Great Case for the Price - Now Sold as Jax11-W1/20/2018 10:40:31 AM

Pros: - Attractive and Clean Design: It allowed for a near cable-less interior. Quality & Feature for Price = 5 Eggs - The exterior is a bright white backed enamel with black plastic vent accents. - Optional ROM mount without the bulky cage, I was worried about this at first, but it's nice if your not mounting one. - Plenty of expansion space for both SSD and HDD - Will handle the longest GRX card you got. - Opening for Fan/Sink remounting without pulling the board. - Side panel has a half inch push out for cable management space. Not entirely needed with the stepped mount-plate design. - Great Size for ATX: Just the right amount of space if you want to build with Mechanical Drives or go SLI / Crossfire.

Cons: - Someone posted a 3 egg review for under the JAX12-W complaining that when he leaned on the case it dented. Really? - The metal on this case is thin, not the thinest I've seen, I would not recommend it to carry to a LAN party or to sit / lean on. - Not a Con, but some of the fan mounting and venting areas are "over perforated" making the metal weaker.

Overall Review: Assuming you don't get a unit that is damaged or missing something, and you understand the limits of the material and can visualize the provided measurements, there is no real reason not to see this as a 5 egg case given quality / feature for the price.

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Will Not Work With Latest Graphics Cards10/14/2016 6:30:55 PM

Pros: Great features, okay price, until I got around to installing a Graphics Card.

Cons: Graphic Artifacts and Lag / Low Frame Rates, Streaming Media & Gaming: 3 Different GTX 1070 ( from different MFG) & an AMD - RX480 - Multiple PSU Two Different Corsair PSUs, CX750M & TX650W, RAM Swapped, External NIC, Everything Except the board was Swapped.

Overall Review: Would Steer Clear of This Board, No Recent BIOS Updates, Tried Everything. Of Course It's past 30 Days. I built dozens of systems, I've worked as a PC repair technician for the last 15 years. Normally I stick to ASRock boards, but thought I'd give Gigabyte a shot, I've used them years ago. My Mistake, now between Newegg return policy and Gigabyte, best I can hope for is a refurbished board from a MFG that I don't want to be involved with anymore, along with a waist of time and shipping at my cost for a defective board under 90 days.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact us at with the case number 137434 in the e-mail subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
Basic Box for Internet, Email, or a Media Server for next to nothing.3/29/2016 2:50:12 PM

Pros: Everything you need minus the OS, perfect for a technician or builder with a little knowledge, or a Linux enthusiast. A little dated but enough for a backup box or a media server [Media on Attached NAS] not hosting. Good for a young child's first box, setup and install Toolwiz Timefreeze. Specs are enough to run the basics. 3GHz Dual Core is adequate to power Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Linux. 4GB of DDR 2 6400 is enough, but the board in mine, [DQ45CB] supports 16GB across 4 slots [2 Open] My unit came with a 160GB Seagate 7200rpm not the 80GB described [Thanks EPC]. Perfect to make a very usable 120GB with a 29GB backup partition. I loaded Windows 7 Pro SP1 [Thanks EPC] All the Updates and Drivers after extensive testing of all hardware. For those that care, MS Experience Index 1.0 - 7.9 as follows Processor: 6.5 Memory: 5.9 [Shared Max with GFX chip] Graphics: 4.4 3D Graphics: 3.6 Hard Drive: 5.9 I have the extra ram around so I'll move it to 8GB and I bought a graphics card 9SIA1N83V74323 .. [which I regret, $42 GT 710] that I might through in, to boost the numbers and provide for better media play through my TV. I wish that I could have bought a refurbished card for $15 to $25 bucks but Newegg's policy of not at least confirming inclusion of the low profile plate means I will never waste my time with those.

Cons: One minor scuff, not a con, but just pointing out that these are refurbished, such things should be expected. One issue, the unit's BIOS has an Intel feature [Intel Active Management Technology] on my unit's Intel DQ45CB motherboard, that caused the unit to power up for a second and power off, every few minutes. Fix is Below.

