Awesome headset11/13/2019 6:35:22 PM

Pros: Overall sound and mic quality are very good. Sound out of the box is a little flat but EQ in software gives a lot of control over the sound to your liking. Construction is sturdy, the metal on the outside of the earcups is a nice touch. Headband has length adjustment and earcups have full 180 degree swivel. Battery life is acceptable and the recharge through USB type C is fast. Also if running in wired mode with the USB-C cable, sound quality does run at a higher bitrate. The LED's look fine but aren't set to max brightness by default. Mic is detachable. With the mic in, you can enable in software a mic passthrough so you can hear yourself and your surroundings more through the head set which is a cool feature. Contents comes with a nice carrying case, charging cable (USB to USB type C) and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Cons: Volume doesn't go loud enough. Maybe it's because I've lost some of my hearing but I would like these to be louder at the top volume setting. I also found that bass response was a little lacking - depending on what style of music you like. For things like rock and punk it was just fine but for rap or d&b I found it a little underwhelming.

Overall Review: Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. Sound and mic quality are top notch for a gaming headset. If you aren't turned off by the price, I highly recommend.

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Quality product.10/26/2019 2:33:55 PM

Pros: Heavy duty, high build quality. All LED zones look fine. Works flawless with Corsair iCue software. Metal housing gives the stand a weighty feel.

Cons: Corsair iCue RGB control software has been recently shown to negatively impact gaming performance more than other RGB control software. See GamersNexus video for more information. It isn't terribly bad, but it is noticeable in benchmarking, usually losing a couple FPS on average. This isn't an issue with the stand itself but with the software required to change the lighting effects.

Overall Review: Highly recommend if you are looking for a nice headphone stand, and already use iCue software, or don't have any other RGB software for other components.

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Good headset for the sale price.6/8/2017 5:10:22 PM

Pros: - Ear cups are big enough to go around my big ears without folding them. - Sound is great. - Mic is very clear. - It might be a bit of a gimmick but I really like the bass rumble feature, it adds more meat to the lows. - Controls are functional and it lights up when you mute your mic, so it's easy to tell and you wont spend time talking to your buds on mute because you forgot to unmute yourself. - USB 7.1 sound

Cons: - First off, getting the correct driver was a hassle. Apparently the CD doesn't have Windows 10 drivers so I went to the website. After about 10 tries I finally found the one that worked for this particular headset. - The metal band that runs over the top of the headset sounds like a big bell when you touch it while wearing them. Not terrible but not optimal either. - Cord is just slightly short, depending on your setup. Even just an extra foot or two would be nice. - Controls don't have a clip, so you cant attach it to your person, and sometimes it gets caught under my arm, and buttons get pushed, raising or lowering the volume. - Couldn't find this particular model in red, so it doesn't match the rest of my setup. Aside from the driver issue, everything else is pretty minor.

Overall Review: Worth the money if you can find them on sale. A solid headset in the 60-70 dollar range.

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