Great Fridge/Freezer for offroad trips use9/8/2019 5:48:13 PM

Pros: I was looking around for a portable fridge for use with my 4x4 Jeep. After looking at many offerings from many vendors I figured out that any fridge with a capacity smaller than 50 liters will be impractical for a multi-day trip in the desert. At the same time true (compressor-driven) refrigerators with that kind of capacity tend to be expensive. I was very happy to find this product, offered through NewEgg for about $340. I was a bit skeptical about the quality; however, after using it for a few days I am quite happy with the finish work on this product finding. Although the finish work on this product is not top notch, the important functions seem to perform well. I was actually positively surprised at how quite the compressor is, even in comparison with domestic refrigerators. You can hardly notice when the compressor is on, particularly while driving. Considering that the electrical circuits demand only 60 watt of energy, do not expect a large volume of food and beverages to be cooled instantly. It takes a few hours to freeze ice cream; however, other food items and drinks that do not need a too low temperature to be preserved are kept fresh to the same degree as your regular household appliance does. the flexibility of using either 115VAC, or 12VDC/24VDC is excellent, since you may be able to drive the fridge directly from your vehicle accessorize plug, a campground standard electrical outlet, or even directly from a single 100W solar panel (without any regulator or a battery). From all practical purposes this product met or even exceeded most of my functional requirements.

Cons: 1) Some of the plastic lid edges are sharp and uneven. I had to bevel the lid edge with a carving knife to reduce the chances of injury. I recommend to the manufacturer to improve the injection molding for this lid and insure the finished product does not have sharp edges. 2) This is not specifically a fault of this product; however, the overall size of the case is quite large. This is apparently the trade-off between getting decent internal capacity (50L) and the size of the packaging required to insulate the internals from the environmental temperature, while keeping the energy budget on the low side (60W).

Overall Review: In spite of some of the rough edges of this product I recommend purchasing it due to a reasonable price good capacity, power source flexibility, quite operation, overall performance and fast delivery.

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