Overall Review: On the Intel DQ45CB - Enter bios with F2, navigate to Intel ME. The default password is admin (case sensitive), you have to change that to a strong password before proceeding. Your password has to be 8 to 32 characters long and must have at least one upper case character, one lower case character, one number, and a special character like !,@,#,$,%,^,&,*. Then go to IME configuration and change manageable feature from Intel AMT to none. Save and Exit! Thanks FritzWue

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What The F? on the Cost5/17/2015 9:27:53 PM

Pros: Nice badge to compliment your build. Fits nicely on a ROM plate.

Cons: I did a new build the end of 2013 and went with BitFenix fans, thought they deserved a badge on the case with the rest of the MFGs got it for $5.99 and thought that was a bit high for something the RAM and Graphics and CPU makers give for free. $30.00 for this badge is simply the MFG saying FU to their customers, maybe it's NE doing it as they can be found for $5 elsewhere.

Overall Review: Getting ready to do a new build.... Will not be buying the badge here...

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Good Board, Poor Delivery2/15/2014 2:35:22 AM

Pros: The board itself has good features and decent layout. For a small mATX PC it's as feature packed as your likely to find for the sub 75 price. At the time of my purchase it came with a code for Battle Field 4 which still sells for 60 bucks. Very little to fault the board without nit-picking.

Cons: The minor issues that people, and myself have with this board was on the support side. Some posts are talking about USB issues, which I had myself. For those of you concerned or having issues, it's in the fact that the USB 3 drivers are not posted on the MSI site for the board. They are not installed with the chipset drivers. The Live Update utility does download them for you if you run it, as well as the BIOS. A 1 egg reduction, for shipping a product that needs a BIOS update out of the box and not providing a simple driver on the motherboard page [where people are looking] that would solve every ones issue with the USB. I never had this kind of issue with ASRock.

Overall Review: The board is great as far as feature and design. If you make sure to install the Renesas USB 3 driver, not listed on the motherboard page, and go ahead and flash the BIOS right away, you can avoid the minor snags some of us have hit. The driver is on the DVD under others. or the Live Update will download it. Forget the link in the MFG response here, it's a dead link. Run your setup disc after OS install and you should be able to give 5 eggs.

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Initial Impressions2/13/2014 2:37:05 AM

Pros: Mounting was fairly straight forward. Size was a little bigger than I imagined, but not too big. Easy fan removal makes installation and service simple. Long 4 pin fan lead. Low comparative cost.

Cons: Package does not include back plate, and has a very small contact surface. I feel the heat pipes could have been staggered better for dissipation. Design seems to place a lot of torque on CPU surface. Contact surface not evenly polished. Fan / Sink mount is only 2 direction, to front of case or to the rear, no up or down.

Overall Review: The design and included parts for this Fan/Sink involve removing existing mounts on your motherboard and reusing the screws and back-plate from those mounts. In my case it worked fine, but I now need to store those parts for possible future use. Seemed to be a cost cutting trick, not worth the saving to me. The contact surface is much smaller than expected. The area not much bigger than a nickel, seems small compared to the CPU, about a forth of the surface area. The AC website diagrams the actual processor being much smaller than the area of the external CPU face, maybe this is somehow more effective but seems counter intuitive. The instructions while clear enough, instruct that the sink be tighten down until they bottom out and can not be tightened any further. Illustrations actually show the proper way is for the two metal mounts to bow up when tightened. In fairness most mounts I've used before always left me wondering how tight to go, without having a definitive stopping point, so this is neither positive or negative. All in all I think my initial impression is was not positive, but the product went in easily, and mounted securely, so I can not call it negative either. Other than not being able to point the airflow up into the PSU fan as I would have preferred I can't really say anything is wrong with the function or feature of this fan/sink. In retrospect, I might have gone with the Cooler Master Hyper T4 instead, but other than not including it's own back-plate and screws and a seemingly small contact surface, I can not fault the product. I would like to see a future redesign correct these things but I have no doubt it will be more effective than stock AMD fan/sink.

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Perfect for mATX Builds12/25/2013 9:58:08 PM

Pros: Layout and space are perfect for a well loaded micro ATX system. Well placed open space for larger graphics cards. I considered a sound dampened case but decided to sacrifice mfg. sound batting for a better layout. I did my own sound proofing for cheap with foam rubber sheets from local Hobby Lobby. Turned out great, system is silent and pretty to look at inside and out.

