Very nice card1/25/2012 5:14:23 AM

Pros: This is my second card from MSI in the past year (first went into my wife's pc). Both have had tons of overclocking headroom due to MSI's superior cooling. -Stays cool - idles at around 40 and tops out at about 65ish -Quiet (reasonably) - you will need to install MSI Afterburner to get an optimal fan profile. As others have said, out of the box the fans either are too low or kick in way too high. -Overclocks well - This card comes pretty heavily overclocked stock, but you should be able to push it quite a bit further. I have mine at 1000/2000 and 2300. I can actually go higher than this and be stable but choose not to (see other thoughts). -

Cons: Nothing worthy of dropping an egg for. Just understand that out of the box this card is not set up optimally. With MSI Afterburner and 5 minutes though, it will be.

Overall Review: There are a few small things that you should take into consideration if you are considering this card. - you need to adjust the fan profile a bit to keep the card quiet - I highly recommend lowering the stock voltage the card comes with (1.062). This is what leads most people that review this card to say it either runs hot or too loud. If you get a more finicky card you may have to leave the voltage somewhat close to what MSI sets it at stock, but in my case I dropped it down to 1.025 and saw a decrease in temps of about 8-10 degress C. This allowed me to set a fan profile that never goes much higher than 60% (and yes, this is running at the speeds I mentioned in Pros), allowing the card to remain cool and quiet. I can't push the card much further than the speeds I mentioned above at this voltage, but that is a small price to pay for a card that is running cool and silent over 21% faster than a stock 560ti.

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Wow, just wow...10/8/2010 6:32:39 AM

Pros: -Super Quiet. -Overclocks very easily with the included MSI Afterburner software. Seriously, it took about five minutes after installation to get a substantial OC going (in the range of 15-20%...WOW). -Pretty small for how powerful it is.

Cons: None that I can see.

Overall Review: This card is fatastic. It may be a bit more expensive than some of the other GTX460 768mb cards but from what I can tell none of them overclock like this one. People have pushed this card enough to compete with much more expensive options like ATI's 5850 and 5870, and the card WILL STAY COOL in the process. I came from a ATI 4850 that was hitting close to 100 celsius regularly....absurd. Overclocking it was out of the question. Buy this card, spend 5 minutes overclocking it, and save yourself a ton of money and heat in the process.

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