Nikolai553 260 GTX vs 470 GTX +plus some10/12/2010 9:31:56 AM

Pros: This particular Video is veryyyy quite even at 90% manual fan while gaming hard, its more quite then my cpu heatsink fan raving on for hours each week. 1. One pro I like alot is that this card stays very cool but temps will be greatly effected by the room temperature due to its open heat sink. 2. Its just a little better than the 260 gtx in my opinion, in the games I play ( arma2, metro 2033, etc ) the performance has improved but not significantly. 3. dx11 support ( and it runs dx11 quite well mind you ) for many games. But so far Metro 2033 ( very good game, don't let others lead you astray from it... and the 360 version looks like crud compared to maxed pc settings ) will be the only semi noticeable game on the market for this support. 4. Very high quality parts for this card 5. lowest temps you can find for a 470 gtx ( running at 98% of the card's max capacity for multiple hours brought my card to 85-90c and that is the common range for a standard 470 gtx ) that

Cons: I was tired and didnt want to write a good full review with lots of details. Sorry gents not this time for Niko. as for the card... I wish disk would just go away.. its a waste of program space and disk space... useless thing it is ...and the card seems flimsy in the back due to the different heatsink type mounted on instead of the regular style. ( basicaly less support... long as you dont push down hard then no problems )

Overall Review: my specs: q9550 overclocked to 3.7ghz (old mobo ) evga 780i sli motherboard 4 gigs of g.skill ram (pc8500) windows 7 64 bit 500gb western digital HDD 850 watt psu with 34 Amp rails no need to post monitor-keyboard-mouse-desk... like some other people that post reviews and this has been another honest review by Newegg lover Nikolai553

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Good as it really gets ( Nikolai553 )12/9/2009 2:22:43 PM

Pros: 300 kilomete island with zero loading screens while playing and zero force field barriers -the options of having a unique game experience every time you play is near endless -VERY MATURE people play this game ( no 12 year old hyper children) -Lots of play time can be sunk into this game (thousands of hours if you dont watch yourself ) -graphics are a major plus for what the game is ( its based on real life not glossy grass such as COD ) -You can drive bikes, bicycles, planes, boats,tanks,trucks,cars,helicopters, and even CHICKENS! -Many factions to play as online -there are such things as 100 man servers in this game ( MAJOR BATTLES FIELDS! ) -LOTS OF CUSTOM CONTENT OFP to ARMA1 now to ARMA two there are tons of custom content that rain in for this game on a daily basis -Fantastic community of people ( very friendly and understand no other game has such great people and most of them are over the age of 30 with Ex military Experience) - Militaries use a game like this to t

Cons: A few minor bugs nothing major, the biggest bug you will notice would be AI not following commands you order ( but with online play you practically never worry about that because pvp is just the best part of this game hands down if you buy the game you havent felt the experience until your in a major battle with 50 men on both sides fighting it out over 50 square miles of pure hell ) The only other noticeable glitch/flaw/bug is if you run over a brick fence with a vehicle the fence will go into your vehicle instead of away. and the final con which is the most expensive the computer requirements to run the game! if you want to play on most of the high settings then it will cost you a good $2,000 if your wanting max everything The graphics in my opinion are great anything higher from what they are now would mean no one could run the game due to extremely high pc requirements ( crysis is nothing in requirements compared to Arma2 )

Overall Review: If your wanting a game full of real people who care for one another and will actually be your friend in a game this is your game. If you looking for a game that will provide you with the best military experience in all fields ( besides space and major naval) then this will take the cake COD fans play this game and hate it why? you may ask well because its to difficult to understand how to kill some one outside the normal point and shoot mind. In this game you can be shot from a sniper a mile away and no one will know where he is or was. Or perhaps you were bombed by that passing A10 or even found in a artillery bombardment. You must be aware of what you are doing and what you should be doing otherwise you simple dont dont live. The controls are very simple if you can understand the basic movements the soldier then you can fly or drive anything else really. For me the game was worth the wait and money dont let the COD fans ruin this great experience for you with great people

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must have1/11/2009 1:38:58 AM

Pros: very sleek jet look to it fast response adjustable speeds within 1 second perfect side buttons ( cant miss click very easy ) cool blue LED on the sides 2 marco buttons ( which I dont use ) fits great but will require a day or less to adjust long left and right click buttons very easy to press its covered in a oil substance?

