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great sounding clunkers7/22/2015 10:18:46 AM

Pros: Overall excellent sound on the warm, lush side. Deep bass. Very well built. Nice packaging.

Cons: Large. Heavy. Thick cord. No shirt clip. Somewhat uncomfortable in the ear.

Overall Review: They came in the most elaborate packaging I've ever seen. It's a work of art, really, but that's not what I'm paying for. I really want to like these earbuds. The sound is excellent and the build quality is excellent. I think they might actually survive more than a year or two at my desk, which is where I will use them 100% of the time for my work up to 10 hours a day. The sound is rich and balanced and the bass augmentation really does work if you want it to. Otherwise, they sound perfectly fine for the $50-70 street price. My problem with these earbuds is that they are heavy and large. They come without a shirt clip and after an hour or so my ears started to ache. I rigged up a hair clip on the cable to clip to my shirt but after five or six hours my ears start to ache from the weight. Also, I don't think the tips that come with them are that comfortable. They are shaped like a bucket, flat on the end, and they cause some soreness, too. I tried some round silicone tips from some cheap buds I had and that helped a lot but they would keep falling off in my ear because the mounting hole was too large. Bottom line - Good sound and should be durable but expect to tweak them to get good fit and comfort. Probably not suitable for sports or extensive travel.

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Great deal, thanks7/17/2013 8:06:41 AM

Pros: Like new machine Samsung SSD Not too much bloatware Very well built Everything works!

Cons: None but see below

Overall Review: I could find no evidence my laptop was ever used by anyone. I have now tested everything possible and the only glitch is the back USB port will not read a particular foot pedal that I use for work, but the pedal does work on all the other ports, and anything else I plug into this port works fine. Dell is known for glitchy USB management (KVM switches especially), so I am not knocking an egg for this. For the $340 I paid, this was a phenomenal deal.

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12/2/2012 9:58:04 PM

Pros: Belkin continues with 100% reliability in my experience.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I have about 20 ethernet cables with about 15 being Belkin. The Belkin's have always been trouble-free.

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12/2/2012 9:53:07 PM

Pros: Works perfectly and runs quiet and cool.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bought this to test three old IDE drives I had (2 bad, 1 good) so I have only used it those three times so far. It's a nice little case that worked perfectly for what I needed.

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12/2/2012 9:44:49 PM

Pros: All metal construction Quiet power supply It just works

Cons: I don't feel it is worth subtracting a star because everyone does it, but I wish companies would start moving the power supply bricks away from the plugs by at least six inches or so. It's so hard to fit them onto power strips or UPS's.

Overall Review: After running out of ports on my 8-port 10/100 switch that I have had for years, I decided to stick with the 16-port 10/100 switch because of seeing slightly more problems with 10/100/1000 switches in general and the fact that 10/100 mb is plenty fast for our house, even streaming 1080p videos. As expected, five minutes after unboxing it I was up and running and have had zero problems since. I will keep the 8-port switch as a backup or place it downstream on the network somewhere else in the house. I have been very happy with these Netgear 10/100 switches.

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Had to return after three weeks12/20/2011 9:09:24 PM

Pros: It worked fine No install glitches

Cons: ATSC tuner not up to snuff

Overall Review: Installed in a Win7-64 running WMC. I wanted to use this strictly as a OTA ATSC tuner, no QAM. I'm in a very tough reception area behind a couple of hills and through many trees. My Digital Stream dtx-9500 CECB D2A tuner works admirably in this setting, but it only outputs SD and I want to watch HDTV. I was hoping the HVR-1250 would give me equal performance to the CECB given it's newer technology. Unfortunately, it was not even close. I couldn't get half the stations that the Digital Stream could. When it did get a station, it was a beautiful picture and the card itself worked flawlessly. That's why I gave it three stars, but someone call me when there is a tuner card that equals the performance of the best of the CECB boxes.

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