Cons: As mentioned by others, the removing of a plate to add a ROM drive, kind of ruins the otherwise nice clean looks of the face of this case. I would love to see a revision of this case that uses a drop down ROM cover, that hides the drive when closed. A bigger issue for me was the top vents. Todays components make a lot less heat, quiet is more of a premium then cooling. I have 4 120mm fans cooling my system not counting the big fan in the PSU. Anyone that decides they need to mount 2 more 140mm fans in the top really needs to rethink fan farming. If not eliminated in a future revision they should include a sound proofed cover like other Corsair models.

Overall Review: I paired this case with an AsRock Z87M Extreme 4 micro ATX and 4770K CPU cooled by a XIGMATEK Dark Knight II SD1283 and replaced the case fans and cooler fans with 4 BitFenix fans 2ea. [N82E16835345067 & N82E16835345001] I went with ADATA Pro 900's SSDs and got a deal on an MSi HD7870. RAM was an easy choice 16GB GSkill Sniper N82E16820231518 all power with a Corsair AX760 PSU. I have to put my ear next to the system to hear it and that's with the doors off. I found 1/8th in. black foam sheets at Hobby Lobby made by Silly Winks that cut and fit easily inside the case and doors and look better than the factory sound proofing. I also custom cut a piece to fill the space on the top of the case.

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Fast & Simple12/25/2013 9:29:04 PM

Pros: Low Latency / High Bandwidth - Easy configuration (at least on my board). Stable as a bedrock.

Cons: None.. Zero, Nada

Overall Review: I paired 16GB [4x4] with an Intel 4770K on an AsRock Z87M Extreme 4 with an ADATA 128GB Pro 900 - I'm surprised just how fast this system is. It sits next to a 3770K [same speed] system w/ 8GB of 1866MHz the same SSD, and it blows it away in every way. I attribute most of that to this ram. Enjoy

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Not for me...12/25/2013 2:34:57 AM

Pros: It had good specs and was fairly well rated.

Cons: Meant to serve as a secondary drive... Showed up on initial boot, then disappeared on next. I thought it was the Intel Rapid Storage drive at first, tried both Windows 7 and Windows 8, alt cables to no effect. Turned out to be the drive itself, could keep present to test but system eventually started booting to check disk, and the drive had only been formatted never used or accessed.

Overall Review: I've used OCZ, Crucial, and Adata SSD drives over the years, this was my first Corsair. I don't think their a bad brand, just got a bad one. I'm stuck with a replacement given Newegg policy but, I ordered an Adata as well given I've had a proven history with them. The replacement Corsair will fill a less vital role. It kinda bites that something can't be done as far as covering shipping on DOA product within 30 days. Why should customers pay for a defective unit that got past quality control. Seems that should be passed on to the manufacture.

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Poor Packing by Newegg12/14/2013 11:30:19 AM

Pros: Nothing but good things to say about WD Raptor hard drives. I've have 6 of them over the years, and they definitely beat standard 7200rpm drives. They are getting a little irrelevant with the SSD coming on, but still fill a small niche. They serve well, if they arrive intact.

Cons: If a mechanical drive bounces around in the box it's shipped in, it's no different than bouncing around without a box. The truth is it would be safer to not box it at all and trust the handlers to take better care of it than the illusion of protection.

Overall Review: I understand that it gets busy for Newegg during the holidays, but if they are not going to make a small effort to safe guard the products we purchase to arrive safely, then it only costs us loyal customers in the end. Putting an OEM drive [no packaging] in a box with out any protection form stopping it from moving inside the box, is not acceptable.

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Something Wrong with this card!11/5/2013 10:27:59 PM

Pros: Direct X 11 support, relatively low power requirements, fair price if not defective.

Cons: The issue I have with the card is that it scores lower on almost every test compared to my 2009 Radeon 4650. The 4650 has lower specs across the board, half the DDR3 RAM, lower clock etc. I have two builds that are identical with the exception of CPU, both AMD Phenom II X4 one is an 810 the other is an 830, 200MHz difference. Same OS and Apps etc.. I first noticed the Windows experience score for Aero Experience being 2 full points lower, I know that this is not a valid benchmark, but lead me to run other tests. The other thing I noticed was the lack of certain graphics effects missing on the system with the 6570 that the 4650 had. It seems that just one element of the GPU might have failed. Benchmarking puts the 6570 on par with an Intel HD4000 which is far lower than I would have expected. It's not that I'm gaming or a performance nut, I bought the card to take the load off from the shared memory of the on-board graphics, but feel I have a defective card, since I should be scoring at least equal to a 4 year old card with lower clocks and half the ram.