Cons: only con I can find about this mouse it if your hand sweats alot like mine does in gaming then you will leave a mark which looks like a grease spot or something but a good sock will fix that ;) not really a con I suppose but I dont like it

Overall Review: the extra program is nice but I feel the stock speed is good as it gets and in the program messes it up just slightly to sensitive or not very sensitive. if your worry about the side buttons being clicked alot dont worry they are pretty much like a keyboards keys when it comes to being pressed, my hand is constantly on them and they never are miss clicked they are just stiff enough to where if you have to press on them to move great mouse you should buy this puppy I went from a old $ten dollar laser mouse to this $sixty five mouse and I feel like a cabbage knowing I could of had this instead of blah its worth the $$ hold the left side button and scrolling will change your speeds and will be displayed on the three lights 3 is the fastest 2 is medium and 1 or 0 are the slowest settings all of which can be changed to fast or slow IN GAME or you can change the speed. I love this mouse and I swear I can plit a hair in half with how this mouse has improved my aiming, I say again

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lovin it1/11/2009 1:25:19 AM

Pros: great keyboard lighting looks nice doesnt include the billion and 1 useless keys goes well with my NZXT Avatar mouse! Decent weight to the keyboard and it doesnt move unless you want it to be moved handrest is alright

Cons: not all the keys are fully lighted, you can see the underglow but the letter may be almost all the way lighted but its not a big deal for me I CAN STILL SEE IT FINE!

Overall Review: after going from cheap keyboard I would pick up here and there to THIS..well I'm not going back I chose this keyboard over the G15 1. for its not HUGE! 2. all the keys are a nice blue colors and all of them have lighting 3. its heavy and stays in place 4. its slim 5. its cheaper than the G15 and works the same if not better in my opinion for me having the NZTX Avatar mouse next to this looks like they were made for each other I was thinking wow when I first set them both out. old Niko will be buying this keyboard again or the next version of this keyboard if or when this one decides to brake. key pressing is smooth and its not so light to where you cant feel the keys ( i hate that ) but you can hear the clicking but its alot better then the old 1990's keyboards like i use to have lol as I said earlier the lighting is pretty much all the way filled and if your gaming they dont shine on your screen and you will forget its on until you look down.. man its so much ni

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wooo1/11/2009 1:13:46 AM

Pros: bright if not over bright awsome max resolution NO DEAD PIXELS, HDMI for your xbox 360 needs is always nice, of course its made by ASUS must buy its great

Cons: ermm the orange button seems like a random choice added on but their a small blue light to the right of it

Overall Review: for every one worried about Light Bleed this puppy has hardly any or for me unnoticable bleed I never see and I dont know whats every one's rave about it its I dont see any light bleed. The tilting stand was night for me because I like to sit low to my desk. the black finish is very nice but does take on hand prints ( be sure to take the pealing off once you have it in place and ready to go to prevent ruining the glossy look for awhile ) the menu takes abit to get use to but its nice after 5 mins of under standing ( I prefer theater mode over anything else with my own brightness and gamma adjustments ) my old classic CRT monitor is put to shame now with its small 17 inch 1280x1024 max res but it makes a good duel screen to have :D after some adjustments this monitor and my good oll CRT monitor look the same! to let every one know with this high of res your AA settings should be off or around 2 to 4 and anything will look so much nicer. buy this monitor and worth

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nice1/11/2009 12:59:04 AM

Pros: great power with many! cables and connectors

Cons: its kinda heavy but besides that none

Overall Review: I finally under how smoother game play can be accomplished with lower frames such as 13 frames...if its nearly unbareable then your low on power that was my problem, my 9800 gtx would always have a hard time underload in heavy games with low frames wellll this baby fixed it right up and she stays cool

