The Case is Fantastic, but Phanteks' Support Team....hmm4/14/2014 12:57:47 AM

Pros: I'm loving the case. It's got a sweet finish and looks both refined, elegant and bold. It's huge, holds plenty of space to work with and cable management is a breeze. Cooling seems great too. I'm still using only the stock fans, which are also really quiet when not at full load, and even then they're hardly loud. This case covers what seems like all the needs a pc builder would want. (Except maybe size and weight)

Cons: It's pretty heavy! Really heavy with everything in it. It's pretty tough lifting it and a hassle moving it around. It isn't a big deal for me though as I also really like the sturdiness of an all steel case and am comfortable with the trade off.

Overall Review: My case came with some odd scratching marks within the side panel window. The scratches cannot be felt from either side of the panel, so I'm sure it's a manufacturing error. i thought a simple RMA request would fix it and I like that Phanteks has a hassle free warranty for the first year. I am unable to contact them by phone during their work hours so I have to resort to email. The first time I sent an RMA request I never received a response. I sent a second RMA request three weeks later, and was contacted the day of and was asked for more information and a photo if possible. I did a day later because of work. Since then, nothing. It's already been a week. Be wary of the responsiveness of the company's support team. This doesn't stop me from giving the product 5 stars, but it doesn't make me very happy with the manufacturer.

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