Overall Review: I've now run several benchmarks, but nothing isolates a specific part of the card that's responsible for the low scores or effects. I contacted XFX support at 28 days, and found their response less than helpful. ~ "The Windows Aero scores are very misleading with GPU scores. The best way to get a real result is to run a DX10 Benchmark tool, since 4000 series cant run dx11. That will give you the results you are looking for." -- Why would the 4650 not supporting DX11 cause a disadvantage for the 6570? They also stated.. ~"However, you should know that a 4650 is equivalent to a 6570 performance wise, they are marginally different." -- I posted a link to the 4650 in my cons for specs. I take it as dismissive when a company tells me that they sell a chip with 2 generations of advancement, twice the DDR3 memory, a higher core clock, a higher memory clock and an extra 160 stream processors than a 4 year old card, with the expectation that they are equal performance wise. If only that were the case, the reason I opened the ticket was that they are not equal, the 6570 is slower, and not able to process certain effects. If it was as good as the 4650, I'd be happy. So not really impressed with XFX support if they think that answer addressed my issue. I will now swap the two cards to eliminate it being something in one of the systems. I will then run the new 3Dmark tests to try to find the cause myself. If I find anything other than the previous tests, I'll post an update. Otherwise if you don't hear from me, I'd be concerned about buying this card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we're sorry you are having issues with this card. Are you noticing any other issues, other than performance? I would be happy to approve an RMA for you so we can test it under warranty. Please contact me at Thank you
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Ownership: more than 1 year
Still valuable after years9/14/2013 3:50:30 PM

Pros: KWorld still supporting it years after release, including Windows 8. Relative low cost. Simplicity of use. Free to use program that works with other tuners.

Cons: Software is not the best out there, can be a little clunky at times. Not the worst out there though.

Overall Review: I dug this out after years to see if I could set it up on my Acer W3-1600 Iconia Windows tablet. Yes I Can :) Hit up the Kworld site, found a Win 8 Driver posted Feb. 2013 and New TiVMe software that installed fine. Although after driver install I had to point windows to the unpacked [WinRar] driver folder. Works Perfectly. You'll Need a OTG Micro to USB in My case, but standard USB on PCs are fine.

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Slow and then some...8/28/2013 5:43:57 PM

Pros: Was cheap enough... but not cheap enough for the speed

Cons: Slower than my USB 2.0 drives, all of them.

Overall Review: You can find a faster and cheaper USB 2.0 drive if you look, and you'll be happier.

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Hard to pass up, so don't.3/17/2013 10:13:07 PM

Pros: With 1024x600 and 1GB Memory the Avatar has slightly higher resolution, slightly more memory than it's 800x600 / 512MB peers. MicroSD slot supports 32GB cards. Running Jelly Bean (one of the few) and it was cheaper. Faster than expected, smooth game and video.

Cons: Not one, I could grip about the new code for an extra 10% not being in effect when I ordered, but I'm laughing. Truth is, It's worth the $8 to encourage more products like this from Newegg & Avatar. Only concern to people that don't take care of their stuff might be the power plug, be gentle and you should be fine. Kindles have this issue also.

Overall Review: OK... I know what your thinking, do I go cheap and save some money, and risk getting junk, or spend an extra @150.00 and get a Kindle HD or something else. Well I decided to trust the reviews, save my hard earned cash, and enjoy everything I was looking for in a 7" tablet. I'm not an Apple fanboy, but I was considering a iPad mini, co-worker just got his and made me take a look around. We were both after an easy to hold 7" for quick web surfer, e-reader, and maybe a media player to keep next to the couch. If I had not paid the extra $2 for UPS instead of USPS, I would have paid less for my 7" android than he paid for the 1 year service plan on his iPad mini. One thing you'll want to do after charging is to recalibrate the G-sensor. It's the last item under Accessibility in settings. If your real careful with a scissors you can cut the little pull tab off the shipping screen protector and have a free shield. Best Buy carries a perfect, little case for it, cheap, leather, standup, comes with 3 colored elastic bands, made by Rocketfish Model: RF-ERNYKFR12 SKU: 3868237 made for the Kindle & Galaxy 7. Seriously, your not buying this to last the rest of your life, save the cash, and start here. In a year if you need better, buy a Nexus 7.7 - for the money, you can not beet this device. If it fails the day after it's warranty, it will still have been money well spent, and saved. If you like racing games, Real Racing 3 runs amazing on this. I give 5 stars for "bang for the buck". If I had spent $150 on this it would still be a 3 or 4 star device.