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nice1/1/2009 1:24:57 AM

Pros: every direction is fully hearable ( well up and down has its corks) long cord detachable mic very choosy easy pads alot of features

Cons: only real cons I have found are after a hour of use my big ears start to get sore so I have to take these off for a min or two. ( but these were not decent for large ears) Second con I have found is the program takes a awhile to tweak to where sound is not all bass ( treble was the best setting for me atleast )

Overall Review: I like the vibration controls gives you there theater feeling 3-5 only! make sure you have both sound jacks and usb plugged in otherwise dont switch from usb to jacks or you loose sound! and you have to end up plugging the jacks back in to get your sound back ( perhaps a con? ) I've always had cheap headphones and not wanting to spend more then $20, well after my 5th pare loosing its sound from cheapy's I decent to try a surrond sound headset and man I'm not going back! must buy

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long!12/25/2008 11:22:43 AM

Pros: very long and not to bad for gaming!

Cons: its not fiber optic ;D

Overall Review: I used this cable to reach around my two story house from the 2nd floor where my router is located down to my living room on the other side of my house to a xbox 360, the cable works great and after a few months of rain and snow, the cable is still working in the elements. ( its under the outside house paneling though ) good buy for a decent cable

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not bad for its use12/25/2008 11:15:46 AM

Pros: the range is alright for my use, medium/short range

Cons: the wireless program is junk, just use the built in wireless program for windows to save yourself alot of problems. I had so many problems trying to get passwords to work and granted access to users with the program, its not worth installing- just install the drivers

Overall Review: I bought two of these cards for old computers to connect to a router in a seperate room nearby to save on cutting out the wall, they get about 75% or so of signal though two walls and across a small hallway. not bad for standard surfing on the net not wise to buy for gaming

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WOO!8/5/2008 11:10:06 PM

Pros: this is a very nice laptop, it can run alot of games on decent settings such as crysis and arma. The screen is very nice with no dead pixels and to top that off this puppy is fully customizable and it has a webcam and a mic ( newegg did not state it comes with a mic but it does, its to the lower right of the webcam small hole ) This laptop even comes with extra goodies such as the handbag and mouse, with restore disks, driver disks, but no OS disk :/

Cons: this baby gets warm but not on your hand like some other posts have stated the heat release is located behind the screen. I wish the mouse was wireless and a little bigger :D

Overall Review: you cant go wrong with this laptop trust me, duel boot with xp for gaming and vista for everything else. it does come with a mic and the heat exhaust is at the back of the laptop ( not the right side ) the speakers are ok but with a little volume editing or even headphones it is very fine. spend the money to buy this then buy a t9300 cpu for a real powerfull laptop. thats what I'm doing :)

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NICE!7/31/2008 1:45:58 PM

Pros: this thing runs wonderful with games and with a good gpu this baby will take you to hell and back and ask for another trip

Cons: it seems to run the same temp of my old pentium D 3.0ghz around 50-60c, I have good cooling but it is the summer

Overall Review: make sure you have a good cpu heatsink ( like a $40+ one ) otherwise it may be alittle warm a must buy for any budget gamer who wants good game play with my 9800 gtx this thing pulls 50 frames in crysis on HIGH

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not bad at all7/23/2008 10:01:47 AM

Pros: This card is high quality and can preform just as well as any other 9800 GTX.

Cons: Wish I could get two

Overall Review: I really don't care for the game Lost but its a free game. I bought this card to replace my broken 8800 gts 512mb card and this thing was so much cooler and faster. Heck on 82% fan speed with riva tuner this thing stays around 56c or less while gaming for me.

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hmm6/20/2008 10:32:51 PM

Pros: very good card with a great price

Cons: low fps with my Pentium D cpu, will upgrade for sure

Overall Review: the 9800 gtx dropped $100 after i bought this card...its the same price now

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