Good Card for Physx12/3/2011 8:58:26 AM

Pros: Cheap, Cool, Low Watts

Cons: 5850 + GT430 (Hybrid Physx) Works awesome, downclocks to 50/135 when not in use so very low heat and power usage. Really the ideal solution if you want to mess around with physx on the cheap and not overheat your system.

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Doesn't Work4/25/2011 9:41:26 AM

Pros: Price and potential

Cons: Drivers/Won't Work

Overall Review: I'm having the same problem as the guy below. Desktop seems to work fine but fire up anything that uses 3D/DirectX and the card freezes after about 5 minutes regardless of game or load. I will try contacting Powercolor to see if there is a secret to getting this thing to work. It's not really worth returning at this point but I will if I have to.

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Manufacturer Response:
Double check with your motherboard manufacturer that you have the latest BIOS update for the motherboard, and also be sure that you have the latest AGP/Chipset drivers installed for your motherboard as well. If you continue to have problems, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do to help you out. My e-mail is, thanks. -Hugo
Best AMD Chip Ever!1/19/2009 6:47:43 PM

Pros: Runs amazingly cool for mhz. +.025V Core = 3600MHZ @ 240 X 15 on a Gigabyte 790GP=DS4H. Linpack stable Had a 9950 and there is no comparison in heat output. At 3600mhz this thing runs 10C cooler than my 9950 at 3000mhz with the same cooler, (Zalman 9700). After a week or so will push the multi to see where to top is.

Cons: AMD will get end up getting little credit for such and awesome clocking processor.

Overall Review: Intel who?

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Nice board / Nice Chipset7/3/2008 6:39:54 AM

Pros: What a nice little board, scores 5900 on 3dmark01 with a single core LE1600. Amazing chipset AMD has here!

Cons: The ongoing SATA issues with regards to having to run in Native IDE Mode

Overall Review: Would definitely buy another

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HD3870 running sweet now!4/28/2008 12:25:13 PM

Pros: Does everything it says and more. Never get's over 75C after hours of Crysis. That is with a case temp of 104+ and an 80F room. Idles at just a degree or two over the case temp.

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: Second Arctic Cooling VGA cooler and will continue to buy and recommend.

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As advertised, Nice Processor1/16/2008 10:07:44 AM

Pros: Does 3ghz no sweat

Cons: For some reason cool n quiet doesn't work. It worked with my other processor on the same board but doesn't with this chip. Any ideas?

Overall Review: If AMD had 4mb+ cache on these things I bet they would keep up with the other guy.

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Awesome Card6/5/2006 1:36:18 PM

Pros: Had this card about 2 months now and have running the heck out of it. I have Overdrive set to 675/775 running without a hitch.

Cons: Had to replace stock coller cause it was too loud.

Overall Review: 9800Pro to 6800GT now back to Ati with this card. Ati does produce better visuals with better framerates when AA/AF is turned on.

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Very Nice Once Everything is Patched1/14/2006 7:11:12 AM

Pros: Awesome Performance 2 instances of Divix to DVD running at the same time, each converting a 2 disc xvid to dvd...a little over an hour. the same as my old 3200+ did one. Patched Quake 4 is also awesome, 50%+ jump in performance

Cons: Patching required to experiance this cpu to it's fullest. The unknowing are missing out. Follow this guide:

Overall Review: thought it wasn't worth first

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8/7/2005 9:17:55 AM

Comments: Since noone else will say... Mine does 450/425 rock solid. Max core was 463 and max mem was about 440. 10089 3dm2003. Great Card! ------------------------------

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