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Why is this being marketed and listed as CAS 8 Timings?6/17/2011 3:11:56 PM

Pros: Corsair makes excellent memory, I run it in a couple of my systems. I nearly bought this RAM based on a guided search for 2x4GB CAS 8 / 1600MHz. Newegg has been an excellent source for both product and information for me over the last 10 years. Thats why I have 11 pages of invoice listings with them.

Cons: On further research, This is CAS 9 RAM with default SPD Timings of 9-9-9-24 (from Corsair's site). The fact that it "can" run at lower timings, which I have no doubt, does not mean it's designed to. It's nice to think that everyone here knows enough to research before they buy, or accepts that they will have to over-clock to achieve certain marketing performance specs, but what about those that don't. This only hurts Corsair and their resellers, as people will hold them to account for their own failure to research. In this case, I would be hard pressed to defend Corsair or it's resellers.

Overall Review: It's fine that manufacturers want to assure potential buyers of their products what it's capable of, but in this case I think this is a bit misleading, and though I'm not a buyer of this particular product, I wanted to make sure that other's had the benifit of the facts when making a choice. If someone buys with full knowledge fine, I'm sure the RAM will serve you well. Feel free to mark this as not helpful if you want, The fact that you can means it's at least being seen. Why id this the only Corsair RAM that's had it's sticker completely blocked out? What does the sticker say the timings are?

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Update.. Having Blackout Issues5/16/2009 8:28:17 PM

Pros: This will be a good test of MSI support.

Cons: Support might not want to invest the time to determine a definate cause to the issue I'm having. I know from the support side that it's usally cheaper & easier to simply "pass the buck" or offer replacement then to do the research to find an intermitent problem. If this is something that they have come across, it's not likely to be made public. If it's something with my system, it's easy to dismiss. I'll work it from both ends, short of buying another motherboard I don't need. I'm a 30 year PC enthusiast & PC technician: I can test all the parts of my system ( I did after I assembled it ) but not having info on this new card, limits what I can eliminate on my end. We'll See. See Other Thoughts

Overall Review: When writing the earlier review and since, I've been having a very intermitent issue of my screen going completely black then coming back a second or two later. No clicking or noise, just drops display. It's not a signal loss, my monitior has a habit of poping a little box anytime something changes, thats not the case here. I dismissed it the first time i saw it as a resolution correction or some such. Now i'm concerned that it might be something more serious. Only browsing the web when it happens, unit is not under load, fans running & quiet. Happens about once an hour or two. Not the end of the world, but would affect game play badly. I've submitted a web support ticket via msi & will hope to hear from them soon. In the mean time I'm ordering a new 700W SilverStone PSU to eliminate a possible cause. It is in a PCIe 1.1a slot, but 2.0 cards are backwards compatable. Otherwise it's a clean build with fresh XP, & latest WHQL drivers. I'll keep you informed. Might return it :(

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Taking A Chance...5/15/2009 1:28:51 AM

Pros: Bang for the Buck (155 after rebate), Factory OC, Externally Vented, Double Slot Mount (for weight support), SLI ready. 216 Processor Cores. I've gone from ATi & nVidia back and forth, but stick with nVidia for better drivers (lately), PhysX & CUDA support.

Cons: Big, [Card is 10.5 inches long from back plate to end, 4.5 inches deep from top of PCIE slot to edge of board, 1.5 inches thick. Card carries a Limited 3 year warranty.] Heavy, Not very polished design [The duct looks like it was not designed for this card, gaps & ends on back plate don't go in line with vents in slot] Like most msi cards, it's ugly. msi web site support is poor (This card is not even listed). I would never buy a msi motherboard for this reason, but for graphics cards it's a non-issue, I've owned a few msi cards.

