My first modular psu5/10/2012 9:35:34 PM

Pros: Replaced my OCZ 700w (which is still doing great) and freed up a ton of space in my Antec 300. Unexpectedly dropped temps down 3-5º C all over the place including my gpu and cpu. Very quiet and feels quite sturdy.

Cons: Definitely not meant for bottom-mount. Had to arrange the SATA cables in a pretty nasty way to get them to go into the drives properly. It works but I just don't like putting strain on the cables or the connectors themselves.

Overall Review: The modular cables make me realize how poorly suited the Antec 300 is for cable management, too. Time for another upgrade!

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Yay! Speed!9/1/2011 6:14:58 PM

Pros: Excellent improvement over my hdd (see other thoughts) being used as a boot drive for Win7 64 and my most used programs along with Bad Company 2 (soon to be swapped out for BF3 yay!)

Cons: I need a SATAIII add on card and Firmware 0009 to take full advantage of this drive. Too scared to do the firmware update, haha

Overall Review: Crystal Disk Mark scores with my 320gb SATAII Caviar Blue in parentheses: Read/Write Seq - 270/111 (96/95) 512k - 249/104 (45/51) 4k - 19/60 (0.6/1.0) 4k QD32 - 189/109 (1.8/1.1) MSI X58m (BIOS 3.0) i7 920 @ 2.67 3x2gb Crucial Ballistix Sport 1333 Galaxy GTX460 768mb WD Caviar Blue 320gb Seagate 500gb External And this drive :D

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Great buy!9/1/2011 6:06:10 PM

Pros: Had 3x1gb DDR3-1333 and replaced it with these. BIOS recognized it without issue and I didn't have to alter timings or anything else. WEI score bumped from 5.9 to 7.4 or something, which I didn't expect. I can record gameplay via Fraps to the same drive the game is on without taking the massive hit the 3gb set up took which I'm really happy about.

Cons: None. Hope it stays that way!

Overall Review: X58m with BIOS 3.0. Everything seems nice and snappy now!

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Easy!9/1/2011 6:01:36 PM

Pros: My SSD didn't come with the necessary screws but this did. Easy to install and low price.

Cons: I'll need more with future SSDs, hah

Overall Review: I like the metal construction of it, especially since it isn't flimsy.

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Good stuff9/1/2011 5:58:49 PM

Pros: Quiet, does the job I was hoping it would do.

Cons: Hopefully it lasts!

Overall Review: I bought this to help tame my MSI X58M's Northbridge temperatures (80-85ºc under load, 71-74º idle) and it did exactly that: I have not breached 60ºc under load. I may still remove the heatsink to put Arctic Silver on there to further enhance the cooling but man, what a difference. I can't hear it over any of my other fans (Antec 300, fans on medium) which is a huge plus as I was worried it might be a high pitch whine or something. This is what the X58's should have had on them to begin with!

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Great card8/22/2011 10:40:48 AM

Pros: It has never been above 71ºc and I can typically play Bad Company 2 without breaching 65º--that is extremely impressive for such a quiet fan. My previous card was a 4850 which IDLED at 85º. The difference this makes for the cooling of all the components in my case is amazing (except the stupid Northbridge.) I think this is the best just-below-mainstream card since the Ti4200.

Cons: Definitely takes a performance hit with the extras turned on; in Bad Company 2 with my setup it will drop 20-25% of the framerate going from 1xAA to 8x. With full settings (32xAA and HBAO) it loses much more, from 90-120fps down to 45-70fps . Still playable but it depends on the amount of action on screen--particles from explosions/dirt flying kill it more than anything else. But in multiplayer my concern is smooth framerate, no smooth edges, so this hit isn't a big deal at all to me.

Overall Review: Looking forward to seeing how my current setup works with BF3. System: i7 920 c0 @ stock MSI X58m 3x1gb Wintec ampX DDR3 1333 WD Caviar Blue 320gb 1920x1080 LG Flatron OCZ StealthXStream 700w Antec 300 + Corsair H50 Considering an SLI setup but will need a new PSU :(

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8/31/2010 8:01:23 PM

Pros: Quieter than I expected, very nice color and they are certainly doing the job I was hoping for.

Cons: I had to buy and install this myself. Life is hard.

Overall Review: My hdd crapped out in my old system so I decided to change a few things, starting with an Antec 300 case. Switched up from an E4300 to an E6850 while keeping my Visiontek 4850. The card used to IDLE at 80c and could hit upwards of 105-107c. Now, with the 120 and 140mm fans that came with the case and the 3 120mm Apevia fans, it runs at 61c idle and 78-81c load. Remarkable difference. Oh, and my 6850 idles around 18-20c and 36-41c under load, a full 10c lower than the significantly slower E4300 I used to have. Awesome!

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8/31/2010 7:54:36 PM

Pros: Easy install, SATA, can do dual layer DVD writing and it is cheap! And it says Asus on the front so people know you're for real! Yay!

Cons: A whole lot louder than my previous drive and a very different type of sound...more mechanical, I suppose, as opposed to the usual whining sound similar to what CS:S players make.

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