seems to be overkill for 1920 X 1280 but it is nice to be ahead of the curve. This card is cheap. 1 gig memory is supposed to be enough unless you using eyefinity. Overclocks well.

Cons: Generally runs hot. (not out of specs) but you have to consider airflow. No bios switch on this one.

Overall Review: I see lots of negative reviews right now, I don't think they are all justified. But I have had problems in the past and understand that graphics cards can be touchy and almost have their own personality. Most problems I have read about can be caused by multiple things, not necessarily the graphics card.

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XFX 7600 GT WOW!12/6/2006 12:57:34 PM

Pros: The XFX 7600 GT (Stock) is faster than the 7800 GS (Stock) as seen in comparisons on the net. It can play the most recent games. F.E.A.R can play with 30ish FPS(Maxed Out). Half Life 2 is no problem at all. My XFX 7600 GT overclocks well, however only gives me a 5% increase in benchmarks. I will not overclock this card beyond the original testing. Note this card also has dual DVI outputs, not a common feature on a card in this range. I have heard comments the fan is loud. However, it is much quieter than the fan on the 7600 GS. You may find this cheaper on the net, but you will not find another online store with the reputation of Newegg.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The 7600GS 512 even though it has only DDR 2 memory clocked at 550 (DDR Rate) can be overclocked to be competitive with the 7600 GT. The 512MB memory does help if you turn the “Eye Candy” all the way up. Note, I have owned the 7600GS and the XFX 7600 GT. I can see about a 10% increase in the XFX 7600 GT (Stock Core 580 Mem 1500) vs. the 7600 GS 512. (Overclocked: Core 485, Mem 800) I burnt the 7600 GS up with overclocking. Note that overclocking voids your warrenty. My specs: Barton 3200, 333FSB Dual 19” LCD Monitors, 2Gig Ram. XFX 7600 GT: Buy It 7600 GS: Avoid it. (Unless you plan on overclocking and getting the 7600 GT later like I did!) 7800 GS: Avoid it as the 7600 GT is faster and less money. ATI 1950 AGP: Possible if you have a 939 Mainboard with an AGP Slot and a decent processor to avoid a CPU bottleneck

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