Overall Review: I was originally looking at the 9600GT fanless cards, but decided that for the price, this card offered a little most longevity for future games. I'm a light gamer (RPG & some RTS) looking forward to GW2 mostly. I do some ocassional recoding of videos & TMPGenc xpress supports using the CUDA feature to off-load the work. There were no reviews on this card when I ordered, but msi cards over-all have decent ratings here and i've not had major issues with the ones I own. I put the card in a spare parts system, P4 3.2GHz w/ 2GB DDR2 800MHz on a Foxconn G31 based board. Only has PCIx 1.1a support on this board. I ran 3DMark06 lite, just to test the card before giving up the UPC for rebate. It definately needs a more powerfull PC to run good. Antec Neo 480W 2 rail, is lite for this card, but running it. This will go in a i7 quad with 6GB DDR3 1600 SLI board next month. Running Guild Wars on a 30" LCD @ 2560x1600 max quality, play is smooth. Not a taxing game but it looks nice.

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Bad Memory... Won't Load OS after Driver Install12/3/2007 3:23:03 PM

Pros: Just about the most card you can get in fanless options. 512MB of GDR3.. Good Chip, SLI ready. Loads of Accesories, solid state caps.

Cons: Long Card. Card isn't overly heavy for it's size, but a two slot mount would give it a bit more support. Depending on case design you might have very little room for 4pin plug if other parts line up with PCIx slot, eg. Hard Drives. It's 8 inches long internally and you'll need about an inch for power attachment, 4 3/4" wide with pipes. Runs fairly hot, even when not under load, tempting the use of a flex fan to aid cooling, possibly defeating the purpose of a silent card.

Overall Review: My card tested to have bad memory, this was visably evident by artifacts on the boot screens and background during OS install. Dispite this (because it was outputing display) I attempted to install OS which went fine minus the artifacts, but on every attempt to load the drivers, the OS would not boot on restart. Used multiple drivers and had the same affect on Vista32, XP, & on two different systems. This issues is frequently reported for good cards on Vista due to HDCP, but VGA hookups and Monitor resets did'nt fix my issue. I'm hoping it was an isolated batch, and plan to order a replacement, hoping second time will be a working card.

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Big Heavy & Load2/22/2006 5:27:30 PM

Pros: Maybe slightly better then other solutions, no doubt that it can cool.

Cons: Very heavy F/S, Upper cooling fins prevent getting a good angle on the screws, very load by compairison. Read the thoughts.

Overall Review: As far as Fan/Heatsinks go the CoolerMaster unit is Big & Heavy, a forgivable trait, but this unit is NOT quiet!! When the system is under load this baby starts holwing bad. Installation is fairly straight forward even for a novice, but you may find it difficult to get a screw driver on a good angle due to over-hang of the upper cooling fins. Another design failure of this unit is the aluminum wrap just under the 92mm fan, it's loose, and it does rattle when the fan starts, easy enough to solve with a piece of tape, but for $46 you should'nt have to. I've just replaced this F/S with a Scythe Ninja Model #: SCNJ-1000 Item #: N82E16835185122. If you want quiet, then save yourself the disasemble/reassemble of your PC and just get the Ninja, as close to silent as you'll ever hear (or not hear). A truely inaudible solution. The CoolerMaster unit may be quieter then some 30db offerings out there, but you'd have to leave it in the package to compair with the Ninja. I'll post my thoughts on th

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Memory Speed Issue10/27/2005 6:12:40 PM

Comments: Finally inventoried all my pieces & parts and found I had the makings for 4 socket 478 systems, minus the boards. While not great performers Intel chipsets are stable, importent when selling systems. This ECS board seemed like a safe bet, and it might be, but for one strange issue concerning detected memory speed. reguardless of brand or speed of RAM, it only detects as 266MHz. Have tried OCZ, KingMax, Patriot, Infineon and Mushkin, with speeds from PC2700-PC3500 (no PC2100) all show as 266MHz when tested. Timings are adjusting correctly for each RAM's SPD but not the speed. Sent off an email to ECS and quickly got a response to update the BIOS. Board shipped with latest available BIOS (which I mentioned), but I did it anyway, no help. Owners of this board might want to varify what speed your RAM is running if over PC2100. If this issue is resolved I'll post back. Til then only a 3 of 5. UPS bites even if NEWEGG Rocks for the most part.

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